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  1. dmcoco84

    Bryan Ody

    The Answer BTW ... is Yes. When Your Mom took me to the Carnival... ...I indeed told her what you gave me at Bridge Day 2007. & She Said, "Oh Jesus!"
  2. Uhhh Ohhh ... Looks like DG didn't "like" my post. So, Nick, ya wanna know a secret? I'm Blatantly Lying. Bwahahaha Oh No ... Not about the Shoe-Goo Boot in the Ass; That's Definitely Happening. I AM Lying about a "Trilogy" ... There is not going to be any GD Forking Trilogy. This again, was mockery; of the cupcakes & "start a podcast" posts from BJ. I'm not gonna be in any forking BASE movie; not doing any podcasts, radio, video or any other interviews. & given everything that can be referenced on BJ over the years, I'm undoubtedly not involving the news media of any kind within what I'm planning. "Uhuck" style media involvement will be wholly unnecessary. & Most Importantly, I won't be asking for a penny from anyone... ...I've got absolutely everything I need; including Jean Boenish. Speaking of Which... ...I Made Her Laugh on the Phone; using your "Yikes...The Future" thread. Even funnier, because my 2020 Joke STILL Applies for 2024; minus unfunny fraud. "Jean Boenish marries into money, is discovered by the Orange Man, he drops Pence, she runs, & is elected Vice-President of the United States in 2020. Her first official act is abolishing the NPS." "Jean Boenish marries into money, is discovered by the Orange Man, he needs a woman, she runs, & is elected Vice-President of the United States in 2024. Her first official act is abolishing the NPS." GRIN -- basejumper dot net/thread/564962 & Yes ... I've indeed done Weird Al style adjustments on each of your other, "predictions."
  3. dmcoco84

    Bryan Ody

    ...Shrug... What can I say, Bryan... ...The Lay-Deez Do Love Me! & by "The Lay-Deez" ... I specifically mean Older Women; like my RNs & Attending Physicians. & ... Your Mom
  4. ...& a video too. youtube dot com/watch?v=vjnIj6JdvU8
  5. dmcoco84

    Bryan Ody

    basejumper net/thread/2964749 Your Mom took me to the Carnival... ...we wore His & Hers black hazmat suits.
  6. Well, Nick... ...perhaps... ...You, should make that movie; WITH Marah. Ya Know, given that you're the best storyteller on the dorkzone. Along with your rather unique qualifications & positioning / involvement within all of that History. Why not make it easy for Marah, to make that movie? -- You've already got a full-length feature film showing you exactly what she can & would do with this sort of story / stories. -- Start drawing up a script, get all the stories organized, make storyboards, compile all the footage... hand her the movie that she Needs to make & let her once again work her Magic as she did with Jean & Carl. Not to mention that Good Ol' Cliche... ...If You Want Something Done Right, You've Gotta Do It Yourself. Then she can finish off the Trilogy with me (& Jean), after I've (metaphorically) implanted my Shoe GOO-ed Hanwag Boot in the NPS's Ass. My only hope will be that Scott Gediman is still there once I'm able to begin this process & succeed. So that he's still a park employee when I look him square in the face after a wonderful jump & firmly inform him what an Utter Jackass he is; then maybe Pope can land on him. -- Just like the Other Jackass within Sunshine Superman who said, "You don't have to dislike someone to, take away their freedom." ... ... ... "The Park's Values" ... ... ... No, Ya Old Fart Jackasses, That's MY Park. https://basejumper dot net/thread/2995747#2995848 " PS: a big hello to all the [non-BASE friendly] rangers reading this post! "
  7. Comical Posts like these... ...on Days Like This, sure have been appreciated: youtube dot com/watch?v=3UUWkr4FUlo basejumper dot net/thread/2876702#2877546 Making these last 14 years just a bit less miserable...
  8. Please do let me know when you two have finished re-watching the movie... ...& have made the totality of comments you desired to make. Favorites / Dislikes / Anything Else / ...Jean...
  9. So ... Given that I now know exactly how you went about preservation, I'd say I'm even more confused about how this has occurred. -- I've checked a few of the other biggest threads & everything appears intact. So Far. Any thoughts on what has occurred?
  10. May I Make a Second Joke, First... Again. ...This however is directed not at you, but at xmesox. But, in a nice way; in a comical way. -- Just Breakin' Ur Ballz Bro. You're Wrong Scrubs: "The Wrong Song." (I'm a Paramedic ... used to work in an ED.) See Attached:
  11. May I Make a Joke, First...? Wrong What exactly did you try using? -- ("Like HTTrack") . So ... You Used Wget?