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  1.'re telling me that the market is about to be flooded with v1.0 JFX's? just like Velos when the VK came out? This news pleases me! Lol "When once you have tasted flight..."
  2. I unfortunately only got to jump the Gangster 96 once (on a breezy day), but I agree, the opening was absolutely incredible and it dove like hell. Maybe I'll have to head south and arrange a few demos (Gangster & JFX ideally). Thanks for the input and great comparison to the Kat! *For the poster above, I've never seen a Zulu or known anyone who's jumped one, so I'm not sure about it. I'll do some digging though. "When once you have tasted flight..."
  3. Looking for opinions/help on where to go for my next canopy. Currently jumping a Katana 97 (@1.54), and I'm looking for an updated wing, not necessarily more performance. I did buy a VE84 last year and honestly didn't care much for it. Jumped a Gangster 96 recently and it was amazing, but I'm too cheap to buy new (plus it was a bitch to pack so I'm definitely looking used). Most people do the Katana to VE/VC transition, or maybe to the VK, but I'm not out for more performance. I like the Katana, but wonder of I'm missing out on newer tech. Maybe I should just stick with the Katana, it is still a blast. I'm considering the following: Crossfire? Neos? Smaller Katana? Suck it up and get a VC? JFX? What about the Mamba? Gangster (If I can find a used one) Something else I haven't heard of? Opinions/Thoughts/Recommendations? Thanks! "When once you have tasted flight..."
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Doing it until you get it right is the purpose of AFF. You'll be fine, but don't think about it too much and analyze every aspect. Just go out, listen to the instructor and have fun. If you screw up, you have more jumps to figure it out. You may annoy your instructors if you try to read into every situation. It's not a normal situation for your body/mind to be'll adapt. Now, in regards to tandem progression specifically, that's an awkward situation anyways. I never did Tandem progression, but when I was helping out with some recurrency jumps for the Tandem masters, I was asked to pull on the jump I got voluntold to be the passenger. I said sure, and didn't think twice about it. I had 200+ jumps and my B license and I did not find the handle - the TM pulled. Tandem progression is awkward because the handle is NOT in the same place as it will be in AFF on your own rig. Hopefully that makes you feel better...go sign up for AFF, practice on the ground wearing the rig and you'll do fine. FWIW...on my first PFF (Canadian version of AFF), my instructor also pulled for me, but for a different reason. I was doing all my altitude checks, practice pulls and everything spot on. When I did my practice pulls, I was so nervous about locking on and pulling the handle, that I just touched the handle each time. When it came time to pull, I reached back, went to grab the handle and it was already gone...I grabbed a whole whack of bridle after my instructor pulled for me. He said that he didn't think I was going to pull because I wasn't grabbing the handle during practice, but he also didn't give me a chance to pull and pulled exactly at my 5500' altitude. Typically they will give you 1000' to try, and then pull you if you don't. The other instructor said that he overreacted and should have given me time...but I had to repeat the jump anyways. So...I'll never know whether I would have puled or not. "When once you have tasted flight..."
  5. Even though I only load my Katana 97 @ 1.5, I absolutely love it, but I did think that a Velo was the next step. Last summer, I bought myself a Velo 84 @ 1.8 and after 5 jumps on it, I decided that I much prefer the Katana. The Velo was noticeably faster forward, flared great and was fun, but the openings scared the crap out of me and the front riser pressure was unbearable. For that reason, I decided to keep the Katana instead of the Velo. I'm certain that if I stuck it out and got to learn it, I would have kept it, but I felt more confident on the Katana. With that said, a week or two after I sold the Velo I had a very close call on the Katana. Gave myself some grass stains on my ass from digging hard after I stayed in the turn longer to avoid a group of people. That reinforced my decision to keep the Katana. And yes, I know the Velo "may" dig you out of the corner better, but it's also ~15% smaller and going faster so your margin is smaller. I'm very happy with the Katana. "When once you have tasted flight..."
  6. This is true... But the whole point is that we did it in the wild. We did go to Busch gardens, Lowry Park and Clearwater Aquarium... But it's a world of difference seeing them naturally and unconfined. Plus, having them intact with you like that is incredible. "When once you have tasted flight..."
  7. I think it was purely to limit frivolous lawsuits by excluding it from being used in a manner that it was not specifically designed around. Or maybe they had issues in testing that made them confident that it really is a bad idea. My money is on the first option is the USA afterall. "When once you have tasted flight..."
  8. Just to follow up after our vacation, I wanted to say thank you again Skymama. The manatee experience was absolutely incredible. Because the weather was unseasonably warm while we were there, there weren't a tonne of manatees, but we did see several. Highlight of our trip for sure! Here's one of the clips from one of the more interested/playful manatees. It was definitely a unique experience. We went with River Ventures in Crystal River. Great company and would definitely recommend. Thanks again! "When once you have tasted flight..."
  9. It's a long drive at 7-8 hours. It's actually probably longer than the maps say because traffic is really slow on the two lane roads once you get into the Keys. It's totally beautiful down there, but it would make for a rushed trip. It'd be better to have a three day weekend there. We're taking it as one of those "we've been there" type of trips, but I agree, it'll be longer than we expect I'm sure. I'm actually thinking of changing our plans to have a stay somewhere in the keys to avoid driving there and back in the same day, but the options are fairly slim and very pricey. AIRBNB seems to be my best bet for that. I'll keep you posted on what we end up doing an dhow we liked the events we chose. "When once you have tasted flight..."
