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  1. Westerly


    Funny considering I am fairly confident I am the only person in this entire thread who actually works in a hospital 45 hours a week. Where did you earn your BSN at? Oh, that's right, you dont have one. I know exactly what it is and I also know it's complete bullshit that 'the placebo effect has a cure rate of 30% for all known diseases'. That's flat-out Facebook-meme-level bullshit.
  2. Westerly


    ugh, bullshit. Did you get that 'fact' from Trump's Twitter feed? Here is one example of a thousand I could provide. Lung cancer is the #1 killer of cancer-related deaths in the USA. Someone with stage 4 lung cancer, which is the stage that the greatest percentage of people are diagnosed in, has a 5-year life expectancy rate of 1%. It's basically an absolute death sentence. Yet, most people diagnosed with it still undergo aggressive treatment and all but a fraction of a percentage still die before the 5-year mark--and mind you they are taking real drugs that actually do something, not placebos. ALS is another disease. That has a fatality rate of nearly 100%. Very few people with ALS are alive 10 years after diagnosis, even though nearly all of them accept treatment.
  3. They have all been answered, just you're not willing to accept the answers because you don't want to recognize the truth might not be what you think it is. There was widespread election fraud, you're right... by Trump. He tried to illegally cast out mail-in ballets that were not to his favor. He tried to get judges to cast out ballets that were not to his favor. He tried to get states to falsify votes and increase their numbers to his favor. Then finally he tried to get congress and the VP to illegally set aside the results of a legal election that was not to his favor. Then when it was all done and over and he clearly lost, he just claimed that it was in fact everyone else that cheated and that's why he lost. At the end of the day there was zero evidence that millions of votes were cast illegally. He filed more than 30 lawsuits and every single one of them failed flat on its face. He got absolutely no where in any state in any court. The Supreme Court, his own court that he appointed, wouldn't even hear his case. If you're not seeing the irony in that, you'll never find the truth because you're blind to it.
  4. Sure, no problem. The answer is batteries haven't changed much. Look at the iPhone series which is the best selling phone in human history. The very first gen iPhone made in 2007 had a 5.2 w/hr battery. In 2017 the iPhone 8 came out and 10 years latter managed only a 6.9 w/hr battery AND that battery was physically larger than the one in the original iPhone so it's not even a direct comparison. So no, battery tech has not improved that much. The lead acid battery that starts your car today is the same tech used in the 60s, just refined a bit for improved reliability, but the same basic technology.
  5. You know what else causes all of those things? About a million dollars in medical bills due to a bad Covid infection. Plenty of Americans with that right now. Or you could have it worse and you just die. Then your kids get to deal with your medical bills against your estate and you're just dead.
  6. You should probably know a lot of those ratings are complete bullshit. Like, go on eBay and search for any battery for anything and there is a good chance the specifications are complete horse crap. My favorite are cell phone batteries which advertise double the capacity of OEM batteries. So Apple who invests millions in battery tech cant increase their storage density but some guy on eBay can sell you a battery with double the capacity for $15? Riiiight.....
  7. Westerly


    What do you think is going to happen? When only 1st world countries will get the vaccination anytime soon and many people in said first world countries wont even take it, what exactly do think will happen to the virus? It will just go away? As long as there are humans to infect, the virus will keep infecting.
  8. Westerly


    Sure, but if it keeps mutating then we are going to be all the way back at square one, 350 million people need vaccination again. And then probably again and again. Having to vaccinate the entire population over and over is basically an impossible task. Technically it can be done, but it seems more likely the virus will mutate faster than we can vaccinate for it. So it's like okay, we finally vaccinated the very last person. Now we have to start back over again and vaccinate for Covid-21.
  9. Westerly


    If you read the link you'd see they are stating that it will just become endemic, which is what all of the other pandemics did after they were 'over'. Yes, the pandemic will end, but that doesn't mean the virus is gone. Look at other coronaviruses such as the cold. They have outlived any human on this planet. The point of the article is that some 3rrd world countries wont even receive vaccinations until well into 2024 and ultimately Covid is going to continue to find people to infect which means it will keep mutating thus rendering it basically impossible to kill off.
  10. Westerly


    Covid is never going away. This should not come as news though. I feel like this is a no shit moment. With the virus mutating and third world countries who quite likely will never have access to the vaccination, it is always going to have a way to mutate and keep on spreading. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/12/doctors-warn-covid-will-become-endemic-and-people-need-to-learn-to-live-with-it.html
  11. Looks like Trump was much more sick from Covid than we were lead to believe. He almost went on a vent. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/11/covid-trump-was-sicker-from-coronavirus-than-first-said.html https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/11/politics/donald-trump-covid-19-ventilator/index.html
  12. Westerly


    covid is on the downhill fast. I think the vaccinations will prevent another massive spike in the future as long as the variants are not immune.
  13. Sometimes lockdowns are necessary, other times they are over the top. It depends on the region. In Japan, it seems the cure is worse than the disease. In Japan, more people died from suicide last month than from Covid in all of 2020 - CNN
  14. Westerly


    https://bestlifeonline.com/danger-covid-vaccine-news/ Actually the study found that all of the vaccines tested (which includes both options in the USA) showed drastically reduced effectiveness. One vaccine showed no effectiveness and the others tested showed substantially reduced effectiveness. remember how about 10 pages back everyone in here advocated to just give everyone one shot and say screw getting the second one on time? Just give out all the doses to everyone as a first dose and hope the 2nd will come in time (which wont happen of course)? Well yet again I was right on that point.... https://www.businessinsider.com/fauci-waiting-for-second-shot-recipe-for-disaster-covid-variants-2021-2 Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said while it was true that a single shot could "give some degree of protection" to people, it appeared nowhere near as strong as the powerful illness shield that two shots provides. That's why he's not recommending giving more Americans first doses of vaccines and waiting until later on in the year to give people their second "booster" shot, a strategy that's being tried out now in the UK.