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  1. Long time ago, probably a couple of years after the launch of Cypres, I got a misfired with a Cypres 1. I opened at 500m and during deployment my Cypres fired. I landed with 2 canopies. I sent the report to SSK, got a new cutter and jump 5 days later...
  2. I developed the altimeter App for skydiving, both are great products, but I would recommend the Fenix, especially the solar with sapphire model. The amoled is great but too much consumption. I cannot comment on the sensors of the Epix, but the Fenix sensors are very well suited for skydiving (refresh freq, precision...). Enjoy Christmas.
  3. The AltiPro has been released. Be safe
  4. With more than 400 people using the App and many requests for additional functions, I had to develop a Pro Version. The Pro Version will cost around 15$ and will be released soon. However, the standard version will still be available and free of charge. I tried to avoid this but the time to develop new functions is quite severe. The Pro Version has the following additions: - Set altitude manually; - Switch Background color white/black; - Dropzone location is saved in the App. So the App will not re-acquire a dropzone GPS location at each start of the day. The possibility to initiate the DZ location is also available. The Data transfer to the Garmin Connect mobile application for data review like glide, speed, position, altitude, g, AAD warning alarm... are still available. A short video to present the main changes. AltiPro.pdf
  5. Hello all, I was tired to use my ruban meter to measure distance to target for students that I developed an application for Garmin Fenix. Precision depends on GPS coverage. So, obviously not adequate for inch precision landings, but for student... 5 ft to miles Start the App on the target, wait for acquisition and then walk to landing spot. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. This is the chamber test made for the App. The Equipment is very precise when measuring pressure. However, today the frequency of the sensor is just below 1hz. Garmin will probably improve that. G sensor are around 10ms. Big thank to Cypres to offer me this test opportunity!
  7. I will look at these ideas, i broke few vertebra while paragliding acro, so i have time however, you do not need to switch on the gps to get the alti functionalities. If you dont record, the alti will work. It will just not give you the info related to ground speed. i will be bacj.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Any idea for improvement? And did you connect to your phone to review the data like opening g and warning for aad trigger conditions? I received some good ideas i.e. rotating screen and connection to earplug to provide glide and speed info, but often Garmin does not provide the technology, but we never know. Be safe,
  9. New version supporting D2 watches. I also added the recording time on the screen. For the Instinct, I tried but with the b/w screen, the quality is very poor. I did however compile the file. The soft is attached. You need to copy it to the Garmin directory of the watches. But, frankly, I cannot do more for Instinct. Sorry. BarometricAltimeter.prg
  10. Hello Charlie, i will heck for the Instinct2 solar. be safe, jerome
  11. Hello, this is a bug in Connect. The App is ok with Epix2, I can simulate it. Garmin is looking at it. I will be back soon with good news. However, I do not have an Epix2, so it will be good if you can test it and let me know any necessary improvement. Blueskies, jerome
  12. Fenix 6 & 7 are great instruments. The Epix looks great, but I have no experience with it. I will check this weekend, if i can add the Epix to the app. jerome
  13. Hello, thanks both for your feedback and idea! - To log data: you need to start the recording function by pushing the Select button. You will see a blue bug indicating the direction to the DZ and distance to DZ. At the next connection with your iPhone Garmin App, data will be transferred. - To exit the App, you need to push 3x in a short time. This specificities has been added after users experiencing unvoluntary App exit. - I will check the screen brightness, I believe this is set in the standard Garmin menu. You should be able to get it to max power during App, but again I will see if I can add something in my program. - Excellent idea for the screen rotation. I will check if that is not too complex to be implemented. I add the manual for your review. Be safe. JJ Altimeter App Manual.pdf
  14. My 2 cents... There is no snivel anymore. Your PC is probably the cause. I would compare both PC sizes, apex retracting lines lengths and fabric porosity. Maybe there are differences, this parameters creates too much drag compare to the old one. I understand that some have exactly the same configuration, but openings are about physics and Art I would also ask the manufacturers (PC and parachutes) for advices and use only manufacturers parts. Good luck and be safe.