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  1. you dont have to be open but you do have to be honest. "attending a coached sports course at such and such a location". if they ask "what sport?", then tell them, it's all above board. or you could say you'll be staying here for one month - hiking... there will deffo be a lot of that.
  2. he's still the chairman of BS - https://britishskydiving.org/council-committees/ so you could try there - https://britishskydiving.org/contact/
  3. raindrops?! I was on a 7 way ws load last year and we all landed covered in snow and ice
  4. https://britishskydiving.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Section-8.pdf 3. CLOUD AND VISIBILITY 3.1. Cloud Skydivers may not leave the aircraft if, at the point of exit, the ground between the opening point and the intended landing area is not visible. 3.2. Visibility. The minimum flight visibility must be at least 5km.
  5. davenuk


    really? i have one of the first models and it's still working fine.
  6. i forgot my rigger had done this as I hadnt asked him to. (i think it's a general advisory now). he did tell me he had but i forgot and returned it to him because it was flashing "E". *facepalm* on the subject of WL - BS in the uk have implemented a new minimum canopy size chart by jump numbers a la francaise.
  7. a mate had a snappy opening on a pilot 150 yesterday, he's had the canopy from new, put a few hundred jumps on it. it was hard enough to snap one of the elastic zip retainers on his wingsuit.
  8. have you tried relaxing, arms swept back a little, a little tension on the suit but not stretching the shit out of it?
  9. I use a standard Mirage bridle and PC that have well over 1000 jumps for both WS and Other, no issues so far.
  10. interesting article, pack outdoors, on your own dedicated mat, appropriately spaced. only 15mins exposure in the well ventilated plane, spray disinfected between loads, jumpers too. when's kit on call? disclaimer: may contain confirmation bias
  11. +1 for skydiver seconds - "onetwofrefofisisevaightniTEN GOOOOOO!"
  12. this is worth saying twice https://uspa.org/SIM/5#2 30 days is tough, this time of year where i am you can easily go that with the weather.