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  1. I am not making fun of anyone, I am pointing out that popular and factually correct are rarely the same. When the virus first came out there was this rush to buy cleaning supplies because people thought that if they dident clean every surface in their house at all times then they might get sick. The science now says that cleaning surfaces has little to no effect on the likeliness of you getting infected. Avoiding other people can singularly reduce your risk more than all other factors combined.
  2. I have to laugh at that one. There seems to be two groups of people. Those who dont even think the virus is real and it's all some made-up bullshit conspiracy by the dems to de-thrown the rightful leader (Trump) and those who think that if they dont drink bleach and sanitize every surface of their house every 30 minutes they will surely die. Wiping down your groceries accomplishes absolutely nothing. The virus does not spread that way. It spreads by airborne contact from another infected human. The chances of you getting Covid because someone infected touched your pizza box and then you touched it is next to zero. The majority of the cleaning agents people are using to sanitize their surfaces are harmful to humans. Not if you have proper PPE, but if you dont and you're using that stuff every day, it absolutely can harm you. I personally know of a patient who developed serious lung disease from spraying disinfectant at work all day on a daily basis for months.
  3. Herd immunity was always a pipe dream. The problem is the virus is a lot better at doing what it does than we are at doing what we do. It moves fast, it mutates fast, and it greatly outnumbers us. Our vaccine efforts are just flat-out too slow. Regardless if we are doing everything we can or not, it's just not good enough. Really, for us to stop the mutations, we need everyone to be vaccines by the end of this month. It needs to be done NOW, not the end of the summer, not winter, now. That wont happen and so the virus will continue to mutate, we will react, but as with the first attempt our reaction will be too slow and it will mutate again and again. We just arnt fast enough or good enough at what we do to realistically stop it.
  4. Well the pandemic is over, so... Pandemics are temporary. Covid is not going away, not ever. Endemic.
  5. There is a nurse in my unit who had both Covid vaccinations and got Covid several weeks later. She was sick out of work for four days. She was not hospitalized, but for sure she was not asymptomatic. She said she felt like shit. The vaccine is not an absolute guarantee.
  6. Doesent matter. Vaccines in the military are mandatory and as soon as that EUA ends and the vaccines get full FDA acceptance, you can bet your ass the DoD will make them mandatory on day one.
  7. People decided that on the downslope of the 2nd wave. No one has given a crap about Covid in months. Florida dident give a shit from the beginning, so this is nothing new from them. The pandemic IS over. Covid is now endemic. There is no point where Covid will ever go away.
  8. Westerly


    Great, so where are all these other lovely vaccines that are piggybacking on mRNA tech for other disease? Oh, that's right, there arnt any. mRNA existed long before Covid ever came around. There was plenty of time to use that tech on other things.
  9. Westerly


    Sure, but still COVID vaccines were developed at a world record pace. Name any other vaccination for a disease as deadly or worse than Covid that was developed in three months? There are none. Zero. It's never been done before. It was done now because no one wanted to be that company that did NOT get that world-wide multi-billion dollar contract so all the companies took a 'blank check' approach to solving the problem. Literately everyone was working on a solution all in tandem. If we took that same approach to heart disease and other issues, we'd be way better off solving those problems than we currently are. I mean, even with Covid-19 in existence, heart disease still killed nearly twice as many Americans as Covid did. But how often did heart disease make it in the news? Never. Half the people out there probably dont even know what a cardiologist does. Covid was on the news 24/7 all year though.
  10. Westerly


