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  1. I'm just gonna put it out there but have you tried asking your doc or physical therapist for their advise?
  2. Yo Flo. How's it going. Were you that dude last Sunday at Perris finishing out your dives? if so, congrats. Hey, I partook in the Square 1 demo however here are my pros and cons from my experience: Pros: Awesome staff. Very knowledgeable. Can't ask for a better staff out at Square 1. I get to try out different canopies before making a purchase. On Site riggers. They keep excellent records of the number of jumps you've had and the type of canopy. You sound like a young buck so be aware that they will not let you progress to a smaller canopy until they feel you are ready. (Staff are always out watching the landings) Cons: Maintenance cost does not count toward the money you put down to start. For example, I put $2000 down and there's a $199 monthly maintenance fee that does not count to the $2000 I put down. So make sure your schedule allows you to jump at least 2 weekends a month if you went with a $2000 down/$199 monthly maintenance plan. (Note: Other plans exist just ask them). Depending on what you want on the rig it can cost up to $8000. Square 1 will not (from what I was told) price match, say, ChutingStar.Com. I've seen complete tricked out rigs at ChutingStar cost $1500 - $2000 less compared to the same build as Square 1.
  3. Welcome to Cali! Perris is my home DZ. It's best to give them a call or email them. here's their site http://www.skydiveperris.com/ You can rent a rig for the weekend but it's first come first serve at Square 1. Staff and people there are really cool!