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  1. You can hold coach and instructor ratings courses at non group member dz's. For a fee payable to the USPA. It really always comes down to money. We held both coach and IAD and Static line courses at our bon memeber dz. Paid a huge fee to do so. Money.. Also canopy courses can be conducted by anyone. They do not even need to be a member of the USPA. they have to be approved by an S&TA or the like.
  2. That's the first I've seen or heard of that happening.. interesting situation. definitely something that could be on a Friday freakout. There is much to be learned in this video. Thanks for posting it. Should make for an interesting topic of conversation at the DZ this weekend
  3. I have the 7 black (limited Edition Dusk White) version. My buddy has the hero 8. The 8 does have a little bit better video Quality, but to me it is really not that significant a difference to warrant spending the extra coin on an 8 right now. The non replaceable lens on the 8 is also pretty crappy on gopros part IMHO. If I eat shit and crack the lens on my 7 I can get a replacement for 20 dollars from the gopro website. if you crack the lens on the 8 they will happily sell you another 8 as that is your only option. I don't really use the Gopro's as a professional would though so some of the more advanced features might be a lot better between one or the other, I just want to get clean clear video of my jumps that I can edit with a few simple steps and post that shit to social media and induce moisture bombs to explode in the panties of all who see them. But hey, that's just me....
  4. I guess it depends on what the specific DZs course is. After clear and pull out students have a 5 second delay to get them used to "coming off the hill" and to their Belly, then 2 10 sec freffalls tp introduce stabitlity. Then we send them out with a coach for 15 seconds and left and right turns and alti chexks etc. The way O understand it from Jay Stokes and Ron Bell is that students can be turned over to coaches as soon as they are cleared to pull for themselves. Before that the method specific training has to be done by an instructor.
  5. There was a lengthy discussions on another forum regarding Static line and IAD jumps and their credit towards licenses. As a SLI/IADI who regularly gets both Cadets from the Air Force Academy and jump students from several military bases in our area who have military static line deployments, there was a lot of confusion regarding these jumps. The USPA defines a skydive as leaving any aircraft in flight with the intention of landing under a parachute. It took many emails between myself, Jay Stokes, Ron Bell and regional director Ray Lallo to get clarification. Static line amd IAD jumps are considered freefall jumps because there is a short period.o time before deployment that the person is consodered in freefall.. Military Static line jumps do count towards total number of jumps for USPA licenses. They obviously do not tick off the freefall time or freefall skills requirements. I just finished a SL course with an Army jumper who arrived with 34 SL jumps including intentional water landings. After he completed his course with us and through some back and forth with Ron Bell and some others. He needs only a small amount of freefall time and a canopy course for his B license. The junps he had before the course count. He completed all requirements in 22 jumps and recieved his A license.
  6. I livestreamed an entire jump on facebook ladt year with just my cel phone. And thus was in the mountains of Colorado. Had no issues other than trying to notdrop my phone..
  7. Do you have any information on number of rides foe this or any of the other 170's you have listed?
  8. Tommy Ferguson, Losy his arm in an high wind landing in 2011. He actually lost the use of his left arm and later had it amputated. He is one of the instructors at High SKy Parachute club in Canon City colorado. He is one of my instructors and is an excellent diver with only one arm. He learned to control his flight with only his right arm. He is excellent at it. so It is very possible to learn to do this.