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  1. Got to jump one PI, apparently currently lineset is super thin - Orange Vectran 100 or 150
  2. I watched the videos and frankly can't see any part where John would talk about one line streching more than the other (only that HMA keeps the trim and I guess he means that it doesn't shrink over time). Did I miss something?
  3. Good that it's clarified! Petra comes standard with Vectran300 or Vectran 400 as an option. Peregrine comes with Orange (coated) Vectran, if I'm not mistaken also 300.
  4. From what I've heard Vectran doesn't stretch at all which may be better for the highest performance canopies. HMA does stretch a bit so can be better for canopies that open harder. However would be good if somebody could confirm this. I currently use HMA400 and Vectran400 on two canopies and Vectran seems to be a bit thinner. I think both lines last pretty much the same amount of jumps.
  5. skow

    NzA daedalus project

    Daedalus was old, wise and cautious (i.e. boring) flyer back in ancient Greece, Icarus on the other hand more reckless and badass rebel - reaches better the young community!
  6. skow

    wingsuit jumping order

    I think best is to contact Empuriabrava staff and ask if it's really so and if it is, then why. Unless somebody from EB is on this forum, all you'll get is speculations.
  7. Somebody can correct if that's not true - but from what I've heard vectran lines, even though marketed as non-shrinkable, do actually shrink a bit after a while. This may be the reason for canopy flying differently
  8. skow

    Javelin Aurora

    I have been jumping a freefly tab for 2-3 years now. Mine is very tight (because the PC is actually too big for my BOC) but even with being it more difficult to open, I do appreciate the peace of mind in steep and fast flights (especially jumping Sabre1 )
  9. DOM can also influence the way the canopy flies - basically older Velos are not exaclty the same as newer ones as there have been few versions (even if under the same name)
  10. Hah, I meant 1 and 2. And, yea, if you look really close they may all look different :)
  11. I was thinking the same, but 2 and 3 look pretty much the same.
  12. All Schuemann's platform seems to have it, but what does it mean in practice?
  13. My experience it pretty much the same. With fronts you can achieve the speed faster (with less altitude). Using only harness is easier when doing bigger turns, as you have much time and altitude. But all comes down to personal preference - I like using fronts even with bigger turns like 630s. Some don't use fronts at all, even with smaller turns. So if you get better results without fronts, it's definitely not a mistake.
  14. skow

    Flysight vs GoPro

    New flysights have 10Hz rate (and some old ones after software update) For me it's just so much easier to use flysight data as you can just drag and drop it to software straight from the device. Also the battery lasts for super long
  15. skow

    Javelin Aurora

    How is the packing with the longer d-bag?