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  1. And here we have the definition of a snake oil salesman. It's interesting how people can be so naive as to support someone who's actually working against their best interest. But what can I say, people are gullible, dumb and lazy. They believe what's easy to believe and what sounds good.
  2. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fauci-the-us-is-still-in-the-first-wave-160137351.html There you have it. we havent even hit the 2nd let alone the 3rd wave. We're still spinning our tires in the mud from the first storm.
  3. Sure, but prison is not about teaching lessons, it's about handing out consequences. If you end up in prison, the time for learning is long gone.
  4. You dont think negligence resulting in someone's death is severe enough to warrant prison? There arent many crimes more serious than that.
  5. play stupid games win stupid prizes. hold the parents accountable. your kid dies becasue he got a hold of your gun, you go to prison for negligent homicide. pretty simple case really.
  6. GMO / organic is mostly just a bunch of marketing bullshit anyway. Like organic, grass-fed, all natural, probiotic, Pasture-raised, Free-Range. These are all bullshit terms with no real meaning. Everything you need to know about how healthy a product is right on the nutrition label. Everything else is irrelevent. But here is a quick hint: if it comes in a box it's probably not healthy. Anyway, there is little evidence that consuming GMO food can harm you. At best it's unclear. I'd say judging based on how most people eat and their total lack of physical exercise, GMO is the last thing they need to be concerned about. It's like 'oh, my double cheeseburger, large fries and XL Coke is not organic and that's harming me!'. Yea ok.
  7. Pacemakers are more common than most people think and having bradycardia and getting a pacemaker installed is better than most forms of heart disease. Most people learn they have heart disease when they have a heart attack, but by then the damage is long done. In general, having a pacemaker shouldent affect your daily life much if at all. There are not really that many activities that I can think of that are unsafe with a pacemaker. I dont know why you couldent skydive or even BASE jump with one. The only concern I could think of would be the possible effect of a hard opening on the device.
  8. Westerly


    I have seen it. I also know there are operational limits to what those masks can do--the manufacturer literately says there are. One of those limits is the masks just arnt really effective at catching particles that are too small which is why they have a technical specification specifically saying what they are designed for and what they are not designed for. The size of the Covid virus falls into the category of not designed for. That said, most of the virus travels in water droplets which are easily caught by an N-95 mask so really only individual virus particles floating around would get by. But even so, most people, even in healthcare settings, cannot correctly fit an N-95 mask on their face so that it does not leak which is the more pertinent problem. They are notoriously difficult to fit correctly and even the slightest movement by bumping it or taking it off and than back on is sufficient to make for an insecure seal. Really, if you're looking for protection against a biological entity, N-95 is like the Geo Metro of options. What you really need is a full CBR suit with an independent air supply taken from an external source. Clearly not practical for daily use so the meet-in-the-middle option would be an actual respirator with the correct cartridges which in the long term isint actually any more expensive than daily throwaway use of an N-95, but they provide better protection as they are MUCH easier to get an airtight seal on.
  9. I dont understand how we are so far into this thing already and people dont understand that death rate directly trails infections. As in infections go up, deaths go up. How that is even a hard concept to grasp is beyond me. I feel like that was common knowledge before COVID even existed. More people get something bad, more people die from it. Duh. So often we hear 'COVID cases are on the rise but deaths are still low'. Well no shit, people dont die instantly from it, but if more people get infected more people are going to die. Grow a brain people...
  10. Westerly


    I wouldent say they are a fool, more like they are just being disrespectful and uncaring. A mask doesent do much to protect YOU from COVID, unless it's an N-95 that has been properly fitted and seal tested, and even then it only offers some protection as the virus is smaller than the the minimum size particle the mask is rated to stop. The point of a mask is to stop you from infecting others, which is why not wearing one implies you dont care about other people.
  11. Westerly


    The answer is no. This has already been looked into and the CDC found that people do not get sick by touching objects that were previously touched by the infected. The primary means of infection is respiratory droplets exhaled from infected people. Other mediums of infection are nearly non-existent. For example, there is not been one single documented COVID case involving someone getting sick by eating COVID-contaminated food despite all the news about people working in warehouses and processing lines getting sick. If no one tried to do anything about it, if no one wore masks at all, no one social distanced, the death toll would probably be over a million dead by now...easily. Yes, but that's kind of presenting a defense for assault as 'well I could have killed the guy, but I didn't'. That's not a real argument the same as saying 'we could have done nothing but we dident' is not a real defense for doing a poor job managing COVID.
  12. More elliptical canopies are more likely to dive and spin on you on opening if you have linetwists or another issue and they are sometimes more likely to open off heading.
  13. It's almost as if we know that shutdowns, masks and social distancing work, yet we always seem to forget that leading to a swift remembrance a month later, but with 40,000 more deaths than the month prior. I suspect by the time this is all over every single person in America will personally know someone who got extremely sick or died from Covid and at that point it will be hard to look back and say 'yea, ignoring all the doctors and just saying fuck it was the right thing to do'. On the other hand, the EU currently has it worse than America. They have more cases a day than we do right now, which is strange considering they mostly got it right. I suspect maybe too many Euros watching that Trump news and getting the wrong ideas.
  14. Every state is seeing an uptick. Without question we are at the start of a 2nd wave. So who wants to guess how many cases per day we will get up to before we go back to lockdown? Or at least how many before people realize, hmm maybe COVID is in fact on the rise again? My guess, 120,000 per day. We got to 80k last time, but people are getting more dense by the minute so we have to account for that.