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  1. That's EXACTLY what it is. And that's an admission. ------ You are so defensive, so quick to disagree with anything anyone says that you contradict yourself from post to post. Often within the same post, sometimes within the same paragraph. You really should be more objective.
  2. Case in point... Supposition on your part. Not factual. NOT on the record. OFF record comment made in confidence. Confidence that was betrayed. Apparently, his trust was misplaced. NONE of which proves your point.
  3. This is EXACTLY the place for these discussions (of Cooper evidence). This is exactly what this forum is here for. It's all that other crap that is out of place. Look, clearly you and all the others have a history, and clearly you've pissed them all off. But, for the most part, I've considered that none of my business and have usually tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. But you get a narrative stuck in your mind, and you won't let anything, no amount of other evidence, no logic, no other opinions, sway your narrative. And that can be frustrating. I wish you nothing but luck on the festival. Campout festivals can be fun, I used to go to a lot of them myself (live music related), and if I lived in the area, I'd probably go to it.
  4. That whole post just shows and solidifies the flaw in your thinking. That's not necessarily true. No one has to be lying. Jarvis could be stating an honestly held opinion. Bentz could be accurately relaying it to you. But Jarvis could be wrong, and it might not be the actual reason the FBI closed the case. If it was, why wouldn't they say so? And if there is a reason why they wouldn't say so, it doesn't necessarily prove Jarvis' opinion. It just can not be known. The next step, I would think, would be to ask Jarvis why he said that. But I'm guessing you tried, and he wouldn't respond?
  5. Robert, I say this with all due respect as constructive criticism. But it shows a flaw in your thinking. You have this... Yet you still assert this... -------- That's exactly what they did.
  6. Song related. Really. (Listen carefully.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmev6cSMOOw
  7. Ha! Who's all old enough that the tune was firmly in your mind before finishing the line...
  8. I'm not a rigger, and it's been a long time, but I had both a Viking and a 70's era belly-band Wonderhog. On the Viking, I seem to remember the two rings, and it also had those square bottom vents. I also remember that it had no outer label. Did the Clouds have one?
  9. I was just referencing the earlier conversation. There was a good picture of a rigger's seal, just thought you might want to see it, that's all.
  10. + = ----------------------- I can see your joke, but seriously, many military veterans with PTSD find therapeutic value in skydiving. Many of my earliest instructors were Vietnam veterans, and one of them once told me, "Skydiving is the closest thing I can find to being shot at".
  11. Flyjack, if you're interested, there's a good picture of a rigger's seal in this thread: https://www.dropzone.com/forums/topic/271157-seeking-experienced-opinions-on-an-older-parachute-rig-from-a-storage-unit-auction/
  12. The container looks like a 70's era Wonderhog. Mark, what makes you think it's a copy? The main, the square vents on the bottom make me think Viking Superlite as well. Starfighter, this appears to be the second set of 'auction' gear that you've posted here. How, where, and why are you coming up with this stuff?
  13. Yes it would need to be repacked by a rigger to be legal. In the 80's the repack cycle was 120 days, in the late 60's - early 70's it might have been 90 days. (They have to be inspected and repacked whether they're used or not to be 'in date'.) It was a few years before he got it back, I would imagine that he had replaced the rigs to keep flying. They weren't really all that expensive, especially for a guy with his own mfg. company who flies aerobatics for fun. For Cossey to have packed Hayden's rigs despite their never having met might not be that odd. Hayden might have just had his flight service people handle that for him. (The people who took care of his airplane.) When Haden did get it back... It might not be that odd that he didn't get it packed for a while. Whether it was opened or packed, he might have just put it in a closet until he figured out what he wanted to do with it. He probably already had other ones to fly with. And this rig was part of a notorious world famous caper, so he probably didn't want to use it and risk damaging it. So the question might not be why did it take so long to get it packed, but why did he get it packed twice? When did he donate it to the museum? If that was around '86, the date of the second repack, maybe the museum wanted it opened and repacked, just so they knew exactly what they were getting?