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  1. Westerly


    ah yes another variant. dont worry, there will be 50 more to come i am sure. i am fairly confident there is no one on this forum that will live to see the day that covid goes away.
  2. Westerly


    lol what does that even mean. How do you know they would have died if they would have worn a seatbelt? i have been in a vehicle that was completely underwater and fully flooded. I was still able to get out of the seatbelt and swim to the surface.
  3. Westerly


    You incorrectly assume antivaxxers care about any of that. Most probably havent even considered it because they are too busy arguing points about how natural immunity is the best immunity, the vaccine hasent been tested well enough, and Covid isint that big of a deal anyway. I think it's safe to say if someone isint concerned about covid enough to get vaccinated to protect themselves, they sure as hell arnt going to do it for someone else.
  4. Yea you're right because you know everything that's been going on for the last two years has been nothing but back to back slam dunks. We keep nailing it every time. Thanks for clearing that up. I may not have all the answers, but I know what the answer is NOT, which is pretty much everything that we've done so far. i called it early on that the vaccine testing was a waste of time and we should have gone right to market. In the end I was the only person this forum that was actually right. No major safety issues were identified in any of the trials (which made them a waste of time) and more than 100,000 people died that could have been saved if we went right to market with a note that it's experimental and take it at your own risk.
  5. The best thing at this point is for the feds to jack up the prime rate. like way way up. then all those people taking out huge loans wont be able to do that anymore which will reduce purchasing power on big ticket items. it would also bring back those 4 and 5% APR money market accounts we once had. interest rates are way too low at the moment. they should be double or triple what they currently are.
  6. Westerly


    Well hopefully the whip crack will become even harder and more vaccine mandates come into play to move us along.
  7. Westerly


    Yea and are those ‘papers’ you’re reading postings on the comments section of Fox News?
  8. Westerly


    They are more effective than predicted, a lot more effective. They were one of the most effective vaccines ever developed in human history actually. The problem is 45% of the entire US population is still unvaccinated and probably only 25% of the world population is vaccinated. That's kind of a problem when trying to get to herd immunity... If all this antivaxxer bullshit would cut the shit and get with the program, the virus would be extinct in the USA by now. I hope the vaccine mandates and restrictions for the unvaccinated keep piling on. The more pressure to get people to listen to science instead of Facebook, the better.
  9. Just drove by a NorCal station. Premium was $7.39 a gallon. Just the cost of food increased 20% in the last few months. Rent is up 35% over one year. Mind you this is coming from an already expensive cost of living as baseline. Who could have saw that coming…..(everyone
  10. Westerly


    covid has become the largest scapegoat for blaming your lazzyness in the history of our human race. there are still many people working in critical jobs (e.g. doctors, social workers, unemployment adjusters) who refuse to see customers in person. just trying to get an in person doctors visit can still be hard at some places. they continue to blame it on covid, but of course that's BS because at this point if you're vaccinate you have zero to worry about. vaccinated people are basically completely immune from death by covid except outside seriously ill patients. so at this point the real reason why they dont want to return to work is they just dont want to work at all. they want to continue being lazy at the expense of those who need their services. Moderator warning - Westerly often posts misinformation about COVID-19. Reader beware.
  11. Westerly


    every book in that library has been digitized and can be found on google. you dont need to read any books, you can read a computer screen.
  12. it will be interesting to see mike pense square off with trump in the debates. haha.
  13. ‘Reassignment to another position’. That’s a good one. Reassign them to cleaning the toilets.
  14. There should be no religious exceptions for anything under any circumstance. Everyone has an equal right to practice their religion so while you have every right to believe in a specific religious belief, others have an exactly equivalent right to refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of that belief.
  15. Westerly


    The requirement for which should be a vaccine. Sorry, you turned down the vaccine? Sorry, no scientific medication for you. You'll just have to sus it out with some O2 and a bed. Certainly no loss to society. If Covid was an engineered weapon, it was engineered to kill the most stupid of us and it's doing a fantastic job doing that.