    Except that some of these supposedly 'unsolvable' issues are easily solved in other countries. Take bone cancer for example. In the USA you get a well, I hope your will is updated message. But in AUS, they can cure you completely of it in some situations. What is worse, many doctors in the USA apparently dont even know about these treatments. How can you be an expert in your field but completely unaware a cure to the very disease you treat exists in other countries? That is laughable at best. In general, medicine in the USA is shit. My ex had a form of lung disease and she complained to countless doctors about her symptoms. Over 10 if I recall right. No one would take her seriously. She was sure that she had sarcodosis, but not one doctor would listen to her. It always was 'oh, that's probably just anxiety ' or some bullshit like that. Well guess what, she was right. Someone with ZERO medical training who literately just 'Googled it' got it right, but 10 doctors got it wrong. It had to get to the point that she was coughing up blood in person in front of a doctor at the ER before someone decided that maybe she actually is experiencing a problem. She was also cleared by two different pumanologists before the 3rd identified and diagnosed the issue. So yea, we're doing great. No room for improvement for sure.
  11. It would be extremely easy to falsify. There are already copies of that CDC card on the Internet that you can just print out and fill in as you wish.
  12. Westerly


    The connection is I am claiming that other sectors, like IT technology, have drastically outpaced the medical sector. What used to take up an entire building 20 years ago now can be worn on your wrist. However, the leading causes of death in America are largely still unchanged and the prognosis for them is also largely unchanged. Yes, there have been advancements in specific subsets of certain disease, but less so in treating the most common diseases. Take cancer for example. Just as it was 20 years ago, cancer is still most often found in the latest stages, distant-end, because of the lack of symptoms in earlier stages. Someone who develops stage 3 or 4 cancer of any form is largely still not much better off now than they were 20 years ago. Yet, that's the 2nd leading cause of death and still we've made little to no progress in improving late-stage cancer. But yet we can build a supercomputer that can fit in my pocket, we can put a man on the moon and we can develop a rover that can take and transmit 4k video from another planet.
  13. Westerly


    And yet we were able to build a machine that put a man on the moon back at a time when seat belts in cars were considered optional upgrades. Just in the last two decades we built cell phones with CPUs in them that are more powerful than computers that took up an entire building 15 years ago. Yet when we look at the leading causes of death like heart disease and COPD, we haven't made it that far. Your chances are not much better today then they were 15 years ago. You might get six months, a year more now than two decades ago. I wouldent exactly call that a marvel of modern medicine. Yes there are some breaking edge cures out there that can solve some of these problems for good. But 99.9% of people don't have access to them, so they are largely pointless. Kind of like when Trump went all high and mighty about how great the treatment for COVID is when he got it while simultaneously ignoring the fact that his dedicated team of cardiologist, pumanologists and ER doctors standing by his bedside 24/7 represent specialists that most people have to wait months for just to get a single appointment.
  14. Westerly


    Well how long do you have? I could write a book. For one, I work in a hospital so I see what these 'treatments' look like on a daily basis. Actually, I work in the cardiopulmonary lab and so I especially get a first hand look. In short, the medical industry is a money making industry like any others and they dont make money on cures, they make it on treatments. They are incentivized to keep people sick to keep things expensive. Anyone who thinks that medicine is all unicorns and pixie dust and every doctor does it to help the betterment of his fellow neighbor is naive beyond definition. There are a lot of really shitty doctors, a lot of shitty nurses, a lot of shitty hospitals and an otherwise shitty industry. Many of the treatments that do exist are largely bullshit. They are not real treatments. They are are more like a slight prolonging of your life and maybe slight reduction in symptoms, but many treatments do little or absolutely nothing to actually address the disease. COVID-19 vaccinations occurred in record speed becasue there was record world-wide pressure and competition for them. Everyone on the planet was in a race for what they knew would be a world-wide market with unlimited purchasing power and an unlimited supply of demand. So companies fronted endless amounts of cash to develop a vaccine and develop it RIGHT NOW. Look at HIV by contrast. It took over 30 years to develop a treatment that is effective against HIV. Yet we developed a vaccine that has a near perfect efficacy rate to a virus we have never seen before in only 100 days. Mankind has the ability to solve the other problems at stake if we were motivated enough. There are cures to forms of cancer that exist in other countries that dont exist in the USA. I personally saw a patient who had a rare form of bone cancer and all the doctors told him he was going to die and nothing could be done. He found about a treatment option in Australia that completely cured him. But in America, no one even wanted to tell him about it....