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  1. Westerly


    and still everyone acts like nothing is going on. Everyone thinks it will never happen to them. It's no different in skydiving. Ask anyone who doesent jump with an RSL. They all think they are the exception and bad stuff only happens to others, but never them. Well here is a news flash. Everyone has to die from something and 99% of those who died from Covid probably thought it wouldent have happened to them.
  2. You can specifically expose the center cell of the packjob and then roll the nose on all of the other remaining cells and stuff those into the center of the packjob. A less extreme version would be to just prominently expose the center cell while doing the cacooning of the canopy. here is some good general info on how to pack any canopy for a wingsuit flight: https://squirrel.ws/manuals/epicene-pro
  3. Of course. How is that even a question. I know of TIs who have been infected with it. I know fun jumpers who have been infected with it. I know TIs who mysteriously just 'disappeared' from the DZ for 'unknown reasons.' Not everyone is going to come on DZ.com and write a full page report about it, but I assure it's happening. There are skydivers who have died from Covid-19. Most families arnt exactly quick to rush to the Internet and tell everyone about it when their loved one passes away. Regarding your second question, probably not. The type of person who is willing to strap themselves to some unknown rando and sit ass to ass in a tight airplane during the worst pandemic of our lifetime isint exactly the type of personality to care enough about getting regularly tested (or tested at all for that matter). 80% of those at the DZ seem to drink the Trump coolaid and think that Covid is all a bunch of bullshit that's an over-hyped version of the flu. I follow some FB SD groups in Some of the hardest hit areas in the world right now (mostly CA, TX and FL) and they are talking about hosting boogies, who's jumping this weekend, ect. even though those areas are quite literately ground zero for Covid right now. Most people dont give a shit.
  4. the best way to catch tandems is not all. those guys are looser.s seriousaly, go fun jumping instead. why would you want to hang around those clowns?
  5. Yes, that is true but this is not a Covid forum, it's a skydiving forum so it still seems appropriate/ relevant.
  6. It has come to my attention that there are several (most really) DZs out there that dont really enforce any reasonable safety protocols and even after having people at the DZ test positive, they brush it off as 'Covid is all bullshit and fuck that if they think I am closing anything down again" attitude. If there is one thing this pandemic has done is outcast the many, many skydivers out there who are actually quite unintelligent. I mean, I'm talking like they fit into the 'the 5G talks to me at night sometimes' group. It's quite sad really that a group of people normally pretty safety-focused is so unsafe on a matter far more dangerous than skydiving.
  7. Westerly


    I wouldent be so sure about that. There are MANY other diseases that have existed for decades, even centuries, and have killed far more people than Covid-19 but have absolutely no vaccine or in many cases, not even any reasonable treatment. MOST viruses have no vaccine and no cure. Even those viruses which we do have a vaccine for (e.g. the flu), in some cases the vaccine is only a bit better than 50/50 effective. Taking the flu vaccine reduces your chances of getting the flu by about 60%, which is pretty far from being anything close to resembling a cure. Even if we had a 100% effective vaccine right now, by the time you personally get access to it you'll likely have already been infected. Creating the supplies and logistics needed to administer a vaccine to 7 billion people is a multi-year effort by itself. Then of course there is the cost. I wouldent be surprised if the corporation that develops said vaccine charges $5,000 a shot for it.
  8. I've flown a CR+ with a Swift 3 before and I regularly jump my Freak 3 with them. The Swift3/4 is one of the fastest beginner suits on the market. It's a fantastic suit and while the larger suits will have to shut down a bit, if the Swift pilot is rocking it they can still fly reasonably fast.
  9. Lots of bullshit info in here. Here are the correct answers: - The Skyhook is NOT only available on Vectors. Sunpath and Aerodyne have licenses to use them as well. Possibly other brands, not sure. - Modifying the reserve portion of a container usually renders a TSO label void unless the modification is approved by the manufacturer. IF the manufacturer already offers a Skyhook on your particular model of container, then upgrading would require three things: 1. Skyhook RSL system. 2. Skyhook attachment on the reserve bridle. 3. Skyhook mounting flap on the container. In that case, the upgrade path would be possible. The manufacturer can install these things for you. If the manufacturer does not offer a Skyhook system on your model of rig, then upgrading would likely not be possible without voiding the TSO label.
  10. And what part of the constitution does it say that governors dont have the authority to restrict businesses during a national declared public health emergency when done so in the interests of national public health? You realize what martial law is right? If necessary in the interests of national security, the president and state governors have the legal authority to put a civilian body (area, city, state, ect) under full military control, subject to all provisions of military order whereby not even the police retain any legal authority at that point. Martial law has been declared more than a dozen times in US history already. He could quite literally deploy the Army to march down the street with weapons and force everyone to stay in their homes under a 24/7 curfew if doing so was provably in the interests of national security/ national health. Further, congress as a whole has the legal authority to further expand martial law to put a large portion, or even the entirety of the United States, under full military control whereby all civilians are wholly subject to military order if exceptionally extreme circumstances deemed it nessessary. The constitution does not prohibit such and there are provisions in the Code of Federal Regulations that grant the government that authority when absolutely necessary to protect US interests. What we are experiencing right now is a small fraction of what the US government actually has the legal authority to do, so no your cry about 'but the constitution' doesn't mean jack as proven by the fact that almost every state has restrictions in place and the courts are not overturning them.
  11. yes, I get it, the Havok is an acro suit. I know that. I know the ATC is not an acro suit. I also know that most people who are new to wingsuiting are NOT looking to do serious competition acro or something like that. They just want to flock with their friends and maybe do some backflying or whatever. In that respect, the Havok gets left behind easily. I dont know how many countless jumps I've done (It's a lot--too many to count) where there were Havoks in the group, we were just doing a basic belly flock, and the Havoks got left behind out to do a solo. It happens literately all the time. That is not to say NO ONE can EVER fly a Havok fast--I know a guy who did PPC in one. But most of the people I have seen fly them do not keep up. This is not to say the Havok is the ONLY suit that gets left behind in formations. There are others as well (swift 1 for example sucks). My point is if he is going to buy a wingsuit to just go cruise around with friends, why not buy something that actually has a reasonable level of performance so he can actually stay in the damn jump?
  12. Legislators make laws, but judges decide if they are legally enforceable or not. Judges have full authority to override the legislative branch and deem a law legally unenforceable which is something that happens literately everyday. You are not an attorney and you're not qualified to comment on the constitution. If you think 'there are no exceptions' then go take that to the courts. Until then, the law has spoken and you saying ' there are no exceptions' literately means absolutely nothing. You have absolutely zero authority to make such decisions and if you pull the 'I know more about the law than you do there police officer' card, you're going to get your day in court for sure where you'll almost certainly unsuccessfully be able to argue why you think you're exempt from the local ordinances. Judges love being told by random no-ones about 'their constitutional rights.' and how 'you can do that because the constitution says so'.
  13. Two seasons actually (and part way into the 3rd), and I now have 1,150 WS jumps including 100 WS BASE jumps on more than 50 wingsuits (mostly 5-6 suits). Just because most people only do 200 jumps a year doesent mean we all do. Also, there are no 'seasons' in half the USA where DZs are open year-round. Regardless, the Carve is slow and I'll back that in person if anyone wants to come to the DZ with one.
  14. lot's of people have had hard openings from sabre 1s. when someone says hard opening the very first thing I think of is a sabre 1. throw that thing in the trash.