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  1. yawn, it's just all one wave. Remember flatten the curve? yea, that never really happened. D- for effort and results on that one. and yea, the numbers are going to keep going up and down because people are too dumb to realize that saying hey the infections are 'only' 30,000 per day, time to go live life normally results in the infections going right back to where they were before. it will be a wave over and over until about a year after a vaccine is released. but at this point its all normalized. seeing people disappear from work every week into the hospital is expected. its like start the week off with 'alright, who's not able to come into work this week because of covid"? that's kind of the standard monday at most companies these days.
  2. 3rd wave? dude, you're off your rocker, we havent even had a 2nd wave. we have just been in a splurge of 1 continuous wave that only just very recently subsided. also, in other news the sun is yellow. of course the numbers are going to go up. how is that not common knowledge? mitigating efforts only work when you keep doing them. when everything starts reopening because 'we're doing great' the numbers go back up. a 10 year old could understand that. at this point people are tired of staying indoors, the economy is completely destroyed, and people are just done dealing with it. many/ most people have adopted the strategy of luck. they just hope they dont die if they get it and if they do then they do. that's the current national strategy of dealing with covid.
  3. well the law can be extreme in the other way too. In some states it is a major felony for someone 18 to have sex with someone who is 17.99, even if they dated for like five years prior to that. So as long as both are under 18 and consent is given, it's legal, but the second one of them turns 18, unless they were both born on the same day, the relationship is suddenly a serious crime and the guy could go to prison for 20 years over it.
  4. Westerly


    It sounds like you just have a crap employer then and they are burdening you with the full cost of the plan. Most employers pay for part or most of the plan and the amount the employee pays is a highly subsidized amount. Employers who are charging that much for health insurance are basically just going on health.gov and getting the plan for you and passing the entire cost onto you. That's not a benefit in any capacity. You could easily do that yourself. Health insurance as a benefit is supposed to be a two-pronged approach whereby the employer gets plans for less because they are purchasing many plans for many people and the employer pays for part or most of the plan and the employee's share represents a subsidized amount. Short of that and you're getting ripped off and your 'benefit' is not a benefit at all. They are just passing the cost onto you. Find a different employer or renegotiate your benefits package. Many/ most employers do better than that. Even minimum wage jobs often offer better health insurance than what it sounds like you're getting.
  5. Westerly


    So what was it like prior to the ACA for you? Lower deductible with lower premiums? For most people that was not the case. But even then, are you comparing apples to apples? Probably not. I had one of those plans. $1000 deductible and only cost $50 a month. But when you actually read the policy it basically covered absolutely nothing and what it did cover was at such a massively low amount that you'd end up getting balance billed for the care and the insurance company would probably only cover 20% of the bill. Cheap and quality never go hand in hand.
  6. Westerly


    Then maybe you need to find a new employer. my spouse works for a hospital. She gets free health insurance, it had no deductible and no copayment for anything except medication. I am on her plan and I only pay $30 a month and I have no copayment and my annual deductible is $500. Even when I had a $10 an hour job I got free health insurance as an employee benefit which had a $2,500 deductible but had no copayments. Prior to marriage I had a plan which cost me $93 a month through my employer, It had a $1k deductible and 70/30 copayment split (favored to me) with max OOP of $2,500. So I'd say if you're getting stuck which such a shit plan as a health care professional you might not be working for the best employer.
  7. Westerly


    There is a limit to the deductible that a plan can have under the ACA. Prior to that there was no limit. Prior to ACA it was common to have plans with a $5,000 - $10,000 annual deductible and copayments of $20,000 before 100% coverage kicked in. . Plans like that don't exist anymore. The ACA caps the annual maximum out of pocket limit to $8,850 for an individual (deductible + out of pocket copayments).
  8. Westerly


