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  1. Hello All, I developed a very simple Apps for Garmin Fenix (5,6) watches. The Apps gives you the altitude, vario/speed, max vario/speed, g and maximum g. For better accuracy, the altitude is measured via the barometric sensor, the GPS should be OFF. You can set a safety altitude where the watch will vibrates and bips. Not too sure it will be loud enough ;) I was nervous with the refresh time of the alti, but users report good feedback. I am not a developer, so be indulgent. Also, for the one flying paraglider and doing acro, I also developed an App…
  2. For sure, the majority does have a lower force, but some not, and I do not understand what could be the reason(s) and would love to find an explanation. Be safe. Jerome.
  3. Great video indeed. If someone can help me to solve an additional mystery. After packing, i measure the peak force and formalize it into a packing report. At next pack, usually 12 months in Switzerland, I do the same, but the peak force sometimes increases by up to 10 to 20%.( i thought about humidity and started to log it as well to see any relation, but not enough data yet). any ideas? jerome
  4. Not too sure, but to me, it is not about inflatable stabilizer, but about increasing the wing arc. The increase curvature at the tip of the wing so having a cell instead of a stab, improve the glide ratio, increase structural wing stability, and improve pitch stability.
  5. Thanks Rayf, but I did know this table. According to it, 107 does not fit, but Sunpath does not mention if it is 7 or 9 cells. So, I would welcome the comment of someone who tried it.
  6. Does a Spectre 107 fit into a RSK? and Does a Velocity 96 fit into a RSK? Jerome
  7. Impressive tracking, but near massive object GPS signal got reflected, this "mutlipath" effect creates measurement errors. Simple physics formulas will highlight measurements incoherency. All GPS units are affected. Have fun jerome
  8. Anytime, just bring some beers and I would show you some nice objects. Take care, Jerome
  9. Gowaylow, I should have a picture of your exit of the millenium hotel downtown...
  10. Yellow is often used as the wall for beginners. Getting to the last meter of the exit could be challenging but the wall is adequate. jerome
  11. It is true that the famous S (Yver) is now hot, and I would recommend not to jump it. Locals ask us to stop jumping there. They also warned me that they will call the police if they see jumpers around. The reason they gave me is “RESPECT”. We drive like crazy through the village putting children at risk; we shout at each jump and that even during the night; music at 10pm while arriving; jumping while horses are below; breaking fences… Now, the legal risk we face is important. Parachute activity is governed by rules (i.e. Droit aérien suisse), and the activity associated to the jump are also not always legal. So, don’t get caught, or you will be in serious trouble. Now, if some beginners need assitance to find another place to jump, they can drop me an email, I will assist. Be safe, Jerome J.
  12. being soon relocated to the UK, is there any good dropzone around Maidstone (east of london)? Be safe out there... jerome
  13. Weather condition are quite good, but snow makes difficult to get to some exits i.e. la Mousse. I will be around nxt week. See you there. jerome
  14. Looks like lineover at the center cell, probably below the slider, which I can't understand (without mentionning line twists)... Anyway, great recovery. You deserved few beers. Jerome
  15. We just changed the robes to LaMousse and Yellow, so access should be safe. Waterfall should be OK as well, but the Nose could be challenging. jerome