  10. Like 7 hours or something like that... That's gonna burn an entire day. "When once you have tasted flight..."
  11. That would certainly be fantastic and the offer is very much appreciated, but unfortunately we won't be there for any part of either weekend. Again, I appreciate the offer... Maybe next time! If it was my choice, I'd stay down there for a couple weeks, but my wife doesn't get much time off so we're on a pretty tight schedule. Thanks again! "When once you have tasted flight..."
  12. Wow, thank you so much for the info...that's fantastic. I hadn't realized that manatees could be viewed in Florida, but I know for fact that my wife will love that much, much more (as would I). I'm cool not seeing alligators as I actually swam (unknowingly) with a small alligator in the ZHills Swoop pond for New Year's 2007/8. I was searching Davey Jones' locker for the sunken treasure from the pirate ship...drunk as hell. Anyways....once again, my single days. I'll absolutely check out some of the places you mentioned as this is exactly what I was looking for. Something that a local may know more than the typical tourist spots. Thank you so much! "When once you have tasted flight..."
  13. Morning everyone, When I was single, I came to ZHills and jumped for 3 weeks during Christmas 2007 and 4 weeks during Christmas 2008. Then I met my wife. Now, this isn't a bad thing, but it means that I can't just be a DZ bum for weeks on end and spend all my time/money on jumping. The wife has never been to Florida, and I'm not bringing gear (it hurts so much!!!), so I'm trying to plan a decent trip for her. I would certainly jump if I could get my hands on gear while I'm there, and probably will rent something for a couple of jumps. Anyways, The more common things are easy (Disney/SeaWorld/Busch, various aquariums, Kennedy space center, Key West (maybe) etc), but there are a few things that I'm wondering if locals can recommend or point me in a good direction. 1) An inexpensive place to stay. I was thinking a DZ trailer might be ideal because it would give us a dry place to stay and maybe put some cash in someone's pocket while they're not there during the week (I'll even bring a special gift, like real maple syrup or something). (I think Pip and Judy still rent trailers, but I'd like to get something a bit nicer). With that said, is anyone interested in renting their trailer or a room for 5 nights? It'll literally be a place to sleep as we'll be out doing attractions pretty much all day, every day. We'll arrive in Orlando Monday the 16th at 9am and be leaving Friday at 8pm so the weekend is untouched. 2) Alligator and/or Air boat tour or something similar (kayaking, canoe seadoo etc). Anyone have a recommendation for a good one, or are they all pretty reasonable? Are there better locations than others in the Everglades? Maybe this is something we should avoid all together? 3) Guns... Let's be honest, gun laws in Canada suck. I do have a various hunting rifles and a handgun of my own, but I'd love to spend an hour or two at a range shooting some other types of guns I could never dream of owning here in Canada (black rifles, semi-auto, auto etc). If anyone can point me in the right direction or knows somewhere I can reach out to, I'd appreciate it. I can't seem to find somewhere that I can just go rent guns without a membership etc. 4) Anything else you'd recommend as a "do not miss" type activity/event. We're down for pretty much anything and I'd love to know what some of the locals might recommend, including places to eat!!! *We will have a rental vehicle for the whole trip so travelling within reason is not a problem. We'll be basing ourselves around Orlando/Tampa/St Petes. Thanks in advance! "When once you have tasted flight..."
  14. Been jumping my KA97 for he last 450 jumps and I had the same problem. I learnt over time that the less you mess with it, the better it behaves. I've only ever had 2 linetwsts and recovered both. It's been at least 2 or 3 years since I had even linetwists, maybe a half twist out of the bag, but if it clears without my intervention, I don't consider it linetwists. Anyway, I do still roll the tail, but I take 2-3 BIG, loose rolls and pack it up. You're on the right track....loosen those rolls! "When once you have tasted flight..."
  15. I spent an entire summer and hundreds of hours flying those damn birds doing aerial fire detection in Northern Ontario (that's in Canada for those that don't know, haha). I was hired to be the spotter, but 99% of the time, the pilots took that time to take a nap or casually enjoy their lunch. As the summer went on, I was flying more and more, doing all the radio calls for the plane, as well as the fire detection calls etc. Near the end of the summer, I was landing the plane on my own. If only I had taken a pilots training course, I could have counted all those hours and been well on my was to my commercial ticket. Alas, still no formal pilot training, but I've lost interest now that I can jump out. Random fact, but one of the planes in the pictures (i believe it was the red one) was previously owned by Johnny Cash. The ignition switch was moved into the pilot's ash tray for security. Fun fact of the day and probably my favorite job ever...paid for college in a single summer. Anyways, this was 10+ years before I was a jumper, but I was still obsessed with planes. That being said, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable jumping from one as that rear prop is pretty ominous. The passenger doors would certainly need to be removed as they would be flapping up and down and likely cause a tonne of damage. If someone ever asked me to jump one though...I'd do it in a second. *Pictures were taken in July'ish 2004. "When once you have tasted flight..."