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  1. Mine too https://www.dropzone.com/profile/23598-ianharrop/
  2. Some people like to work for employers that can read and understand rules. Some like to work for companies staffed by rebels. Right under where it says No Advertising comes Robert's post. Robert is a rebel
  3. Interesting. I'd like a better look at these things but there is nothing on their site. In the video, they state that the product is going to be on rigs starting in April and the video was posted before that so I am assuming they missed their target release date. Does anyone know what is happening now with this product?
  4. https://precision.net/canopy-trim-specs
  5. Not necessarily good advice to just wear street clothes on a skydive. If you are going to do this make sure your shirt can't come loose and blow over your emergency handles. Looking for handles that have been covered up during a malfunction is wasting time when you don't have much to spare. David: Aren't you the guy in another thread that didn't like getting advice from people other than your instructors at the DZ? If that's true, you might reconsider offering advice to others. Just my thoughts... from a guy that started jump mastering in 1980
  6. I did this back in the early 80's. I had a rotator cuff injury that my doc thought would keep me from jumping for a couple of months. I had an SST Racer with a pull out so the change was easy, just add a little velcro and a tab to the left side. I think only missed one weekend of jumping.
  7. I've had someone else's ligaments in both my knees since 2010. Still jumping
  8. OpenShot Video Editor is free, open-source and fairly feature-rich https://www.openshot.org/
  9. Try here http://www.parachutemanuals.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=39&func=select&id=6
  10. Made by PISA. Here's the manual http://www.parachutemanuals.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=39&func=fileinfo&id=327
  11. An interesting question, where does a non-resident US citizen fit in the rules? From the SIM "E. MEMBERSHIP USPA membership is required of any skydiver cleared for self-supervision at a USPA Group Member drop zone, except for non-resident foreign nationals that are a member of their own national aero club" and "FOREIGN PARACHUTIST means a parachutist who is neither a U.S. citizen or a resident alien and is participating in parachute operations within the United States using parachute equipment not manufactured in the United States."
  12. You keep saying the same thing and asking for help. People have responded. Do you not like the answers you are getting? Click the link below to see your activity. You might consider how a person can lose credibilty by repeatedly asking the same thing over and over and ignoring the answers they get. https://www.dcredibilitym/profile/147960-aiman-ai/
  13. I still like this one Hitler swooping rant
  14. SkydiveTV did a bunch for 2017 and have a place for 2019 videos to be posted. Watch this space https://www.skydive-tv.com/pia-symposium-2019/