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  1. A little diversion against the sharks of capitalism )
  2. Veis


    Yes, apparently I'll have to sew a new domed slider - your current one obviously works a little hard
  3. Veis


    Nazism in your head worries me more than in Ukraine, in the Kremlin, in Washington or anywhere else.
  4. Veis


    Nazism is when a nation speaks instead of each person, instead of you. When this chemistry happens, the nation gets an answer from you - and you start speaking on its behalf. Without sarcasm, seriously. For Nazism, it doesn't matter what you say on its behalf - the main thing is that this chemistry happened. Normal people immediately associate this with a hospital, why?
  5. The main pin is the usual right thread, the counter screw is left. You may have to use two screwdrivers and more hands to disassemble it. And vise, clamp etc...
  6. there is a noticeable thin at the far end of the pin
  7. Hi, both have threads. The hairpin is right, and the counter screw is left, as i remember. I hope this is not recognized as a military secret)
  8. Veis


    In Russia, these guys are very popular now, they carry communal amenities to where bears used to be afraid to shit. This is a role model for children, like you have Superman. All the available capacities of 3d-printers are now overwhelmed with work, making new toy soldiers in this image.
  9. Veis


    I read that it was a psychological trauma in childhood. He saw villagers catching crayfish using a dead old woman and a net. I don't know how reliable this is.
  10. And VC-79... vc79-new-slider-openings-l.mp4
  11. Veis


    I prefer the traditional order: people - you can fuck, you can't eat. Animals - you can eat, you can't fuck.
  12. Veis


    Congratulations, you surpassed Hitler: he was a vegetarian...
  13. To the question "full RDS vs. slider only". During the tests, we saw the situation of wrapping and blocking the opening by the "full-RDS" bridle link in the terminal deployment, a high-speed failure and an almost inevitable cutaway. Be careful!