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  1. ‘Reassignment to another position’. That’s a good one. Reassign them to cleaning the toilets.
  2. There should be no religious exceptions for anything under any circumstance. Everyone has an equal right to practice their religion so while you have every right to believe in a specific religious belief, others have an exactly equivalent right to refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of that belief.
  3. Westerly


    The requirement for which should be a vaccine. Sorry, you turned down the vaccine? Sorry, no scientific medication for you. You'll just have to sus it out with some O2 and a bed. Certainly no loss to society. If Covid was an engineered weapon, it was engineered to kill the most stupid of us and it's doing a fantastic job doing that.
  4. Westerly


    Yea but if we play it that way, by the time everyone gets infected we will be on COVID-27. It will just be an endless loop of new variants reinfecting over and over. I say drop the hammer hard. No vaccine = no service & no job. You can order your crap on Amazon and start your own online business. No BS religious exemptions either. The Pope got vaccinated along with nearly all of the high cardinals.... Talk about a mic drop...
  5. Westerly


    And the fact that 50% vaccination is not enough to stop or even slow the spread. We need a lot more with Delta. Most experts say around 90 - 95% is require to kill the virus off.
  6. Westerly


    Well looks like Delta is on the way down. Cases are already down 250% where I live. So end of the 3rd wave and then another lull until the 4th wave starts. It's just going to be like this forever. 4th wave, then the 5th and 6th and on and on until everyone is either vaccinated or infected. Of course if the vaccine ends up evading vaccines thanks to endless mutations, then we start back at square one again.
  7. Westerly


    Doesent matter, a doctor would still need to prescribe and approve it, and no judge can directly order any single doctor to prescribe anything. Only medical professionals have that legal authorization. The medical staff could easily respond that they are not legally authorized to prescribe that and if the court wants it administered they will need to administer it themselves.
  8. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, a Covid-19 vaccination critic, is hospitalized and on a ventilator - CNN
  9. Westerly


    Actually it is specifically illegal. There are only three factors that can legally be used to decide your premium: location, age and smoking status. Not even gender can legally be used to determine premiums. This was one of the largest changes imposed by the ACA when Obama signed it. The original premise was to prevent women from being charged more just because they were women (e.g. increased costs for childbirth) and charging people more because they were sick. So the ACA specifically coded what factors insurance companies could use to adjust rates and adjustments by any other factors were outlawed. So no, in fact, you cannot be charged more because you're a higher risk, unless it's by age, location or smoking status. It's literally a federal offence to adjust premiums based on other factors. That's why when you go on the ACA's website to get a quote for an individual plan, the only questions they ask you are your zip code, age and smoking status. Nothing else is asked.
  10. Westerly


    They did, and some still currently do, just they lost that battle a long time ago so they have moved onto wars they can actually fight.
  11. Westerly


    But is the insurance carrier raising their premium to Delta accordingly? As far as I know, zero insurance companies right now make premium decisions based on vaccination status. So if Delta is charging an increased premium, but the carrier is not, that is just a profit fine, which mathematically is identical to just lowering their pay by the same amount.
  12. Westerly


    That's one thing I dont really agree with. You cant just go deducting employees' pays for various miscellaneous reasons as you see fit for arbitrary reasons. That's flat out illegal. Denying future promotion opportunities, non-contractual bonuses or future pay raises? Sure, that's all fair game. But at the end of the day an employee was offered a certain pay (which is contractual) at the beginning of their employment and you cannot lower that post-employment. Either you have to fire them or pay them what you promised. So make it all or nothing. Either full pay or you get fired. Lowering pay sounds like some CFO saying 'hey, I have an idea of how we can improve profits AND make it look like we're trying to do good'.
  13. Westerly


    Just consider that another +1 for the virus.