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  1. Hi Body I'm very confused and going to tired of this project :(( Is there anyone who can help me in analyze my suit in Ansys software?
  2. Hello air specialists I come back with a new question I designed my idea for wingsuit, now I want to analyze it in Ansys Fluent Which methods of mesh do you think gives me more accurate results?
  3. I am working on a wingsuit project and I need someone to make a video for me of its different parts. I'm a little confused because of various explanations I read in articles. They helped a lot but now I have a lot more questions and need to see it more detailed and also someone with experience to explain it to me I'll be so grateful if you could help me
  4. I have spoken to a tailor about sewing, who is swing parachutes U have I can do it best I will be happy to publish my results.
  5. Well, my collage supports me to build it as model and tests it in wind tunnel And I and my body are my role model I want to design a Wingsuit Based on Flight Distance Criterion
  6. Thank you No, I want to design one in CAD And do some test on it on wind tunnel and other.
  7. Hi I'm student of aviation college and I want to design a wingsuit as a project I will so pleasure if there is any body to do this project I need some information about WS that I can't find them in articles 1. I need some real pictures for one WS from different angle 2. Is there anybody know about aerodynamic design of WS? Airfoil number? Pitching moment of airfoil? 3. What's your opinion of I want to change the classic design of WS and new suit look like "Horten H O 229"? Is it a good idea?