    There are a few things the ACA did that were really quite important and badly needed fixing. The first was coverage for preexisting conditions. Prior to ACA, there was a one year wait on coverage for preexisting conditions for anyone who obtained a new plan. That meant that if you changed jobs or lost your job, and you had a preexisting condition (which is everyone eventually) you had absolutely no coverage for it for a year. That was a very serious problem. There are many conditions that are perfectly fine if they are treated but become life threatening if you stop treatment. The other issue was the lack of coverage for out of network ER visits. Prior to the ACA, ER visits were usually only covered if you went in network. If you went to an out of network ER, you coverage was 0%. That is clearly a problem as no one can figure out if a particular ER is in network or not during an actual emergency. This meant that millions of so-called 'fully insured' Americans ended up declaring bankruptcy over ER bills. It was (and still is) the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the USA. The ACA was not perfect for everyone, but it fixed some problems that very badly needed fixing. Many of the people who had insurance plans pre-ACA and then found they suddenly could no longer afford their new plan under the ACA had a plan that was total crap to begin with. The ACA's minimum coverage requirements meant a lot of the cheap, affordable plans went away because those plans were basically total scams that had a list of exclusions that were an encyclopedia long with massive deductibles and copayments to the point that they basically covered absolutely nothing short of regular doctor office visits. In those cases, you were fooling yourself thinking you had health insurance--you dident. The ACA outlawed those types of plans with its minimum coverage requirements.
  9. The military has already done a bunch of testing on parachute opening forces. They determined the maximum safe force a parachutist (presumably someone young and healthy since it's the military) can sustain on opening without injury is 12G. Above that and they risk injury. in fact this research is so well known that other industries use this as a golden standard for designing products. For example the international organization that oversees rock climbing gear certification (the UIAA) limits rope shock loads to 12 kN/ 12G based on this parachute study.
  10. Westerly


    So how long is this lull in Covid cases going to last? There is already talk about reopening the workforce back to 100%, reopening all in-person dining to 100% and reopening bars in my area, and dropping face mask mandates in the few areas that have them. I guess people are not smart enough to figure out that mitigating efforts only work while you're still doing them. It's like 'I wore my seatbelt all last week so I dont need it this week". I give it 30 days before we start the uptick to another peak which will probably occur in November. By Nov time we'll be back to 2,000 deaths a day and 80,000 new cases daily. It will be the same rollercoaster over and over at least until the end of next year.
  11. "If someone had asked me (I have an engineering degree, somewhere) if this would even be possible, I'd be inclined to say "nope". " Then you should probably ask for your money back. I have no degree at all and I knew it was not only possible but in common use and in capacities WAY, WAY larger than 500kW. 500kW is nothing really for an industrial power storage system. There are power storage solutions that can power an entire town for a limited period of time and they are in common use in many cities. Building an ancient lead-acid or LiPo battery system is not even close to the only way to store energy. Many industrial solutions do something like pump water up a hill and then when they need the power back the water flows back down the hill and spins a generator. Many cities do things like this to offset the usage of residential solar. Many sunny cities have too much solar to the point that the utilities companies cant really make good use of it so they build city-wide energy storage systems to capture the excess power produced by the solar during the day where electrical demands are lower and they use it in the evening when electrical demands are higher.
  12. Westerly


    Which is completely inconsequential compared to what continuing to wait does. The Coronavirus kills that many people in 12 hours worldwide. You guys speak like vaccine research is lives lost if we rush it vs no lives lost if we don't rush it. That's not what is at stake here. For every HOUR that goes by without a vaccine, 300 people die worldwide. Think about that. 300 people PER HOUR who die. NO vaccine no matter how untested, not ever in the history of the known planet has caused that being 100% sure. Sometimes the reward so substantially outweighs the risk that taking on more risk than normal is the correct choice. You might not jump in 30 MPH winds with overcast skies, but what about if I offered you $100k to do it? Then you probably would. In this case, the reward of advancing this as soon as the evidence shows that it is most likely safe and effective (which it already does) far exceeds the risk of losing so many people per day from something that we literately have the ability to control to some degree right now. I mean shit where are all these safety and conservative folks when it comes to the virus? We dont want to roll out an early vaccine that is already showing promising results but we are okay with saying fuck wearing masks because this is Merica and it's too much of an inconvenience for me to cover my face even if that means I infect and kill you? I think these safety-concuss people could direct their effort toward more concerning matters that are firmly known to be costing lives right now--like literately this very second.
  13. Westerly


    at the minimum there is no reason why phase 3 trials shouldent be open to all volunteers. if you dont want to risk it, fine but I am of the firm blief that if the CDC says it's okay to administer this vaccine to 50,000+ people than the risk of me dying from a complication of it is but a small, very small fraction of the risk of me dying because I did not get it and I caught Covid. it's like the argument that you shouldent wear a seatbelt in case your car flips over and catches on fire and you cant release the belt while ignoring the fact that you're 1,000x more likely to die because you dident wear a belt than because you did. you are far more likely to die because you did not take a trial vaccine than because you did. initial results of the vaccines are very good showing that they are 4x more effective than your own antibody response from people who have actually been infected.
  14. There are very few things in skydiving that I am bitter about. Here is the short list: 1. Companies that put money above safety or their own employees. 2. TIs that treat fun jumpers like shit and completely forget that they too were once real skydivers before they became losers. 3. Anyone who is unsafe and complacent to a degree that they are risking my safety. That's about it. In other words, dont be a douchebag and I wont have an issue.
  15. who cares. ifly is an absolute garbage company for more reason than one.