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  1. Do you have the ability on the host to set a cron task? If so I found this: To keep things up and running automatically after a crash, I use a simple cronjob to check and restart MySQL if it is down. Load the crontab editor in the terminal with crontab -e and add the following line: * * * * * service mysql status > /dev/null || service mysql start This checks if MySQL is running every minute and redirects stdout to null. https://mhagemann.medium.com/how-to-auto-restart-mysql-when-it-crashes-during-a-brute-force-attack-d7a03b726b7e
  2. Just for fun https://www.dropzone.com/classifieds/item/9745-accuracy-rig/
  3. Better link https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2021-04-22/bye-electric-eflyer-800-seeks-end-king-airs-reign
  4. Another option, I have a dot on my visor to help keep things in frame https://chinmount.com/
  5. The biggest issue that I see with dummy pulls is rushing/going straight for where the handle is "supposed to be". Slow down and go for your butt first, then bring your hand up to the pack and find the handle/paper. Everyone can find their ass with one hand in the dark so just find your ass and move up to find the handle. Slow down, yes things will be happening/moving on your pack as the rig opens - don't let that get in your way, focus on your task. Find your ass, then find your handle. That's how I train my students.
  6. I am unfamiliar with any need to install specific drivers for your N3 to connect to Paralog. Paralog and Alti-2 are separate organizations https://www.alti-2.com/paralog
  7. this is how to replace the visor on a G3
  8. The bad experience is obvious - They are alway in need of repair and I can't jump from a plane that is not flying. Here is an old thread for more info https://www.dropzone.com/forums/topic/42758-navajo-for-skydiving%3F%3F/
  9. Unfortunately I've had too much experience as a jumper on Navajos. They are old and parts are rare. Anyone who sells parts for them will charge bug bucks because of limited the supply. If you get one to jump buy another one for parts, maybe you should buy two for parts just to be sure. One DZ I frequent has 2 of them. Last year there was only one weekend where they were both functional and more than one weekend where neither of them was working. As a jumper with over 40 years of experience with various aircraft my best suggestion is to run, not walk, away from the Navajo.
  10. I found the article you were looking for "Can you fall out of a properly fastened harness? by Jan Meyer" http://www.makeithappen.com/spsj/fallout.html
  11. there is a new pod cast today: Skydive Radio #251 09.03.2020 with Helmut Cloth http://www.skydiveradio.com/Shows/tabid/81/Default.aspx
  12. Kat, Gus and James Nation are operating Beiseker. The place has a much better vibe now. They've changed the layout inside the building and done a bunch of work updating the DZ. Al Christou is now involved with Innisfail and the Innisfail DZ is now know as Alberta Skydive Central. Westlock is pretty much closed but is used occasionally for it's swoop pond. On the rare occasions that it open, they do some tandems there. In effect, the DZs that Al used to operate (Westlock and Beiseker) were closed and he is now managing Innisfail. From the web: https://www.edmontonskydive.com/alberta-skydive-centers-merge-into-countrys-largest-skydive-center/ The DZ list on DZ.com is horribly inaccurate and I sent a message to admin with the updates some time ago. I am not holding my breath on that getting updated. Doing a search on Google also sucks because a number of old websites are still active regarding skydiving in Calgary but when the websites open they're actually for Innisfail. Same old game being played by those that have multiple websites and domain names registered.
  13. Skydive Calgary has not existed since January 2019. The owners at Skydive Extreme Calgary may have some old Naro parts but don't hold your breath. When the owners of Skydive Calgary vacated Beiseker they took a lot of stuff with them. Link to the current operation at Beiseker https://www.skydiveextremecalgary.com/
  14. https://www.amazon.com/Good-Stuff-Skydiving-Joe-Jennings/dp/B000WPLJ26