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  1. To the question "full RDS vs. slider only". During the tests, we saw the situation of wrapping and blocking the opening by the "full-RDS" bridle link in the terminal deployment, a high-speed failure and an almost inevitable cutaway. Be careful!
  2. Newest SUPER-domed available!
  3. New semi-domed version of RDS available.
  4. The gangster, most of 7-cell, have Schumann-style winglets, instead of classic stabilizers, but no Schumann flow around the entire wing surface.
  5. I will clarify that the greater ellipticity of the front than the rear does not necessarily mean "Schumann planform"- like PPCD "Bercut"(extreme case, for example), etc.This can be understood when measuring the lines system. Some of the canopies listed here are more likely to belong to pseudo-"Schumann planform"
  6. New experiences with non-wigsuitable canopy, ugly packing and ARCS-Drive.
  7. Hi all! We continue to experiment with parachutes that are the least suitable for wingsuits. It was famous in our area old cutaway-likely "Heatwave-135" vs. our A.R.C.S.-Drive...
  8. We lock the line by the textile rubbers and the tip of the loop by the lower tongue of the toggle
  9. An alternative design of the RDS, its "fully rigid, but with a safety protection system". Combines the advantages of totally-rigid locks (as Icarus), and easy-moveable rings (as PD/Fluid etc) - but eliminates their disadvantages. u-pushino.mp4 u-pushino1.mp4
  10. (Semi)crossbraced design for all canopy product line - that’s one small step for maker, but one giant leap for mankind.
  11. We experimented with protectors with rubber like these for tandem harness, and it turned out to be a bad design. And decided to continue with the monolithic butt pad included non-Newtonian gel.
  12. Hello! We continue the "pilot operation", and we like it more and more. This is quite convenient, is no design change, only a little in the materials. I wrote about winter usage and caution with releases above.
  13. 1-29 round 30-150 mostly 220 accurance 75 - 135 square 90 - 120 ellipse 107 - 120 crossbraced 180 - hard injured by 220. 240 - mostly 115 crossbraced, jumps + ground launches 800 - mostly 89 crossbraced I was really afraid of soft parachutes with low wingload.
  14. Qualification ofference for the "E" license: - "D"-license at least 3 years, and 5 "D"-license holders who recognize the applicant as a guru. - Combo: 3 TM jumps + 3 jumps as operator + 3 jumps as FF instructor + 3 jumps as AFF instructor or more in one day. - One of the following: rigging in an airplane during a climb; 10 naked jumps, including in an area with cacti; 10 jumps in a large wingsuit with a crossbraced parachute at WL 3+; Eat a live bat.
  15. Hi Rob! Like any equipment, located near cutaway/reserve releases, the belly-band with integrated pocket requires increased attention in highspeed jumps of course. Other than the one mentioned earlier, it can fill and vibrate in the flow, loosening tension in connection tapes with hardware, and it can also contain magnets and velcro in the flap (we did not consider zippers, they are useless for winter).