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  1. Have you contacted Alti-2? https://www.alti-2.com/contact_us
  2. IanHarrop


    From the Sigma manual https://uptvector.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Manual_Sigma_MAN-013.pdf BOLDING IS MINE ALTITUDE RECOMMENDATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS STABILITY CONTROL Exiting the aircraft: It is important to exit with sufficient altitude to respond to a variety of situations. The speed and altitude lost during unstable freefall without the drogue is hard to imagine for the uninitiated Tandem Instructor candidate. Unusual situations such as an uninflated drogue or drogue in tow will eat up your altitude faster than you can imagine. Refer to Section 4: Emergencies and Malfunctions, for details on the possible problems you may encounter. Minimum exit altitude is 7500ft (2286m) AGL. Deploy drogue after exit: It is recommended to deploy the drogue in a stable position within 5 seconds after exit. It is critical that the drogue is not used to gain stability and the instructor must make every effort to stay in control after exit. After 10 seconds, the drogue must be deployed to avoid reaching tandem terminal speed which can exceed 170mph. Maintaining altitude awareness at tandem terminal speed is challenging as illustrated below. Main deployment: Due to the complexity of the tandem system, a higher opening altitude is required compared to solo sport jumping. Minimum fully open main canopy altitude is 4000ft (1219m) AGL. Reserve deployment: Due to the complexity of the tandem system, a higher opening altitude is required compared to solo sport jumping. Minimum fully open main canopy altitude is 4000ft (1219m) AGL.
  3. A Facebook group for those that have taken a long break from jumping. I started jumping in 1976, was gone for 16 years came back in 2003. I am 65 now and enjoying every jump. Skydiver Resurrection Award SRA
  4. Apparently Bill Dause doesn't think the guy is guilty.... Two artciles, video in the bottom one -- ACAMPO, Calif. (KTXL) — The owner of the Skydive Lodi Parachute Center spoke out Wednesday after an instructor was accused of training and certifying people in tandem jumping while he was unauthorized to do so. Owner Bill Dause spoke for about 30 minutes, during which he downplayed the U.S. attorney‘s case against Robert Allen Pooley. Pooley is accused of forging signatures for tandem jump certificates. “Well, it’s a total surprise,” Dause said. “No … he doesn’t forge documents. That’s wrong.” Video from August 2016 showed the moments before 18-year-old Tyler Turner fell to his death, along with his unlicensed tandem jump instructor. Pooley, who is accused of fraudulently training Turner’s instructor, has pleaded not guilty to six counts of aggravated identity theft and wire fraud. Dause told reporters Pooley is not an employee but an independent contractor who uses the facility to teach tandem jumping courses. Dause has allowed Pooley to teach at the facility for the past 10 years. “He doesn’t work for me,” Dause said. “He is an independent individual that operates on the Lodi Airport. He doesn’t work here; he jumps here.” He claimed the two are friends and their business relationship involves Dause selling Pooley tickets to fly in a plane in order to go skydiving. There have been at least 20 recorded fatalities at the Skydive Lodi Parachute Center since it opened in 1981, but Dause has said the danger is just part of the sport. “I have known literally hundreds of skydivers that are dead now,” Dause claimed. However, there has been at least one federal raid at the center over the past four years. Dause blamed the raid on Turner’s mother. “She has gone through everything to make life tough on me. I don’t blame her; she certainly has a right to do that,” Dause said. The Turner family recently won a $40 million lawsuit against Dause and the drop zone, but Dause said he does not have the money. “Well, if I find $40 million, I’ll be glad to give it to them,” Dause said. Despite his business suffering, Dause says now that Pooley has been released from custody, he’ll still be allowed to jump and teach at his facility. FOX40 asked, “You can stop him from jumping here, right?” “Yes, and I could ask you to leave also, but I didn’t,” Dause said. Pooley is expected back at the federal courthouse on Aug. 23. Dause does not face any charges, and the plane at the Lodi Airport still has Federal Aviation Administration certification to fly. https://fox40.com/news/local-news/skydive-lodi-owner-says-instructor-facing-federal-charges-will-still-be-allowed-to-jump-at-his-facility/ -- Second piece with video: https://www.abc10.com/video/syndication/ott/owner-of-skydiving-center-near-lodi-defends-himself-against-allegations/103-7c75778e-0fda-4216-b2b0-27e0e4b99107
  5. here's an idea Hydro dipping a skydiving helmet
  6. I am aware of this one https://www.skydivekingair.com/index.php?p=2800
  7. This graph is from Jumplog which is Paralog's online product. You'll actually get much more details and graph options from the desktop product Paralog which you have to have to get Jumplog. I am using an Alti-2 Atlas to log my jumps. Paralog supports a number of logging devices. Checkout paralog.net for more information.
  8. Do you have the ability on the host to set a cron task? If so I found this: To keep things up and running automatically after a crash, I use a simple cronjob to check and restart MySQL if it is down. Load the crontab editor in the terminal with crontab -e and add the following line: * * * * * service mysql status > /dev/null || service mysql start This checks if MySQL is running every minute and redirects stdout to null. https://mhagemann.medium.com/how-to-auto-restart-mysql-when-it-crashes-during-a-brute-force-attack-d7a03b726b7e
  9. Just for fun https://www.dropzone.com/classifieds/item/9745-accuracy-rig/
  10. Better link https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2021-04-22/bye-electric-eflyer-800-seeks-end-king-airs-reign
  11. Another option, I have a dot on my visor to help keep things in frame https://chinmount.com/
  12. The biggest issue that I see with dummy pulls is rushing/going straight for where the handle is "supposed to be". Slow down and go for your butt first, then bring your hand up to the pack and find the handle/paper. Everyone can find their ass with one hand in the dark so just find your ass and move up to find the handle. Slow down, yes things will be happening/moving on your pack as the rig opens - don't let that get in your way, focus on your task. Find your ass, then find your handle. That's how I train my students.
  13. I am unfamiliar with any need to install specific drivers for your N3 to connect to Paralog. Paralog and Alti-2 are separate organizations https://www.alti-2.com/paralog
  14. this is how to replace the visor on a G3