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  1. Based on IRM , if parachute opens in Aircraft it must be disconected , ADD off and all ride down with the aircraft . please clarify that it means all the jumper in board should ride down with the aircraft or just the jumper who his /her parachute open ?
  2. hi any news regarding KL BASE jump ? is it still running ?
  3. Hello all friends Any information regarding Tandem Base rig producer company ( canopy - container ) highly appreciated '
  4. is there any minimum jump number for using full face helmet and digital altimeter ?
  5. I am asking for Halfway down & Halfway back techniuqe on landing process .
  6. any explaination or source to study about is highly appreciated .
  7. heading to Russia ( Flow Moscow) for some tunnel time to boost my skill for AFF instructor course in next 2 week . any suggestion for choosing tunnel instructor / coach ? other tips or advice appreciated .
  8. Anyone knows what happened here ? VIDEO-2021-12-22-00-18-34.mp4
  9. I have checked the meaning of BOOGIE and very curious to know why it is used for skydiving events ?
  10. what is the material and name of line / string that is used to sew to layer of web on the skydiving harness .
  11. How many hours is requiered for a FJC or Ground school and how many people are allowed to take part in a course which runs by any instructor ?
  12. Any source or document to help knowing field requirment for a new stablished Drop Zone ?
  13. kmzamani


    refering to this instagram link : please let me know what is this pilotchute , D Bag and slider system name and what is the usage and benefit of removing them ?
  14. in case of two canopy out ( side by side ) the SIM suggests that first release the RSL then cut away the main canopy . please help me to know what is the benefit and reason for RSL release ?