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  1. So I was just reading the density altitude clicky on the home screen, and it has mentioned the ball pit. Then I thought, for all the swoop compitition, why not use a big ball pit in stead of water? you can still drag balls with your toe. IT might help with less injury if it was done over a ball pit. Just think, crashing into a ball pit (maybe 6-8 feet deep?) would be most better than hitting water fast and steep. or even cardboard boxes like the wingsuit landing. Just thoughts for maybe the future of the sport
  2. Hi, I have always heard that aad's are not designed to save you in the case of a cut away. I need help understand the add in the newest parachutist magazine in april 14. on the back page and ad for aad shows canopy cut away. does this mean that it is advertising it will help out in this situation? the cut away looks kindof low too. any insight in this situation would be helpful to me. thanks.
  3. ok thanks i guess i will stick to the sabre 2 for now, i guess moving from it to a storm would not be a step up in performance for learning Hp landings. thanks all
  4. while on this I have a question. I have been doeing double fronts and 90's for about 250 jumps on a sabre 2 120 at 1.4. Would it be a step up in progression or performance to move to a storm 120, or even on next downsize? it is a 7 cell so the glide would be steeper, so would the recoery arc be longer than the 9 cell sabre 2? I hear from one of my dz staff that the velocity was kind of based off of the 7 cell design, so would it be good to make a switch to a storm to continue to learn hp landings?
  5. Bonedaddy needs to update his profile in the section: "is there any jump that stands out the most".... or even "is there any jump you would like to do over".
  6. I can agree with they being sexy, but also no. We have one at our DZ that looks like Brock Lesnar. Not sexy while packing.
  7. I do know from experience do not use rear riser on first time doing different approach or turn to land. I try this one time and detonation in. Lucky nothing major.
  8. Well I start skydiving after getting married for 1 year, let me tell you I could and would jump much more if not married. Ball and chain indeed.
  9. To answer, there is no real problem with my hopnpops. I just give a 1 sec delay then pull. Since it is sub terminal, it just takes a while to open and inflate and sometimes throws me one way or another and I just wondered if it opened a bit faster it wouldnt throw me around as much. Seeing base jumpers open fast also made me think of this as well. with the possibel risks considering that you all have said, I will just keep packing as normal, maybe just give 2 or 3 second delay. Also i am interested in rigging and love packing, and wondering if I could experiment, but not a wise idea. blues.
  10. It would be awesome to do a night balloon jump, is this possible, or anyone ever done it?
  11. Yes, I thought it would not be a wise idea, but I thought I would ask on here before i ask at my dz, better to look like an idiot on here than in person. I might look in to the slider collapsed idea, like mentioned on the thread, might as a local rigger about this too. Quote
  12. I like to pack myself but do use one occasionally to make lunch, etc... It is nice to tip if you do not use one much, 2 or 3 dollars. they get hot, and tired from bending knees. but... they like to pack fast and many to make much money. more likely to make small mistake. I like to know for sure: Flaked properly so no line over brakes set brake fire.... excess stowed properly.... no entanglement with anything slider uncollapse and quartered to best placement.. for softness pilot chute cocked and placed properly, proper closing loop tighness. That is my 2 dollars worth.
  13. I have been packing my own rig mostly for all my 210 jumps, and have start doing more hop n pops lately because of likeing to be on my own under canopy to work and accuracy without the worry of others in the air. I am on sabre 2 150 / 1.3 wl. This may be a bad idea, but I was wondering if anyone during hop n pops has packed slider down maybe an inch or 2 lower than the stoppers just to get a quicker opening /inflation. Since it is not terminal speed, I was not thinking this would be a bad slammer opening. I was only curious and wanting to experiment, but any input on this or is a bad idea? thank you all.
  14. See i have got alot of info from dropzone, this is what its for no matter what the question. Alot of humor too! I might should have said twig and berries might have been more understandable for some, but I like the idea of shorts in helmet to have for when I land, I will try my best to stand it up. haha i dont want to be sitting there rubbing junk in the airplane it might seem like weird or perv or something, what if tandems were on the load...unless it was just me and the female aff instructor on plane might be different story! If it goes well i cant wait to learn sitfly and stand fly i can do this naked too for different results!
  15. Yes, I didnt think of landing, about .5 of my landings have been stand up and some slide in. still it would be on grass, but I hope i would not land off dropzone! but no not cocktail weenie more like hilshire farm. I was concerned because i went to tunnel before aff and i got on my knees in tunnel near net and the junk was flapping bad and painfull so I thought it would do this in the sky. Anyways I hope to be on load with my aff instructor when i attempt because she was pretty and hope to impress. maybe viagra would be good idea! thanks all