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  1. dmcoco84

    Profile Flags are Back

    First. lol.
  2. dmcoco84

    Virginia Beach Locals

    Pm'ed Coco
  3. dmcoco84

    KL question Coco
  4. dmcoco84

    night jumps or day jumps?

    I've got more night jumps but enjoy day jumps more. Especially when training a new aerial. Twisting aerials can be disorienting at first and doing them at night can be a little freaky. Coco
  5. dmcoco84

    Camera hand mount

    Very nice but for BASE and skydiving having the cam straight forward would be a little hard to video yourself. Since that is what we use them for most of the time. check out cookie composites. It can give you some ideas. Coco
  6. dmcoco84

    Instead of the Games

    I'll be in Moab Sept. 13th-19th. Arrive afternoon 13th leaving afternoon 19th. Coco
  7. dmcoco84

    RAVEN IV as a base canopy

    Is it just me or does anyone else agree that in today’s day and age people need to stop modifying skydiving gear into BASE gear. Back in the day, yes! It was a necessity because there were no companies out there making BASE specific gear. But with all the different companies and all the different BASE specific canopies out there I see no need to modify gear. If you can’t afford new, buy used. If you can’t afford used or don’t want used, save up your money. I think people are looking at this issue similar to something like buying cloths and not wanting or feeling that it is necessary to buy the “name brand.” I think its bad news to feel that you can take something from another sport and “make something suitable for base.” Personally, I don’t want “suitable.” I want specific. Anyone else agree? Coco
  8. dmcoco84

    life sucks still...

    It could be worse bro. At least you're not dead... Coco
  9. dmcoco84

    Best RIG??

    It’s pretty much personal preference. I think this.... well another guy doesn't. Every rig sold by Apex, Asylum, and Morpheus is safe and will work. I love double pin rigs and dislike Velcro. Someone else feels the opposite. This topic has been debated so many times! Do a search for Pin rigs, Velcro, and search the name of each container. You will find postings about what people think of each. Do the same with canopies. Then you can make your decision. Please don’t start this debate again! Coco Top Three Manufacturers Edit: And most importantly, get the right training and enough skydives!
  10. dmcoco84


    Pic didn't attach... Coco
  11. dmcoco84


    Thanks Joel, I was just about to say I made a post on helmets a while back and there is some really good info in there! Thanks for posting the link. Coco
  12. dmcoco84

    who's 420

    He forgot..... Coco
  13. dmcoco84

    Do Not Throw Rocks From The Bridge!

    Firstly – I didn’t start this post, so I wasn’t “looking for attention”. It came to me. Not that I care Chris. Like I said before, it’s all good. I liked the pics and the sign. Good Stuff. Secondly - I was asked to post the video. I didn’t start a post and say “hey everyone look at my jump that didn’t go quite as planned.” And I put other jumps on there to show that I do have abilities other than flailing around. I couldn’t get the gainer to go over so I barrel rolled out of it and pitched. Nothing new, others have done that many a time on regular gainers without the addition of being thrown off the object. And the only issue with my double reverse was the pull sequence which as stated by a very well know and respected jumper through a PM “I thought your double looked fine until the pitch sequence. That is however, the most important part, and can't really be practiced in the gym.” That will come with time and practice. Whether I have 500 jumps or 58 that could still be an issue and can’t be learned on the ground. I have made every conscious effort to safely prepare myself for the very basic aerials that I do. Thirdly – I have shown an excellent attitude on this board up until my last post where I showed some sarcasm and disgust. There are plenty of times when I have caught shit for comments or what not, stated my case and handled it in a professional matter, right, wrong or indifferent. I’ve actually been commended quite a few times on my positive attitude in handling criticism and accepting advice. Coco Edit for spelling
  14. dmcoco84


    99 Most Bizarre Stunt Disasters It was only a few min segment but it was interesting. Wire wrap from 1500 footer. Guy said he climbed his lines and then the guy wire back to the Antenna. That’s pretty amazing! Is it just me, or does anyone else hate when BASE is labeled as a "stunt" or we are called daredevils. Coco
  15. dmcoco84

    just curious

    "Others" ---- BASE - O Coco