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  1. One of the successful experiments of 2019, In our opinion. Are we right? Its stretchable.
  2. To slow down sewing and control the needle, and for more torque too, we make gearboxes out of cheap components like this one. Total conversion ~ 6:1 Its nice sewing...
  3. More reserve deployments with full RDS:
  4. No, of course not, because slider is part of the Deployment system.
  5. The NEW RDS removeable Slider from hardcore Russian swoopers (no bears was hurt!) Developed for terminal deployment. It can be manufactured in any size specified by the customer, and costs about $150. Full version (prototype) has a different design, we strongly dislike traditional separate lines for the bridle connect.
  6. We are using old reserves and full RDS for our research, related with wingsuit deployments.