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  1. The good things in 2020 are few and far between, so here's one of them.
  2. if you google " aluminum gopro extension arm" there are tons for under 20 bucks. Prolly buy a straight one as opposed to a curved one so the gopro software can erase it easier.
  3. Wondering if anyone has already made a list/calendar of wingsuit-specific boogies/skills camps? I wish flock and dock was more often than every two years.
  4. Any way you might upload that script? would be cool to compare data head to head with a flysight.
  5. https://squirrel.ws/parachutes/skydiving/epicene-pro Curious to hear thoughts on this. How much better is the flare than the original?
  6. Send Lyosha a Falcon to demo for acro!!
  7. Flock the Ranch (the Skydive the Ranch wingsuit group) is putting on a wingsuit weekend June 15-17 as part of our Waz Up Boogie. We have wingsuit organizers, raffles, free beer, bar-b-que dinner, camping and entertainment. Best of all, we'll be doing cross country wingsuit flights back and forth between the Ranch airport and Kobelt Airport, which is about 3.5 miles away. Here's the registration page, space is limited, sign up now! https://wazup2018.ticketspice.com/waz-up-boogie-2018
  8. you forgot an extra pair of shoes!
  9. I was visiting friends in Portland and had my rig with me, so I called around about making some jumps in the area. The other DZ that's near to Portland was weird on the phone, saying they would "try to fit me in among the tandems, but no promises." When I called PNW Skydiving Center they were really friendly on the phone, so I figured I'd give them a try. The clouds were a bit questionable, that day, but they didn't get annoyed when I called back a few more times before driving out. It took me less than 30 min to get to the DZ from NE Portland, which compared to our drives on the east coast felt like nothing at all. When I there the clouds had closed in a bit (It was April), but the owners David and Natalie were still happy to take me and another fun jumper up for hop and pops. Their plane, a Cessna 207 I believe, was clean and had us up to 4k in no time (they said that even though they put the tandems out at 10k, they still take the fun jumpers up to full altitude). The grassy LZ was huge and recently groomed of potholes, and there were several good outs. I ended up making two very fun hop and pops while I was there.