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  1. Comical Posts like these... ...on Days Like This, sure have been appreciated: youtube dot com/watch?v=3UUWkr4FUlo basejumper dot net/thread/2876702#2877546 Making these last 14 years just a bit less miserable...
  2. Please do let me know when you two have finished re-watching the movie... ...& have made the totality of comments you desired to make. Favorites / Dislikes / Anything Else / ...Jean...
  3. So ... Given that I now know exactly how you went about preservation, I'd say I'm even more confused about how this has occurred. -- I've checked a few of the other biggest threads & everything appears intact. So Far. Any thoughts on what has occurred?
  4. May I Make a Second Joke, First... Again. ...This however is directed not at you, but at xmesox. But, in a nice way; in a comical way. -- Just Breakin' Ur Ballz Bro. You're Wrong Scrubs: "The Wrong Song." (I'm a Paramedic ... used to work in an ED.) See Attached:
  5. May I Make a Joke, First...? Wrong What exactly did you try using? -- ("Like HTTrack") . So ... You Used Wget?
  6. So ... Matt, Craig, Given that you both knew Carl: What's your favorite aspect of the movie? Anything either of you disliked? Thought about this at all? I Certainly Have.
  7. By The Way... ..."if it's any consolation": The ah, "Magnificent Migration" ... killed that thread, completely. Just like from me stalking Sangiro's profile, within Off the Mountain: Probably wouldn't have realized the stopping point within your archive, if I hadn't been stalking the old BASE forum, prior to the site migration. So, basically Kenny ... "it's the simulation" ... or not; shrug. P.S. The "Post Preview" on this new Dorkzone Setup... Absolute Guano. Boom
  8. ... I Knew It ... Worked & conducted myself as if you weren't. But so knew you would also be working on this. Thank You, Kenny! Awesome setup for an archive. Given the totality of Meso's statements within "personal messages", I'm guessing Sangiro isn't going to have a problem with your archive. However, if there are any copyright issues, may I "take you on as my first client"? Ha ... JK. As I'm going to be a party. -- Although, I guess I'd have to host something first... In addition to gladly accepting a "direct copy" for backup (in the unlikely demise of your hosting), I would be very interested to hear how you went about preservation: (1) Direct Technique? -- I knew of several ways but was only directly familiar with one. Because of the CGI Script issues, I stuck with that; Went Well. (2) Did you preserve the entire website, & then simply extract the forum aspects, or only kept the forums? Or everything, but it's all cut up into pieces? (3) Post Numbers? (4) Post Views? Issues / Bugs: (1) Appears to have the exact same problem Meso had within new DZ Format: Sporadic Multiple Character Error -- My favorite BASE picture General: Make Scene ... MS 2 -- General: NPS -- Technical: CORVID Hangout: Not in (2) surprisingly, but massively in -- JRE BASE Number (2) Some Inline Attachments appear to be a problem. -- Taylor Swift (3) Missing Posts 1: I'm confused ... favorite -- Your archive stops after the split: Oct 12, 2007, 3:32 PM Post #518 of 762 Tons of activity in 2011 ... & with the last post by OP: The Pick -- "still mt fav." Registered: Mar 24, 2004 Posts: 170 Jan 28, 2015, 10:19 PM Post #762 of 762 (3391 views) (4) Missing Posts 2: Did you preserve posting after your "full download" at the start of November? (Meso did not. lol.)
  9. Interesting. I wonder if Jean left it up... She still owns the property, & no hurricanes, so, it might be. Welcome!
  10. Dude... Ya Gonna Elaborate, Or What?
  11. Some Interesting Timing ... Via "News" Story: "Is Plex Legal?"
  14. ...It "Kinda" Worked... The Preview Looked Different. Given that BASE is Back on the Dorkzone, & there is no longer The Hangout ... it appears this belongs here now:
  15. Well, That's Definitely Appreciated... It appears the old BASE Jumper BBCode is [now] working/usable. (But No Username) Given that BASE is Back on the Dorkzone, & there is no longer The Hangout ... it appears this belongs here now: