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  1. It's also been speculated that the reason he asked for multiple rigs might be so that they would not give him sabotaged gear for fear that he might make someone else jump. Getting the bailout rigs may have just been ignorance on the part of the FBI or NWA or whoever was getting them. A big mystery is how he ended up with the dummy reserve, because Emerick or whoever at Sky Sports grabbed them should have instantly recognized that.
  2. I wrote a fairly detailed post a while back about the nature of the jump, don't see a need to repeat it all, I'm sure it can be found. Divalent's concerns about the jump are accurate, but the bottom line is that it's all speculative because it's not known whether Cooper had experience or the knowledge to consider such things. A couple quick points about the gear for Divalent - The reserves, even the dummy one, would have the attachment clips, because that's just how they're made, and he is correct that the dummy would need to attach to a harness for proper training. But the back chutes were not sport mains, but pilot emergency bailout rigs, and as such would not have the D-rings for the reserves to attach, because they ARE reserves. Also, I think it's been established about the dummy reserve that it's not the container that was sewn shut, but the canopy inside, to make it easier to repack between training uses. It's been speculated that Cooper might have tried to use the dummy reserve container to hold some of the money.
  3. I don't shoot video, but as a TI over the years I have seen the student videos go from VHS to DVD to USB, to now they just post it online and send the student the link so that they can watch/download/share it as they wish. So, yeah, the student tandem skydive video is - in the cloud.
  4. Say what? Your profile indicates you're in the US, but English is clearly not your first language. By your line of reasoning, I have a hard time imagining you passing an FJC, much less a TICC. Your questions should be addressed to your T-I/E and your S&TA. If you have the slightest idea what any of that means...
  5. I think his current question is valid. He's asking whether there were oscillations or pressure bumps reported in the other skyjacking jump cases. Since the pressure bump is a major factor in trying to determine when Cooper jumped, I think there is relevance. As in, did the pilots 'feel' it when the other skyjackers jumped.
  6. As a third party observer... nwt and BMAC, I think you two are needlessly seeing your exchanges as an argument. I don't think your posts are conflicting, I think they are complementary. nwt, I don't think you're wrong in assessing your incident. BMAC, I don't think you're wrong in assessing other factors that contributed to / might have prevented it. Informative reading from both sides. On another note, nwt, is your reserve still airworthy as a reserve? All that UV exposure... (Yeah, I'm joking. Sort of.)
  7. Miss?... As in you didn't have that one... or as in you forgot to mention it... or as in you wish you still had it? Double Ha!
  8. A ripcord is less uncool than going in. Talk with the instructors and riggers at your dz and do what works best for you. How old is your gear? Ha!
  9. That's some decent dissent on our mode of descent, Squeak. Hehe Yeah, I see the finger...
  10. Your interview with the Sky Sports guy was canceled? Why didn't you ever say so.
  11. You're getting some good advice and encouragement here. However... Actually, DO forget that. While it is true, you do not want that anywhere in your mind as something you would even remotely rely on. Skydiving is a blatant act of self reliance. (Sorry, Joe. I always enjoy the advice and encouragement you give newer jumpers, including the rest of that post, but that particular point, yeah, no. Right along with don't rely on the RSL or the AAD.)
  12. Of course I'm a smart ass. And you should be laughing as much as anyone because you know that what I said is true. Just tellin' it straight, as someone here likes to say.
  13. I think we've heard that one before.
  14. You could have the harness put on under the skirt, as Wendy suggested. A bit of intimacy with your instructor, but that's just how it goes. Your user name suggests that you're a guy, but if you are a gal you can find female tandem instructors. Understand that you could probably do this with a tandem jump, but if you end up training AFF, you'd be wearing a normal jumpsuit. Once you were experienced, the issue would be between you and your S&TA. I'll leave it to the tunnel and wing walking people to decide for their venues. But understand that a skirt really isn't that aerodynamic for body flight (tracking/wingsuits notwithstanding).
  15. A few years back, a couple of young ladies showed up to do tandems, and for religious reasons they always wore these calf-length skirts. Consulting with them and their fathers, we couldn't convince them to put on pants or jumpsuits, and their dads certainly weren't going to have us putting the harnesses on under the skirts. So we checked it out and found a way to make it work. We bunched the skirts around their thighs and pulled the excess down, and it worked fine without being immodest. It ended up looking kind of like those 'skorts' or 'gauchos', or whatever they call them.
  16. Not sure why they called that an 'accident'. Looks like it went according to plan. My guess is Flyer### is one of the participants?
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opXlSJIH8cc
  18. Of course you were. That's why you're there. Good job!
  19. Reasonable enough. That's funny.
  20. Why was talking with the manufacturer not the first thing you did?
  21. A technical issue - When I log into this site, in the 'notifications' thing, it often says "so-and-so, so-and-so, 'and Guest' commented on DB Cooper". Today it says that Flyjack "and Para-DZ" commented. I don't see a comment from 'Para-DZ', and I've never seen a comment from 'Guest'. Anyone know what's up with that?
  22. Robert B sometimes says that he thinks there might be a 'coverup' regarding the Amboy chute, because admitting that it was Cooper's would prove that he survived the jump, because the chute was separated from the harness/container. But that document indicates that the kids who found it cut the lines because the rest of it was 'deeply imbedded' into the ground, and then they were unable to re-locate the find spot. So the container might well have been there.
  23. Brrr indeed. My guess is that he dressed the way he did so as not to stand out in the terminal and the plane. The fewer people that take note of him, the fewer people that can describe/recognize him. The long johns would certainly be a good idea. And his exposure time in the air wouldn't be all that long, even if he opened right away, and certainly less if he was experienced and freefell down before opening. One thing I'm not sure about is the elevation of the ground below him. Subtract that from the 10k msl the plane was at, and that's his actual jump altitude.
  24. People get a narrative in their mind, and no answer or additional information will sway it. This has been addressed. It would be no problem to jump in a suit. The only problem might be the tie slapping you in the face, and he left that behind. But many people have jumped in suits, including ties, either emulating Cooper, or for business card photos, or whatever. People have jumped in street clothes, Santa Suits, various other costumes, or buck ass naked. It's not a problem. As for the shoes, Flyjack has shown shoes that would fit the descriptions and be just fine, or you yourself have speculated that he might have had other shoes in that bag. Now, whether he was dressed inappropriately for the environment he landed in, that's another matter. But for the jump itself, no problem, just button the coat. And it's not just you. There's a guy at the Forum who probably still envisions Cooper exerting definitive control over a non-steerable round, despite two experienced jumpers telling him no.