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  1. Jenna...he made a horrible mistake. There is no one else that can take the blame for that. I'm sure Rod thinks of this tragedy often...even though it wasn't something he had any control over. Very sad and completely avoidable. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. Yep...different times. I can't even imagine what it was like in the Bob Sinclaire (sp) era. I got my SCR out of Mr Douglas in Muscogee, 1984 if I recall correctly.
  3. Oh...I forgot to tell you THANK YOU for teaching me to do it safely!
  4. Im looking at videos that my instructor took from "back in the day". '94 WFFC ect. We weren't stupid...we simply didn't know any better. For sure the most happiness (FUN) times anyone could ever freakin have. Thank you Russell
  5. Thanks nipple boy...I've really missed your excellent stories
  6. There's no shortage of food or water where we're at. A river about 300 yards from here, a very active creek on the property, a hay field/cattle pasture teeming with delightful edibles, and plenty of trees to provide a lookout. Your nature area looks amazing. I've been through Wisconsin a few times and was very impressed with the amount of creeks and rivers I saw. A canoe/kayak dream come true!
  7. So white head & tail on an eagle is like the bottom rocker on a biker. I've seen this bird perched on the same branch a half-dozen times. It'd be pretty cool if he made this his home territory...I'll call his tree "Charming" .
  8. Yep...I believe your pic kinda makes the case for a Bald!
  9. I think this guy (or gal) is a juvenile Bald Eagle, but I'm not really sure. This bird has been hanging around for a week or so and is truly a treat to watch. He much bigger than the picture suggests.The pic was taken in NW Washington a few minutes ago. I guess it could be a Brown Eagle, but I don't think so. Any ideas?
  10. This...it's still all about boobies...silly!
  11. Can someone help me find the video for an air extravaganza that happens annualy on the Riviera, if I recall correctly it was Monaco. It was posted a couple of years ago. Much thanks! Jon
  12. Thank you John and thank you Lee Maybe I'm just getting to the point that you shouldnt have to die to have fun. Whats the fun in that? Wow...am I jaded or what? Jon
  13. Thank you Wendy. It's just one of those "if I would have..." things that's eating at me badly. On the surface, I know it's not really not my fault, but deep in my gut...well, that's different. Should have been a 5 or 10 minute fun-ride. eta...Sorry about your friend in the wrap and having to deal with that. It only takes a fraction of second that determines the difference between walking away, injury, or fatality. Living can suck sometimes. Jon
  14. Bikers, Gremlin Bells, and Dead Skydiver Gear, We’ve always had a tough-of-war relationship with what to do with a jumpers gear if they bounce…”skydivers eat their dead”…”first ghoul to the crater”…etc. I brought a motorcycle home Thursday evening and all the neighbors came around to have a look. Everyone took a turn at having a ride. My next door neighbor took a turn…this is really hard to write. We have gathered that he rode for maybe 6 minutes and was killed instantly due to head trauma while going South on IH 35. Suffice to say, my guilt is more than overwhelming. Everyone that rode had motorcycle experience and a motorcycle license. I inspected the bike on Saturday. There is no way, properly dressed rider, should have been killed. I’ll ride in the hill country (and take my chances) without proper protective gear, but not on the Interstate. Again., my guilt is overwhelming, and I ask of you guys, should I feel the immense grief and mourning that I going through? The bike had a gremlin bell on it when I bought it and took it home. He died with that bell. I want to buy a new bell and put it with the casket…is that appropriate…I think it is…am I wrong? Should I get the bell that was on the bike when he was killed or maybe get a new one? The bike can be fixed…but, the age old struggle, dead biker bike. I’m really trying to work through this one and need to figure this out by Wednesday…the viewing.