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  1. The cheapest version is far more user friendly. You just need to select between skydiving, paragliding or wingsuit and the settings are made automatically. With the expensive version you set for example the detection limit of the vario, set the height of the gate for measuring swoop distance. frankly, the cheapest is better for skydivers, but if you need specific settings like for PG then the expensive version would make sense. hope it helps jerome
  2. This is done. A serious user friendly altimeter for the Samsung Galaxy watches. Functionalities: - 3 modes: skydive, wingsuit, and paragliding - precise and clear altitude display - several altitudes alarms - alarms when approaching AAD triger conditions - voice warning system (needs earbuds) for altitudes and alarms - if gps on, measure swoop distance, direction and distance to dropzone - variometer bip bip, g-meter - and more
  3. Hello all, i developed a new version, far more easier to use. Basically, you set the mode (skydive, wingsuit, paragliding) and you can fly.
  4. Thank you very much! No, I did not get one. Many PC and 2-3 Paradactyl jumps long time ago. They were really good. Now, i jump my Valkyrie The reason of my request was that I am looking at ways of improving packing of Rogallo paragliding reserves. thanks again,
  5. Hello all, I am looking for a paradactyl packing manual, any idea where can I find that? be safe, jerome
  6. Voice system are great. They really add value and increase safety. I can't help myself sorry... but the app altipro for Samsung watches is not only providing altitude with its voice warning system, but messages like "pull" or "approaching AAD triggering conditions" which increases safety.
  7. I made some changes to the AltiPro app for the Garmin watches. I changed the menu and the warning screen (pull altitude, swoop altitude and AAD near fire). Warning screen are now orange background with just altitude and warning text displayed to make it very clear. I also solved the bug described by Pavel. Let me know, any problems or ideas for improvement.
  8. Thanks lyosha. You are right, but today in Europe, PG experts and manufacturers are not anymore promoting our well known half pound rule in turbulence. The new school in turbulence (for PG) is hands up, dont touch the brake. The reason is the new wing design. All new wings are more stable hands up (no accelerator). A slight amount of accelerator or brake increase the risk of collapse. This is noticeable when flying our new toys like Enzo, Omega or acro wings. So for PG, I now agree with this new school, but that was after many discussions/tests with SIV experts, professional pilots, and most important manufacturers/engineers and their computer simulations. For skydiving, I am not convinced. Our wings are still basics (even my top swooping machine), and for these, the simple Newton equations demonstrate that brake add stability. So, are you still using the brakes in turbulence? Do we have facts/study supporting the hands up ?
  9. I started jumping in 84, and I was always told to add a bit of brake while flying in turbulence. Now, with the new wings design/shape, i am asking myself if this practice is still valid with the Valkyrie, Velocity and others loaded wings. I am asking this question because in paragliding, we were also told to add a bit of brake, but today experts and manufacturers, are advising hands up in case of turbulence. I am flying acro PG and for sure adding even a slight amount of brake will immediately create a collapse. Physics/research tends to support the brake, but these studies are old / based on very old designs. Let me know your thoughts and fly safe.
  10. I would like to measure the swoop distance with the Altipro app I developed (Garmin and Samsung Galaxy watche). Is there any rules/protocol I can find to code the algorithm? be safe
  12. Pavel I did not find the bug, could you send me a message with more information. Thanks. Jerome