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  1. That student in yellow FLAILS, ha! Yeah, yeah, I know... Haven't heard from the Kid in a while.
  2. As a fiction writer you're entitled to take some license. But it's appreciable that you want to be as accurate as possible. A sport or student rig left in the plane is highly unlikely. Much more plausible the bailout rig. In some smaller jump planes I've seen the pilot seat's backpad removed and the rig used as the backpad to be less cumbersome. She could already be leaning on it (if she's the pilot), and all she'd have to do is put her arms through the harness and attach the chest and leg straps. Also, the basic round canopy of the bailout rig would contribute to the tree landing. Yeah, it would be difficult to unbuckle the leg straps while hanging in it, but it's not impossible, so no reason to not have her do it. Climbing down the tree would be awkward. It sounds like you want her to 'romantically' land in his arms. Okay, so she's lower than fifteen feet. No problem.
  3. The Golden Gate bridge is about 245' from the roadway and a number of people have survived suicide attempts there.
  4. Not true 'enough'. TRUE. It's the whole point. Well, in one direction you were given the contact because you said you'd relay the information. So where's the other direction? Are you a man of your word or not? -------------- A bit of detail for you. The harness and container do not separate. They are sewn together as a unit. Plus, he needs the harness to put it over his shoulders like a backpack. If he wanted to make it look a bit less like a parachute, I suppose he could cut the leg straps off with his knife.
  5. Robert, you gotta let all that shit go. It's history, and it ain't gonna change. Carrying it around and constantly regurgitating it will put you in an early grave. This issue really has nothing to do with Shutter. He was just commenting on it. You like media references. Here's one... the soundtrack to the answer... It's really simple... 1. You told dw, this forum, and me that you would report the results of your interview to this forum. 2. Based at least in part on that commitment, dw gave you the contact. 3. You refuse to share the results.
  6. Yes I know that that post was directed primarily at Shutter. But you wrote it sort of generally, so I thought I'd answer it. Because what you were reacting to was part of a conversation that Shutter and I were having regarding that in fact you did NOT answer me. And, as is your wont, you spent several paragraphs NOT answering me. You are deluded, Robert. To the point of concern for your mental acuity. You get a narrative in your mind, and you seem to think that if you detail it out enough and spew it onto some website, that it will resemble some sort of reality.
  7. That is exactly what you did. I did. Repeatedly. Yeah. I do.
  8. I was going to say the exact same thing.
  9. Robert, I gotta say that your brain is denser than granite. You use the slightest excuse to redundantly repeat the same crap over and over again that has nothing to do with the question you've been asked. You are an absolutely unreliable source of information. And I'm guessing that you type faster than an auctioneer talks.
  10. So... About that Sky Sports guy...
  11. Hmmm, okay. Just what was said over there, especially a few days ago in the 'Tina Bar Money Find' thread, made it sound like no one was sure what was meant by 'oscillations'.
  12. I'm curious if (and when) you've personally resumed doing tandems?
  13. I dunno... Hydraulics are closed pressure systems run by pumps. To allow it to 'gravity drop' would take forever, and would not allow the door to 'free float'. The emergency handle would disconnect the door from the hydraulic system, allowing it to be opened by hand, and would also allow the free float. (There would have to be emergency handles both inside and outside for escape and rescue, hence the inner or outer placards.) Gonna have to find that video. Now you're the spammer, haha.
  14. I suck at search functions, how far back would I have to go to find that video? (Maybe posted by 377?) I seem to remember it being hydraulic both ways. And the article was linked I think by Derek, of all people, so it may have disappeared in a spam purge.