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  1. I had a Black & Gold checkerboard pattern PC. Put over 600 jumps on it. I'm one of those people who just let things go and wished i had them back.
  2. Wendy, I put a lot of jumps on a PC. I loved that canopy. At that time I weighed 185lbs. and our drop zone was 4700 above sea level. No hard landing that I remember (also in my 20's). I had a Delta 2 Para wing that would sometimes set me down harder. Looking at the Starlite I'm seeing more cutouts than fabric. Being an old man now, not sure I want to be landing at 19ft per second. I have a question. Is your canopy opening harder or softer than the Starlite did back then?
  3. Start by making Para Commanders (mark 1) I'll buy one.
  4. Anyone have memories of jumping with Lyle McIsaac at Lost Prairie? I jumped with him for several years (1969 thru 1974) in Idaho Falls. We got our SCR,s together in Elsinore Ca.in the winter of 69. I missed his hand but gripped his little finger while building a 10 man star. I wasn't about to let go and ruin the formation. Driving back to Idaho "Mac" kept the pain down (broken finger) with lots of Alcohol.
  5. What are the latest and greatest improvements to avoid Toggle Fires?
  6. I can't explain why I came (back) at this point in my life but driving from Sierra Vista to Bullhead City I stopped at Eloy (Oct22nd 2023) and made a Tandem jump with Roberto. My last jump was 48 years ago. Maybe a plethora of memories were a factor. Allen Shepard signed my 100th jump but today who would even know the man. So now I want to fly the new Canopies. I know it could be hazardous at my age. So I am educating myself in this new Skydiving World. Equipment was simpler back then. Woody SCR260