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  1. iranianjumper

    License Number

    Is there any change to license number by getting higher license ? or it is the same as perevious number ?
  2. iranianjumper

    AFF instructor course

    what free fall skill is most requiered and needed for a person who decide to take part in AFF instructional course ?
  3. iranianjumper

    Jump afther a Spine Surgery?

    I had also surgery in L4-5 three years ago at the age of 47 . after surgery , I have had a perfect rest for 1 month . exactly after 365 days (July) I started skydiving and up sized to 230 ( previous was 190) then in Oct I took part in KL. 2016 Basejump . it is Ok. at the moment .
  4. iranianjumper

    wingsuit jumping order

    I am not wingsuiter but during a discussion I have heared that in Empuriabrava DZ. wingsuiters in jump run exit first . it is against the common and theorical exit order , but if it is true anybody know the reason ?
  5. iranianjumper

    IAD/SL Instructor Course

    Beside IRM , which topic and parts from SIM should be studied for IAD/SL instructor course candidates ?
  6. iranianjumper

    SL/IAD instructor

    Thank you Paul Is he or she also able to autorized a student in a foreign and non USPA affiliated Drop Zone ?
  7. iranianjumper

    SL/IAD instructor

    Thank you 20kN
  8. iranianjumper

    SL/IAD instructor

    is a USPA SL/IAD instructor qualified person to confirm issuing A license for a student ?
  9. iranianjumper

    Wing loading

  10. iranianjumper

    event plan

    Hi guys I have seen an event plan for BASE jumping here :;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread I would like to know that is there any event plan for skydiving boogie too ? any help is highly appreciated .
  11. iranianjumper

    Scott Miller

    Any contact information from Scott Miller ( skydive Deland) ?
  12. iranianjumper

    track suite

    anybody knows what kind of track suit does he use in this video
  13. iranianjumper

    RSL length

    Anybody knows about approximate length of a RSL ?
  14. iranianjumper

    exit order

    Hi Dudes looking for an article about exit order and so... any helps ?
  15. iranianjumper

    Downsizing for first rig

    that's weird , you scare jumping somewhere new , but not scare of downsizing from 200 to 170 ?