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  1. FADE IN: EXT. PEASANT TOWN SQUARE – DAY A PEASANT GROUP runs toward the TOWN SQUARE dragging a YOUNG WOMAN dressed as a WING. SIR BEDEVERE, tending to physics experiments, releases a nuclear powered ornithopter tied to a coconut. PEASANT GROUP (Shouting) "We found a wing, she’s a wiiing fling her." BEDEVERE (addressing the peasants) "How do you knoooooow she’s a wing?" PEASANT GROUP (Shouting) " ‘Cause she looks like one." "FLIIIIIING her." YOUNG WOMAN "I’m not a wing. They did this to me." "These aren’t my A lines." Bedevere addresses the peasants. BEDEVERE "Did you do this to her?" PEASANT GROUP "No… no… no… yes… no." PEASANT 1 "We did do the A lines." "And the d-bag." (pause) "But she does have an air lock." PEASANT GROUP (Shouting) "FLIIIIING her!" BEDEVERE "There are ways to tell if she is a wing." The peasants look confused. BEDEVERE "What else can be flung like a wing?" PEASANT GROUP "Churches… marshmallows… navel lint… Mozhaisky’s airplane…" KING ARTHUR watches the goings on from the side. KING ARTHUR "A piano… flung from a trebuchet." All turn to look at Arthur. Bedevere, in great amazement, exclaims… BEDEVERE "Exactly!" PEASANT 1 "So… if she can be flung…" Peasant 1 strains to find the logic. "As far as a piano……" PEASANT GROUP (Shouting) "She’s a wing… fliiiing her." BEDEVERE "We’ll use my largest trebuchet." Unfortunately, at this point the illogic of the physics takes hold causing the film to be quickly burned by the bulb and break. Thus, just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop the world will never know how far a Wing can be flung from a trebuchet.
  2. I read these discussions under the context of a Monty Python skit on physics.
  3. And then there was one.
  4. Obviously a shameless plug, but I’ll go along with it. Great book and a good read! I highly recommend it. Mike - I grew up in Lafayette and I think ya’ll jumped into the LAGCO display one year. Probably 68 or 69 thereabouts. Maybe early 70’s.
  5. I think this it him. Sounds like a cool guy. Thoughts and prayers to his friends and family. https://www.echovita.com/us/obituaries/la/rayville/walter-randolph-taylor-iii-14349397
  6. Oh the memories... Had to add this one. I was there. Or maybe something a little newer... But perhaps... It's so hard to chose one.
  7. Another amazing phenom. I would propose the following corollary to Moore’s Law. The original statement from Moore was chip capacity would double every year with the timespan of chip-capacity-doubling being later revised to two years thus establishing the foundation for Moore’s Law as chip capacity doubling over a two-year period. Moore’s rivals contend Moore’s Law (in relation to the 2 year period) is no longer valid (and some would say it's dead) with the current slowdown in chip innovations. However, other market executives hold that Moore’s Law still drives the desire to improve chip performance. Therefore, although the timespan for doubling chip capacity has varied through history and may be limited by the technology at any particular time, the doubling of chip capacity over a length of time is still accepted as an industry marker and driver. Thus, Moore’s Law Corollary: Moore’s Interval - The length of time necessary for the doubling of computer chip power. The interval can be represented by the slope of the line tangent to the chip-power-increase rate-of-change curve. The lower the number expressing Moore’s Interval the higher the pace of chip progress. The larger the number expressing Moore’s Interval the slower the pace of chip progress. Therefore, Moore’s Interval would establish the marker representing the computer chip industry’s innovative progress. Challenges to and discussions of Moore’s Law Corollary (Moore’s Interval) are welcome.