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  1. skow

    Strix vs Freak 2 vs ATC

    I have the same experience - Freak is less forgiving e.g. on your back (you have to fly well to fly well ) than Strix but definitely you get more power and range. I'm guessing that's why Rafale was born - to have similar performance to Freak (however with bigger area). There are some differences between Strix/ATC and Freak/Rafale in the way they fly. Best bet is to test. However you should be satisfied with whatever suit you decide to get.
  2. skow

    Icarus GT-R

    Some pics have been posted to icarus' instagram. (Surprise, surprise...) looks like Leia / Valkyrie, with slightly different cross-braces
  3. skow

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    Not seeing much sense in comparing Valkyrie 96 and WinX ( even though both are 7-cells ). Have done hundreds of jumps on 1.75 wingloading with 9-cells - pilot and sabre (and occasionally 7-cells WinX, Kraken etc) and experienced also some mad linetwists. Never, ever experienced any crazy spinning - on the contrary, all the canopies were flying just straight. So what I'm saying is that if all manufacturers (except SQ) recommend certain WL for a type of canopy, you will be fine also with SQ canopy with that WL. Especially if we talk about your WL of around 1.1 - 1.2 (can't imagine a 7 cell not-crossbraced, non elliptical that would have any hard or even semi-hard spinning with that WL) Squirrel's max WL recommendation of 1,18 for 190sqft or 1 for 210sqft seems to me more like a protection against lawsuit rather than actual maximum range. But of course it's your decision, so not trying to convince you to buy anything that you are not comfortable with.
  4. New kid on the block. Anybody got to fly it? mHow does it compare to Leia / Valkyrie etc?
  5. skow

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    When talking about WS specific canopies, WinX in my opinion is the best choice. The openings are very good, not too slow (which you don't want with wingsuit) and it's more fun to fly than the others. So you might want to reconsider. Also, the same physics apply to all wings - so I wouldn't freak out too much if you go slightly over the recommended WL stated by one manufacturer (of course if you feel comfortable flying it). I tested the WinX on 1.75 WL and it flew just fine. Other canopies of the same type will act the same as the construction is pretty much the same (with small tweaks)
  6. skow


    We had some demos couple weeks back in Finland. If you want a canopy that opens nicely despite of shitty body position - you can get one. (although I still managed to get line-twists on one jump and my position was not that shitty - so don't expect miracles) If you rather make some (quite little actually) effort and learn proper opening position - get some 9 cell like Safire3 (if we talk about NZ) - much more fun to fly and land. Kraken is as dull and boring as all other "super-awesome" trendy WS canopies for people that want results without doing any work. In addition to that inputs (risers and toggles) are quite hard. Flare is weak and not much bottom end (actually it doesn't even flare before bottom end) One good thing - it packs smaller. I tested 149 and it packed way smaller than Sabre1 150.
  7. skow

    Petra vs. Sofia

    If the main problem is your low body weight, I don't think any of those canopies will solve it and be a magic solution. After all there are very similar, so there won't be a night-and-day difference, whichever you choose. As a wingsuiter, I would personally prefer more forward speed (i.e. Petra), as you can fly with your wingsuit open, which gives you more power and range. If you need to sink - it's more difficult to slow down if needed.
  8. skow

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Maybe for you. BFL #349 (among others) would probably disagree. If F2 is difficult, then your pull technique is so poor, it licks other people's fingers in KFC. And in all seriousness - if you have any problems with it, then you clearily shoudn't be flying anything bigger than Phantom and gain more experiece.
  9. skow

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    This post was quite believable until this sentence... F2 pull is ridiculously easy, unless you dive like a mofo charging towards the ground. Hard for me to believe that somebody with 5000 WS jumps would have any problems with pull. I know you need to do marketing for PF, but this is some serious fairy-tale stuff, which makes me question if there's any bit of truth in your whole post
  10. skow

    Container WS friendly

    Agree with all of the above except the SkySnatch. I get the "deploy as fast a possible" in the BASE environment, but it doesn't make as much sense in the sky. I wouldn't characterize the SkySnatch as "bad" but it is "unnecessary" and has a couple drawbacks. 1- It is $200, basically double the price of most other kill-line PCs, and 3x the price of the cheapo ones. 2- Harder on gear, faster/harder extraction = more force being transmitted into everything from the PCA to the risers, it might even mean less life in the PC's ZP itself. Fine for BASE because 100ft might be life vs. death, but that isn't the case in the sky unless you're already in a pickle (should probably go straight to reserve) or you do something stupid (pulling dirty low or jump a huge suit with a 6' bridle). 3- It makes some assumptions that a faster/harder extraction is more stable, in a free packed BASE main with a tail pocket and a BASE container that basically completely comes apart on deployment (compared to a sky container) ok sure, that might be true. But when extracting a d-bag with line stows (even semi-stowless) from a container that is more restrictive, maybe not, fast and violent might mean more chaotic and more force thrown into a rotation of the bag. I do appreciate the wind tunnel stuff and comparison vids SQ made, but they are non-empirical/leave out a ton of variables and are relatively anecdotal. I've also seen plenty of back facing vid (mine included) with significant PC oscillation and a completely straight extraction with completely symmetrical inflation, PC oscillation does not = unstable extraction with a main that is in a d-bag. Case in point, CRW and swoopers haven't jumped on it (figuratively speaking), and their deployments are arguably less stable / more nuanced than WS ones, if it was a significant improvement, they would have switched over. 4- It packs big, again not a problem with BASE BOC's but sky BOC's are a good bit tighter. And there are no options for handles other than their cf tube and no tuck tab if you're into those. Again, it's not a bad thing, just unnecessary in the sky. I don't think I can agree, but maybe I'm wrong so here's my 2 cents: 1) True, it's more expensive - may be questionable if the costs worth the performance. 2) This I don't really get - PC's role ends right when canopy is in line stretch - canopy size and forward speed will always have MUCH more impact on forces you describe that any PC. After all PC is what, 4 sqft? Usual wingsuit canopy is 135-170 sqft which is over 30-40 times bigger. Also as stated "What we are seeing here is similar average drag force ". 3) It not the assumption that faster extraction is more stable. The assumption is that the actual 3D shape gives less oscillations. Maybe I have some things wrong, so I'm open for discussion. All that said - I actually own 2 skysnatches - Neither is in use with my WS rig for which I use normal PC
  11. skow

    Lifespan of sail

    How about the other one?
  12. Not sure if you understood me correclty, but I never said that Odyssey isn't a good or high performance canopy. Ultra-HP canopies are build for one, and only one purpose - competition swooping, not anything else. Examples being Petra, Peregrine, HK and also Scirocco (which doesn't get the respect it deserves). Velo and JVX are not ultra-HP canopies (not even close) There are also more tuned down versions of the above, that would follow what you refer to as "filling the hole between modern HP-class and competition ultra-HP" - these are Leias, Valkyries, Airwolves etc. I also wouldn't put Odyssey here. If you say that Odyssey is performance-wise comparable to Velo/JVX, why put it 2 classes higher? Again, I'm sure EVO Odyssey flies great. The original version got a lot of nice feedback and with improvements it for sure is a great canopy. But let's not put WRC cars to F1 class
  13. skow

    Storm Vs Epicene

    +100!! Technique over gear!!!
  14. Not sure if I or anybody would actually put Odyssey into ultraHP category (i.e. with JPXs or Valkyrie/Peregrine or even Scirocco) but definitely good to see progress also in high performance class canopies.
  15. skow

    Sabre 2 lines on Sabre 1

    Thanks. Can you name a few so I can contact them?