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  1. sorry if this has already been covered, i did the most cursory line check.... this video was posted, and its content is probably like a lot of videos y'all have, i know i do....from early days(ahem). and the more you jump, the more, i've recognized how easy it is to get fucked. so when i watched this, i winced.... (i've been there, still do, occasionally, having those near misses.) and billvon posts some feedback, which if you bother to consider it, is totally sensible, however.... this guy is posting it because it was fun.... and well... that's what i like about the transient air to ground phase. he isn't asking for feedback of safety nature, it's all how gnarly is it that he's lost a shoe.... so how do you give feedback that basically says "woah! ffs that was sketchy!" without - a) insulting and degrading those awesome memories we have of those times when we also "got away with it" and b) educating, and making skydiving safer because we all want to do it longer and not see people that we like die or need a wheelchair assisted vehicle?
  2. davenuk

    No opportunity to learn to pack

    youtube -
  3. sounds fine, although algarve is closer. but why the rush? y u no pick local dz?
  4. davenuk

    Smart Altimeter

    ah, my samsung s8 reports 10Hz. i'll try it anyway :) edit: why does it appear to only operate when the phone is at certain angles? is that going to affect it in the pocket? thanks
  5. keep at it, conquering that fear will be an amazing boost for you, when you look back knowing how terrified you were and where you are now, you won't believe you could of made it through, but you did, and now each plane ride is almost boring. it sounds like you can get licenced no bother, then you can just do hop and pops. but i suspect the free fall fear will very slowly start to subside, and when you are able to jump with your wife, it will all be worth it. go to the tunnel, and teach yourself that moving a finger doesnt result in a 500mph tumble and keep lying to yourself that "I'm done" everytime the fear is taking over.
  6. davenuk

    Smart Altimeter

    is it possible to use this with just the phone in the suit pocket? edit: for the audible feedback
  7. davenuk

    Altimeter Options for Wingsuiting?

    last night i 3d printed a mudflap to stick an old alti on. if im honest i dont really check it as i use the audible, i need to get a second one. i'm thinking of modifying the mount to take my viso 2 wrist mount. edit: AON2 do a really fancy looking alti if you've got 300GBP just laying about https://www.aon2.co.uk/products/x2/
  8. davenuk

    Dropzones in France

    what's the 11% reduction about? it looks like some sort of canopy qualification gets you more lee-way. thanks
  9. davenuk

    got my WS1 this weekend

    @CrashProne - head down ws? cheers for the replies, i thought that if i were flying it efficiently i'd get the longest freefall time, and that's not necessarily flying it slow, but rather as fast as i can at the right pitch. the faster it goes the more lift it will generate right?
  10. davenuk

    got my WS1 this weekend

    it was a total surprise, i wasn't even trying for it, just practicing when the guy reviewed my video and said yep no probs, i also nailed the landing deadcenter which was buzzing. stoked? yep! so question - i see my free fall delays climbing... what sort of delay should i be seeing if i'm flying the thing decent? would 120 seconds over say 10kft be reasonable? 80kilos in a phantom 3. thank you!
  11. davenuk

    Audible Altimeter

    no issues with mine whatsoever
  12. davenuk

    AFF Level 4, failed twice

    a problem shared.... i did - aff level 4 twice aff level 5 thrice aff level 6 twice all the same, all unintended turns. first console jump - couldnt stop turning second console jump - span so fast i dumped at 7k (if in doubt - whip it out). fifth console jump - still turning, balled up, reset, just held it.... and that was it... my fifth console was the first jump where i actually relaxed, felt it, and was stable for the rest of the ride down... i'm on 253 now. :) the tunnel is great, maybe try a session where the instructor doesnt get you to do anything, you just spend a minute or two flying yourself, your own thoughts, doing whatever you want, that really helped me. hang in there kitty!
  13. #1 - my hands get really cold when it's freezing on the ground, i've found a thinsulate glove under the regular glove works well, but what really helps is to get ready sooner so you warm up nicely in your gear, and to make sure i keep the hands warm on the ride up, tucked in any available body crevice.
  14. imagine laying on your back in bed. roll over. done :)