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  1. In case of two canopy out ( side - by - side scenario ) the control should be by dominant canopy , please let me know what is the exactly mean by DOMINANT canopy ?
  2. any informations about GOODSKY wind tunnel in Russia ? size , rate ,facilities etc ? I have contacted then several time via email and Instagram but havn't got any answers ?
  3. any body knows the length of Sigma tandem canopy line ?
  4. Also Krutitcy and Aerograd both in Russia have accommodation on DZ.
  5. is there also any regulation on minimum jump altitude from these kind of aircrafts ?
  6. jump from gyrocopter , para motor or paraglider can be defined as a free fall jump and be logged in skydiving logbook ?
  7. Any body knows where I should refer in Dubai ,UAE for Tandem instructor medical exam ( FAA Medical Certificate )?
  8. Based on IRM , if parachute opens in Aircraft it must be disconected , ADD off and all ride down with the aircraft . please clarify that it means all the jumper in board should ride down with the aircraft or just the jumper who his /her parachute open ?
  9. hi any news regarding KL BASE jump ? is it still running ?
  10. Hello all friends Any information regarding Tandem Base rig producer company ( canopy - container ) highly appreciated '
  11. is there any minimum jump number for using full face helmet and digital altimeter ?
  12. I am asking for Halfway down & Halfway back techniuqe on landing process .
  13. any explaination or source to study about is highly appreciated .