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  2. ...It "Kinda" Worked... The Preview Looked Different. Given that BASE is Back on the Dorkzone, & there is no longer The Hangout ... it appears this belongs here now:
  3. Well, That's Definitely Appreciated... It appears the old BASE Jumper BBCode is [now] working/usable. (But No Username) Given that BASE is Back on the Dorkzone, & there is no longer The Hangout ... it appears this belongs here now:
  4. Considering it would appear you have a hard time controlling your emotions, I doubt it.  What does that even mean. I'm done with, you are a waste of time.
  5. Bull Crap. I chose that word very carefully.
  6. No more than you have in this thread. Rambling on tangents isn't the same as addressing issues. What do you think I was wrong about in this thread regarding the US Constitution? Be specific and on topic. You can call me racist too... doesn't mean it makes any sense. I haven't even been cryptic here; you have reading comprehension problems. AOC -- Pronounced. AayOckK... sounds like this: "Rambling Incoherent Tangents."
  7. You are one of the most ridiculous people on this forum. You don't deserve to be spoken to the way I used to address people here. Maybe instead of trying to undermine, you should fight to have the scope of influence of power of the presidency restored to its constitutional role, and then you wouldn't care so damn much about my country, like I don't give a damn (within reason) about yours. I'm grateful we have a country like yours on our northern border... but could do without people who act like yourself. I'm just giving you back what you put out; along with several others I've been disgusted with for a long time. I've been here nearly as long as you have, and I've only been outta the loop for a short period. I'm Back For Good.
  8. He is only here to try and piss people off. He mentioned it in earlier posts. called something bullshit, asked for evidence, then stated he only wanted evidence so he could make fun of people. He has been here before, will eventually find out he isn't as smart as he thinks he is and then will disappear for a while. Probably muttering to himself how he really showed them.  Just because most of you have Alzheimer's, doesn't mean I haven't addressed these issues in the past. Go read my old posts; you fricken people haven't learned a G-d Damn thing. (But, I'll cut you some slack because the search is fucked.) And that last comment was directed at you solely. Because I knew you would ignore priors. Harsh sentencing is far less of a problem than prosecutorial misconduct.
  9. Then why are you trying to pretend that the constitution gives the people a fair and equal say in choosing the President? Yup ... Redcoat.
  10. Would it be possible, to make/keep the back end changes that were essential (along with the desired visual changes: title bar, main page, ads and so on), but keep the look, functionality and BBCode setup WITHIN threads? Again... many sites have the ability to toggle between the two; desktop/mobile. I have overall disliked how websites are setup with "mobile", and I'm sorry to say, but this isn't any better. The way that DZ used to be on my phone, is EXACTLY how basejumper is right now. (Needs a mix of the two.) Without making further changes... there is still a ton of scrolling, and its not good.
  11. That's what cowards do. (Why coward? -- So I'm not called sexist, or something else, for the wide variety of other words that SHOULD be used.)
  12. So you’re spamming the boards because you don’t like the new functionality? For Real I made multiple posts in the bonfire thread (doing exactly what I told Meso I would be doing -- but have been ridiculously busy; and remain so currently); BV needed elaboration. My last post was sufficient to do so; a solid example. For Real For Real And if you hit "Quote" without using the highlighting... THIS POST, will look stupid.
  13. Fair enough. Surely though at some point a person carrying on a rambling multi post string of one liners in conversation solely with themself is just spamming? Hey Redcoat ... Reading is Fundamental.
  14. That video sux... you should find your post.