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  1. New version supporting D2 watches. I also added the recording time on the screen. For the Instinct, I tried but with the b/w screen, the quality is very poor. I did however compile the file. The soft is attached. You need to copy it to the Garmin directory of the watches. But, frankly, I cannot do more for Instinct. Sorry. BarometricAltimeter.prg
  2. Hello Charlie, i will heck for the Instinct2 solar. be safe, jerome
  3. Good news...Epix 2 is now available on Garmin Connect.
  4. Hello, this is a bug in Connect. The App is ok with Epix2, I can simulate it. Garmin is looking at it. I will be back soon with good news. However, I do not have an Epix2, so it will be good if you can test it and let me know any necessary improvement. Blueskies, jerome
  5. Fenix 6 & 7 are great instruments. The Epix looks great, but I have no experience with it. I will check this weekend, if i can add the Epix to the app. jerome
  6. Hello, thanks both for your feedback and idea! - To log data: you need to start the recording function by pushing the Select button. You will see a blue bug indicating the direction to the DZ and distance to DZ. At the next connection with your iPhone Garmin App, data will be transferred. - To exit the App, you need to push 3x in a short time. This specificities has been added after users experiencing unvoluntary App exit. - I will check the screen brightness, I believe this is set in the standard Garmin menu. You should be able to get it to max power during App, but again I will see if I can add something in my program. - Excellent idea for the screen rotation. I will check if that is not too complex to be implemented. I add the manual for your review. Be safe. JJ Altimeter App Manual.pdf
  7. My 2 cents... There is no snivel anymore. Your PC is probably the cause. I would compare both PC sizes, apex retracting lines lengths and fabric porosity. Maybe there are differences, this parameters creates too much drag compare to the old one. I understand that some have exactly the same configuration, but openings are about physics and Art I would also ask the manufacturers (PC and parachutes) for advices and use only manufacturers parts. Good luck and be safe.
  8. It should work with Epix. I did not yet have the time to test it. Connect your garmin to your PC and copy this file into the Garmin/app folder and it should be ok. You should see an altimeter app into the Garmin. be aware you need to be outside to use. During the initiation, the Garmin will get a position fix, which will be assumed to be the dropzone. BarometricAltimeter.prg
  9. Yes, the unit is set in the standard Garmin menu. The app just uses the unit set in the Garmin menu. Will check for the Epix... I will be back
  10. Hello, A new version is available. Fly time have been corrected, but more important you are able to see in the Connect Mobile application if you approached the AAD triggers conditions. Be safe.
  11. Implementation of a new functionality requested by users. When the the GPS quality is poor, direction and distance to dropzone are displayed in Red and not anymore in Blue. I am working on providing specific messages to users i.e. when they have approached the AAD vertical speed a message will be displayed in the Garmin Mobile Connect.
  12. I forgot to mention that, for the ones doing paragliding, there is also a App. Vario, glide ratio, g, altitude warning, ground speed and direction/distance to takeoff, are some functionalities. It's free. Be safe, jerome
  13. Glide ratio function has been released. if you have idea for new function, let me know. Be safe, jerome
  14. Following several requests, I wrote a short instruction manual for the Garmin App. Direction and distance to the dropzone has been added. I am quiet astonished by the capacity of the Garmin GPS to get fixes while in the aircraft... OK PC6 so not too big a/c. The glide ratio is in testing and will be released in few days. Let me know any error. Safe jumps Operating Manual.pdf
  15. Fenix 7 has been added. Let me know any bug or function you would like to add. Jerome