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  1. have you tried relaxing, arms swept back a little, a little tension on the suit but not stretching the shit out of it?
  2. I use a standard Mirage bridle and PC that have well over 1000 jumps for both WS and Other, no issues so far.
  3. interesting article, pack outdoors, on your own dedicated mat, appropriately spaced. only 15mins exposure in the well ventilated plane, spray disinfected between loads, jumpers too. when's kit on call? disclaimer: may contain confirmation bias
  4. +1 for skydiver seconds - "onetwofrefofisisevaightniTEN GOOOOOO!"
  5. this is worth saying twice https://uspa.org/SIM/5#2 30 days is tough, this time of year where i am you can easily go that with the weather.
  6. I had the same on a V1, ended up pitching the PC through the wing (e.g. grabbed the handle with wing covering and threw it anyway), probably not too smart. conversely, my venom is lovely, straight to PC, no dramas, every time.
  7. your friend is right, you will die. don't forget your go-pro
  8. a quick google threw up los banos, calif. which then led me to this place - https://www.facebook.com/groups/28649069239/photos/ scroll down through the photos and you can find this - i reckon it's a good group to ask in.
  9. hmm, looks kinda pulled down on the left. is this what a tension knot would cause?
  10. davenuk


    hey, i just started jumping a PF Venom Power, the zips which encompass the MLW are different to my other suit which is a sqrl. i liked the little bungee round button attachment and got thinking about making some sort of elastic toggle i could thread through the zip. my question is.... what are peoples thoughts on providing a flexible anchorage between the two zips vs relying on the locking ability of the zip and just use the string to assist in a failure situation? if i copy the sqrl type the tension effectively lifts the lock off the zip . here's the zip - cheers!
  11. something a little more helpful - i tried this sleeping bag roll method a few times and it makes my safire 2 come out sooooo slow.
  12. i have a safire 2, the slowest openings come from stuffing it into the bag in a horrible mess, then it billows out, so slow. if i pack it neat it comes out quicker but i would never say hard. you've got sliders on these canopies right?