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  1. platypii

    Flysight vs GoPro

    Computing velocity from noisy position data can introduce a fair amount of error. Here is an example. Your true velocity might be constant and actually look like: But GPS will have errors that might make the position look like any of the black dots here, and you can see how much error that can introduce to the velocity if computed using distance / time: It's possible to smooth this out by adding a Kalman Filter. But a filter will introduce its own errors and create a lag time before it accurately estimates your true velocity. However, as pointed out by @crwper, GPS actually has the ability to compute position directly, not using position and distance. Instead, many GPS chips can actually use doppler shift from the satellites to directly compute velocity. The accuracy and response time is much better. It is not clear whether the GoPro uses doppler velocity to compute 2D and 3D speed, but its definitely NOT giving the individual velocity components (vN, vE, vD) which would be nice to have.
  2. platypii

    Aon2 X2 or Dekunu One for Wingsuiting

    Actually I find the touch screen to be one of the biggest selling points of Dekunu over the X2. I own both and I HATE using the 3 button interface on the X2. Using the touch screen is so much more intuitive, way easier to find things in the menu, easier to use while on the ride to altitude, etc. On the topic of the screens, they are very different! The Dekunu has lit up screen (like a cellphone), whereas the X2 has a passive screen (more like a watch screen). Neither is strictly better than the other... X2 might be a bit better in direct sun, but overall I find it easier to read the dekunu in most cases. Dekunu has wider viewing angle, and usually its in the shade on my chest strap while wingsuiting, so the lit up screen it more readable. Plus the LCD screen on the X2 sometimes interferes with polarized sunglasses. Overall, I like the Dekunu more, but I am excited to see how both these units get upgraded over time.
  3. platypii

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Overall really happy with the site redesign. Great work! One super minor request: it seems like with the new CMS, the favicon disappeared. I like to keep my favorite sites on my bookmarks bar with just icons and no text:
  4. platypii

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    It feels like manufacturers have been working harder on reducing drag than increasing lift. New ram air inlet designs are reducing drag while maintaining internal pressure. The swallow tail suit from Tony is a super interesting example of reducing drag... Most of the lift on any wing comes from the leading edge, so why not eliminate draggy tail? Other than... A lot of good work on refining the balance of the suits to make them easier/safer to fly. The relative location of the center of lift vs center of gravity can have a huge affect on the aerodynamic stability of a suit. Rbaseg has some interesting experimental suits that extend the wing past the hands. Seems like that's the only way to really increase lift substantially. [inline fliktail.jpg] [inline batsuit.jpg]
  5. platypii

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Ahem... Also honorable mention to That being said, I completely agree your other points... wingsuit design and technology has SO much more potential. It's sad that we haven't even gotten 4:1 yet.
  6. platypii

    Smartphone GPS?

    Phone GPS is not great. It's almost always 1hz which is not ideal. But the bigger problem with phone-based GPS is where do you mount it? Anywhere in a pocket has a blocked view of the sky, and usually loses signal. I am the author of BASEline Flight Computer app and I highly recommend using a bluetooth GPS unit mounted on your helmet. This sends the GPS signal wirelessly to your phone. XGPS160 is the best I've found. The app has a way nicer interface than FlySight. You can change audible modes (speed, glide, etc) in the field. The app detects landing and uploads to the cloud automatically, so you don't need to mess with downloading your tracks later. PS- The XGPS160 is cheaper than FlySight on amazon [inline xgps160.jpg] [inline protec.jpg]
  7. platypii

    Wingsuit available on market

    Cool, it is interesting to see all the different wingsuit designs at once like that. Makes it easy to see the similarities and differences between the manufacturers. Thanks for taking the time to compile this.
  8. platypii


  9. platypii

    Swift Attack!

  10. platypii

    List of dz's that offer 15k+ jumps

    Skydance in Davis CA regularly goes to 18k.
  11. platypii

    My New Storm

  12. platypii

    CRW Training

  13. platypii

    Fruit Looped!

  14. platypii

    Tracking Practice