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  1. Would like to here some peoples experience with the customer service with Wings. I'm looking into a new rig with them and the response I get over the phone is not very friendly at all. I looked at a glide but decided not to go with them because they are relatively new to the market. There rigs seem very nice,comfortable and very well built. Just feel more comfortable going with an established company with a large customer base.
  2. i def will. going to do a little less coaching next time. looking like i will come back out for the money meet? that looks like it will be a good time.
  3. thanks everyone for the feedback!! amy i will be in touch thanks again!
  4. Scott I def spent some quality time in the bent prop and some of the locals parties!!! And next time I come out we will def get some wingsuiting in!!!! Another question for you guys? I mentioned to jeffro that I was thinking about buying a winter pad out there for myself. What area do you guys think is best and would it be a hard time to rent it out? Next trip we will do a 10000+ jumper skydive aka jumpers with over 10000 jumps ha ha later you relentless bastards lol
  5. it pays to have a thick skin on this forum! lol you guys are relentless lmao!! when is a good time to come back out there?
  6. First off has either one of you been there before? If you haven't maybe you should stop believing everything you hear and go for yourself and check it out! I have spent plenty of time at a dz that you are claiming Eloy to be and It was def not that type of place!!!! if it was that way I don't think there would have been 5000+ jumpers on a 12 way track dive that I lead after learning how to back track! Skygods are aragont knowalls that give nothing back to this sport and nobody from Eloy seemed to be that way at all!
  7. Just got done with 4 days of sky and tunnel coaching with jeffro and matt hill. Just have to say it was really an amzing 4 days and that's putting it lightly!!! In my 5 short years I have never met a group of such friendly and helpfull jumpers! It's no surprise as to why this dropzone breeds champion skydivers! I have def found my home away from home!!!!! I like to say thanks to everyone who helped me out why I was there! Be back soon
  8. I'm flying into Phoenix on the 9th at 1pm if anyone is going to be there around that time let me know you are more then welcome to hop in my rental to the dz!!
  9. freefly30


    well im paying him for 3 days of coaching lol!! come find us when we are there and im sure we can get a few in for sure ha ha!!
  10. freefly30


    sounds good i wont be there until the 9th i will be doing coaching with jeffro most of the time but would like to break it up with some wingsuit jumps!! see you then
  11. freefly30


    I'm going to Eloy the 7th-13th anyone going to be there?
  12. Amy thanks for the reply! Well I guess I will bring the Wingsuit maybe I'll get a few in when I'm there! Sounds like it will be a good time. Name is aj by the way. I'll get ya a beer when I'm there thanks
  13. im going to eloy next week. doing 3 days of freefly coaching with jeffro and tunnel time also. i know that part of the trip will be good! was wondering about the rest. how is the atmosphere there and the people? do they always have load organizig? do alot of people wingsuit out there??
  14. just put in the order today! black and white with black ribs in the wing, back fly inlets and took of the mylar inserts. thanks for the input! now for the longest 4 weeks the wait is the worst!!