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  1. Here in Iran we also use metric system and abviously people are familiar with . the main problem is we train skydiving students based on USPA's SIM , and SIM uses feet . it is really confusing not only for learners also for instructors .
  2. Could you possibly inform me if any AFF training course is allowed to be done from the first level Just with one instructor ?
  3. thank you and could you possibly please explain what is the recurrence jump include for B , C & D license holders ?
  4. According to USPA's SIM , - A license holders who not jumping for 60 days - B license holders who not jumping for 90 days - C & D license holders who not jumping for 180 days are uncurrent skydivers and need to do recurrency jump . I would like to know about any rules and recommendation for coaches and instructors who not jumping for 180 days ?
  5. is there any reference and / or regulation about hot air balloon jump ? also any recommendation on these jumps is highly appreciated .
  6. one of the condition to keep instructor rating current is to attend a USPA rating renewal seminar . my question is that : what is this seminar ? where does this seminar held and how can take part in ?
  7. Thank you , very helpful .
  8. what is the different between Dive exit and Float exit ?
  9. could you please explain about effect of larger slider on soft opening ?
  10. Hi friend would you please help me know if a 10ft (3 m) wind tunnel is suitable to practice and learn skills which is necessary for AFF instructor course ?
  11. is it possible to take part in AFF instructor course and Tandem instructor course back to back ( for example during 10 days) ? or it should be some gap time between two courses ?
  12. is there any limit on number of opening and/or flight time for a reserve canopy ?
  13. is there any limit on number of opening and/or flight time for a reserve canopy ?
  14. All advice and thorough information highly appreciated my current canopy is a Sabre2 ( W/L 1.13) and made 80 skydive with . the main problem with this canopy for me is rarely hard and often off heading opening . because of this I decided to change it and buy a Safire3 169sq. I talked to some experts and one of them told me that , the hard and off heading opening of Sabre2 might be because of it's light wing load and if you choose a Sabre2 170sq ( W/L 1.27) this issue will be solved . do you guys agree with this idea ? And also in general what canopy do you recommend ? Sabre2 170sq or Safire3 169sq. ? I am 90 kg and totally have 400 jump .
  15. I am 90 kg , have about 400 jump and my current canopy is a Sabre2 190sq with 80 jump with . I intend to change my canopy to Saffire3 . Which size of this canopy do you recommend and how many size am i allowed to downsize ? ( 159 or 169 sq )? Also what about reserve canopy ? should it be larger ? if so ,how many size ?