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  1. this made me think of an idea for a dating app. I'd call it SkyFuck.
  2. Then you take it up with the S&TA. Licensed skydivers report to the S&TA, not to other licensed skydivers. I have not witnessed what you've expressed very often. Most experienced jumpers know the correct exit order and they follow it. Also, most larger DZs have a pre-established exit order that everyone is required to follow regardless of whether they want to sit next to the door or not.
  3. There is no seniority that trumps safety. As with most things in life, there is a correct and established way to do things and being around a long time does not make you exempt from the rules. Wingsuiters get out last. That's how it is done at any reputable DZ. Is it physically possible for a wingsuiter to get out first safely? Sure. It's physically possible to safely execute any combination of exit order that exists. We could put AFF students out first and head-down carving freefliers out last. It could be done safely if enough time was put between groups. But since most DZs dont want five passes per load, we need to follow the correct, established, 'de facto' exit order which puts wingsuiters out last. Unless the wingsutiers have their own pass with at least four minutes between their exit and the exit of the next group, putting them out first is not smart. A wingsuiter in a very large suit can get nearly four minutes of freefall if s/he tried.
  4. I've seen pilot chutes in tow from burble traps on tracking suits with OEM bridles. Let me repeat that, I've seen it occur with tracking suits. Even a student wingsuit has a larger burble than most tracking suits. The single most important thing on the list (assuming you're not jumping some highly loaded elliptical canopy) is a longer bridle. I'd get one ASAP if you want to get into WS. The standard 6' one will work for a bit early on, but the first time you pitch and get nothing, nothing, nothing, more nothing, you're going to piss yourself. It's not a fun experience.
  5. Westerly


    Makes sense. I think a Racer and Argus AAD is a perfect combination. While you're at it I think you throw a Sabre 1 in there with OEM slider as well. That would make a nice all-around package.
  6. Well people dont get to just make up their own definitions of a word. that's not really how languages work. they 'think' the word means whatever they want, they would just be wrong. The word has a specific meaning and the dictionary will tell you what that meaning is.
  7. Often I see people say things like pitching in a track is the worst thing you can do and it's going to slam the crap out of you, ect. So I set out to see what the flight pattern of a track actually looks like. Looking at my FlySight I found that my fall rate actually slows in a track, not speeds up. That is assuming you're doing a flat track and not angle flying or something like that. I was able to get my fall rate to as low as 105 MPH in a track, whereas I cant go that slow no matter how hard I dearch in the standard box position. So then I looked at forward speed. On average, maybe 25 MPH in a flat track. However, that's nothing compared to a wingsuit and you can have fantastic openings with a WS all day if you know how to fly the openings correctly. So while pitching in a track is obviously not ideal, I am not sure it's as black death as some seem to think it is.
  8. It's a non-issue. If you're worried, dont use your real name online and restrict the privacy settings. At the end of the day, the free market principle still applies. If my whatever insurance company raises my rates because I have a profile photo of me skydiving, fine I'll just drop them and find someone else. They can come up with any excuse they want, I am still the one that decides if I want to continue being their customer or not.
  9. This was covered in the videos posted upstream if you would watch them. Ron Bell talked about why he wanted this change in the video.
  10. I have read your posts, I just think you are overreacting here just like half the people on this forum do anytime anyone even whispers something about the USPA. The USPA makes a small change and all of a sudden BIG Parachute is out to get everyone and destroy skydiving. Having to send in a form in an effort to learn trends in AAD fires is not a big deal. Collecting statistical data to determine safety trends is literally one of the USPA's core functions, as is the core function of anyone who works in any industry involving safety. It's a basic principle of determining risk.
  11. This whole USPA witch hunt is getting really old. You realize the USA is possibly the last remaining major skydiving country in the world that allows AADs to be optional? Nearly every other major country that has a footprint in skydiving requires all jumpers to have AADs. They are not optional. It's good to see the USPA trying to keep us at a proper standard. Having to fill out a form after nearly dying is not a big deal.
  12. State law is completely meaningless in federal court and the feds operate under federal jurisdiction enforcing federal laws (hints the name). In theory, if the FBI or DEA found out that people are selling, smoking and otherwise possessing weed on a federal airport (or a state, county or private airport for that matter), there is jack shit the state could do to stop them from coming in, arresting everyone and charging them with federal drug related crimes and send them to a federal court for dispossession. Would that happen? Not super likely, but for example the DEA and FBI has and continue to conduct drug raids in 100% weed-'legal' states like Colorado. They are not really out busting people for possession, but they do on a regular basis arrest people for growing without a license in conjunction with other crimes regardless of what the state law says. So can the DZO be arrested? Absolutely. The police can arrest you for just about anything they want. https://www.denverpost.com/2018/08/09/denver-marijuana-grow-raids-dea-fbi/
  13. Just another reason why I bought a MARS unit. 15 years zero maintenance or other BS. Just jump.
  14. How is it even remotely appropriate for an instructor to have multiple AAD fires? It used to be that an AAD was your 2nd, 3rd and 4th chance all at once. If you have an AAD fire, congrats a computer saved your life and now you take up golf and quit skydiving. Now it's, 'shit I just had an AAD fire, I better get my rig packed ASAP so I can get on the next load". That's crap.