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  1. Thanks been doing OK. Healing up fine not skydiving related (never been hurt - very safety conscious), just a minor slip up with some New Years fireworks. How did you know I was injured? Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  2. Thanks - I guess I just got my riggers ticket! And RIP Frank. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  3. I have a D license. Don't think I need a recurrency. Have had many breaks in jumping been just fine. Did have a few fun times giving the instructor a heart attack by exiting on "Door" hehe... maybe time for that old game again. What DZ do you jump at? Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  4. Thanks - I think I get it now. I am very safety conscious and believe in the science 100%. Will be a much larger circle at the safety meeting for sure I imagine. Will have to walk over to pass - no big whup. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  5. Yeah - tried that. But Courier is not a good font for a rigger seal. Believe me I got quite the look from the manifest girl at Elsinore some years ago. Need something "aged" if you know what I mean. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  6. Got it - I will look for an estate sale in that case. Thanks Bigun, Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  7. Thanks. I will head over there and see if I can figure it out. Not looking for a bogus way to update my reserve the seal is what makes it legit! Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  8. So want to get some advice from the brain trust. I'm about to get back in the air after a loooong hiatus. DZ website says mask required when within 6ft of others. So how are they doing RW? Mask under my fraphat? Or over? What if it blows over my goggles? Seems pretty unsafe or am I overthinking this? Rather take my chances catching it from the meeker. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  9. Hello boys, girls and others, So I have been away for a while and just logged back on after all these years. Fuck me if I had the hardest time finding the old forums and wading through the pictures and colors. Did they sell this place to Zuckerburg? Any how the reason I'm back on here is that I'm looking to get current again and need to find a rigger seal and press. Well used is better. Any leads much appreciated! Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  10. Very funny - bigway in California not ND. Just dont want to fly in the tunnel at the dropzone for a number of reasons. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  11. So you plan on losing 50 lbs in less than a month? I saw that tried a couple of times. They both wound up in the hospital with multiple and varying types of hypos. You may want to re-think this part of your game plan. The only tried and true method of losing weight is less calories in than calories going out. 50 lbs in a month is extreme. As soon as you’re body discovers the intake has been cut off, your metabolism will slow way down. Find a big old jump suit from the eighties, that’s what I did, it slowed my fat ass right down. Thanks for the advice jclalor and BIGUN, I know 50 lbs is a bit much but I have the fallrate dialed in more or less with my old balloon suit. Its my canopy wingload I need to get under 2.0 theres some rule for the bigway. May just have to tell manifest I have a 230 in my container. Tried the 'zone but ate all the bars by the second day. Tried a "cleanse" thanks to my wife - that cayenne burns worse on the way out than it does going in. I'm hopeful this one does the trick. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  12. Thanks for the advice. Not sure where you learned to skydive but I would never pencil pack my reserve. I am very safety consious - I just get a rigger who has a pencil to do it for me. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  13. California. Perris Valley. Been there a few years ago but first time being invited. Have a different license this time (thanks Canucks!). Hoping to put the politics behind me. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  14. What's up assh*les? Been trying to get jumping more again since getting recurrent. Its been rough between working the Bakken and trying to get time away from the ole ball and chain. Anyhoo, wangled an invite to a big-way "invitational" through bringing my log book "up to date" and some smooth talking on the phone. So should be on my way for some long due RnR around Feb 22. Will be my first 100-way so should be fun. Need to get my knees in the breeze before then so anyoen know the closest wind tunnel from Minot, ND? Havent been in one before but hearing it can help get the skills up. I don't want to show up and be the weak link in the chain. Also, need to lose like 50 pounds by then so I don't come screaming in like a bat outta hell on landing. Going to do the beach body diet tomorrow so I should be fine but any tips from former anvils appreciated. Anyone else going? Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"
  15. I paid 12 bucks for 12 grand. If I don't get it at the top I'm taking it out of the bottom. Don't see why DZOs dont get that. Nipple Boy A-19820 "Safety First! Fun Forever!"