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  1. JumpRu

    Ground Launching

    To swoopgirl: you totally awesome and etc...but looking at that short clip where u fly NEOS down that hill in deep breaks does not look very safe to me. Not a big swooper myself but i've seen way to many bad things happen to small canopies after flying in deep breaks for too long. Here you doing just that close to the ground in a turbulent air ... That may not endup well
  2. JumpRu

    Jav D Bag

    Usind anything but native dbag or pc will make u test jumper
  3. JumpRu

    Spectre or storm ?

    i would go with Spectre, that is proven thing. I jumped Storm - nothing to write home about.
  4. i had one on my first canopt saber 170... then about 3000 jumps with no issues.
  5. JumpRu

    Dekunu One vs AON2 X2+

    i think i saw nice feature of Dekunu that it shows how far you swoop.. i guess not too hard to calculate with pecise altimeter anf gps. would that be a similar feature in AON2? i find only 2 features of those altimeters really interesting. That one that i mentioned and the othar is showing ground speed in aircraft. Would be even better to show separation in seconds. if design smart devices like this would be nice to combine this with info on direction and wind speed at different altitudes - that is the other feature i would find interesting.
  6. JumpRu

    Skydive Paraclete XP

    I just love this place. they have all those good things i listed above but most important this is not yet another tandem factory. people do very different things here: world class 4 and 8 way teams, bigways, freefly, swooping and and just fun jumping! there is always someone to jump with and learn from.
  7. JumpRu

    Virginia Skydiving Center

    This is dropzone for fun jumpers... I got there and immediately got invited on very well organized RW jumps, they have good free fly jumpers too. Very professional operation, safe and fun. fast KA, no waiting to get on the load. I recommend this place.
  8. JumpRu


    I’m very happy with my KA107 with HMA lines loaded about 1.7. I knew it has light riser pressure, long dive and strong flare but I was really surprised that it opens better then any other canopy I’ve jumped. I made about 20 jumps on it and all my openings were super soft and on heading (got to be that HMA line set!). With this canopy I just smile at pull time :o) Good job PD!
  9. JumpRu

    2nd russian boogie in north carolina

    Priezhaite! Budem zhdat' :) CSS local.
  10. JumpRu

    King Air exits

    we took out F (open accordion) out of KA, 3 out 1 in. Inside center takes point and outside center. Good luck!
  11. JumpRu

    Canopy size & opening speed correlation?

    it's not that simple. Other things to consider: canopy platform, number of cells, line type, line trim, PC size, D-bad size, and many-many more. With that in mind, in general, small rectangular 9 cell ZP canopies (like sabre1) opens harder then bigger ones.
  12. JumpRu

    Jumpsuit->No Jumpsuit

    do one new thing at a time - jump your gear with jumpsuit you are comfortable to fly. Most likely your rigger can put RSL on your gear. This is smart thing for all new jumpers.
  13. I jumped once with my friend who has same canopy model and size plus he is just a little lighter then me. So basically we loaded equally the same canopy of the same size. The only difference was that I pulled slider all the way down (loosing chest strap too) and he did not do that. I was very surprised how my canopy over performed his. We tried to fly side by side and in clean configuration (no breaks) he was sinking down.
  14. JumpRu


    I put about 200 jumps on my Sam120 loaded about 1.5 and I like this canopy. Samurai fly very stable in turbulence compared to my old crossfire and katana (I jumped it recently too). Front riser pressure is light (much better then crossfire and a little heavier then katana), toggle turns are fast (katana is a little faster on toggles). Openings were soft but a little fast for me, about 400-500ft, so I asked my rigger to put pocket on my slider ($30) and now I have 800 ft 8 sec openings just like I want it. Sam has good flare power. I jump with factory toggle settings and there is a lot of slack in break lines. With some practice I manage to land it strait (no additional speed), in no wind day, slightly up the hill and don’t run like crazy. Downwind landings are fun too but I would not try to run them out.