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  1. iranianjumper

    IAD/SL Instructor Course

    Beside IRM , which topic and parts from SIM should be studied for IAD/SL instructor course candidates ?
  2. iranianjumper

    track suite

    anybody knows what kind of track suit does he use in this video
  3. iranianjumper

    RSL length

    Anybody knows about approximate length of a RSL ?
  4. iranianjumper

    exit order

    Hi Dudes looking for an article about exit order and so... any helps ?
  5. iranianjumper

    Downsizing for first rig

    that's weird , you scare jumping somewhere new , but not scare of downsizing from 200 to 170 ?
  6. iranianjumper

    SL/IAD instructor course

    I want to take part in SL/IAD course in Russia or UAE , so I am looking for this course .
  7. iranianjumper

    SL/IAD instructor course

    any information about running USPA SL/IAD instructor course in Russia or UAE ?
  8. iranianjumper

    skydive boogie in Ramsar , Iran

  9. iranianjumper

    skydive boogie in Ramsar , Iran

    An skydive boogie is going to be held in Iran from 26th until 29th of June in Ramsar , a beautiful port in Caspian sea ، Iran . We would like to invite you to join us in this boogie . you can get your visa upon arrival at IKIA airport (Tehran) . We will take you from air port to Ramsar by car which takes about 4-5 hours driving in a fantastic mountainous road . every one who eager to take part in this boogie just PM me .
  10. iranianjumper

    RSL and Skyhook

    would like to know if RSl is replaced by Skyhook or they work together as a unit ? Thank you .
  11. iranianjumper

    no loop on brake line

    having had a set of tandem ( Icarus main canopy and Sigma container ) and notice : 1- there is no any loop on brake line for attaching to riser's loop for keeping brake line ( picture 1) 2- there is secondary toggle but there is not secondary control line . please help me to find more about this problem .
  12. iranianjumper

    flag flying

    Hi all Any information regarding this kind of jump (attached picture) such as packing , opening and flying is kindly appriciated
  13. iranianjumper

    Know Your Gear: Harness and Container Systems Part 2

    Damian very useful article . how can I be in touch with you ? email? facebook? instagram ?
  14. iranianjumper

    skydiving in Iran

    Sorry friends , I made a big mistake about time . boogie time is 11-16 May