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  1. How many hours is requiered for a FJC or Ground school and how many people are allowed to take part in a course which runs by any instructor ?
  2. Any source or document to help knowing field requirment for a new stablished Drop Zone ?
  3. kmzamani


    refering to this instagram link : please let me know what is this pilotchute , D Bag and slider system name and what is the usage and benefit of removing them ?
  4. in case of two canopy out ( side by side ) the SIM suggests that first release the RSL then cut away the main canopy . please help me to know what is the benefit and reason for RSL release ?
  5. I am looking for a device for wing suit flying that can record and then show all information such as Vertical and horizontal speed , descent and glide rate ,flight root , flare height and .... etc. any information or recommendation ( name , company ) regarding this device is highly appreciated .
  6. Could you posibly please inform me what is the requierement for a skydiver to be an S&TA ?
  7. what is the maximum flight speed of 78sqf Walkyrie with the wing load of 2.4 ?
  8. for an current C license holder who meets all the requierment of getting D license ( +500 loged jump - loged intentional water landing - landed within seven feet of the target center on 50 jumps and ..........) is it necessary to phisically attend in DZ for getting his/her D license ? Or is there any possibility to provide all Docs. including filled license exam to any Instructor Examiner online ?
  9. thank you , but I am not asking about the person who signs the card , i am asking about DZ. should the DZ. be the USPA affiliated DZ. ?
  10. is it also possible for an IE to run canopy course ( which is required for "B" license ) in non USPA affiliated Drop Zone too ?
  11. Are the Coach rating examiners allowed to run coach rating course in a non USPA affilated Drop Zones ?
  12. Sadly unable to find anything regarding to my first post
  13. Nowdays I am working and studying to get Tandem instructor rating and answering the Sigma Exams , I managed to answer most of the questions but am in trouble with few of them and could not find the answers in any source . please help me by answering these questions : 6 - If a drogue is deployed after 20 seconds of tandem free fall, how long will it take to slow the tandem down to 120 mph? 69 - A novice Tandem Instructor may be accompanied by a free fall photographer after having made_______ tandem jumps. 83- Describe the correct procedure for a Horseshoe malfunction. 
 96- List the primary causes of tandem incidents that resulted in a fatality
  14. In IRM , AFF Instructor Rating course topic and in " KEEPING AN AFF INSTRUCTOR RATING CURRENT " part , mentioned : ' Renewing a higher rating automatically renews all rating below it ' could anybody please help me and clarify that what are the ratings that are below AFF instructor rating ?
  15. Hi anybody knows where , preferably in Europe , I can buy some ZP and F111 fabric ? I need it for canopy repair .