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  1. Hi, Apart from Australia and NZ which countries have official regulations for cloud jumping? I'm interested in links to official docs as I am working on a project to allow such jumping. Thanks
  2. Hi, Skyhigh Skydiving is probably your nearest DZ for AFF. Check out or our facebook page. Bryn
  3. This is so raw and so painful. He died jumping yesterday. No matter how much I cry, promise to exchange my life or shout he's not coming back. He has left behind his partner and their 2 very young children. I hate asking for money but I'm desperate. Whatever you can do please do. I will be eternally grateful. Bryn......Aidens dad. Journey not destination.....
  4. Actually not far from the truth. It wasn't me but my colleague who took her...... can't make this shit up!!! Haha Journey not destination.....
  5. Spain recently and the UK before that! So how did you manage this? "I hope, it is as you say, that attitudes have changed, but as recently as a year ago I helped British student who was been given a real run around, was ripped off, given the bowling speech, as someone who was a danger to herself and others and who was impossible to train. I sorted her issues out very quickly, and she has now done over a hundred jumps. Safely. " What's that eggs are done! Journey not destination.....
  6. There are plenty of people who can substantiate my experience. You know so many people, why don't you ask them. I was talking to the NZ PIA boss a few months ago..... I do know when the last static line course was run in NZ, because the DZ that did them were leasing 4 of my student rigs at the time. They were returned to me when the DZO sold his business. I do know when that was. I still have all my student rigs, why might that be? I'm not answering your questions because I choose not to dance to your tune, not because I can't answer them. I don't have to justify myself to you. To quote yourself...."I can't be arsed". But it is to have come on here, slagging me off, making claims about what I said, I explained that point to you, but not good enough. I've asked you to put you claim to not be able to find it. The answer is obvious of course...because there is nothing to find. You are full of BS. Ex military are you? Catering corps I expect..... Now sonny....stick to the topic, or.....GTF off my thread! Edited to add: And thanks to a couple of posters who have backed me up a little. I didn't intend this thread to become a shit fight, at least until this clown showed up. Apologies for that. Don't patronise me Tim. I have checked and you hold neither rating. Therefore all your "advice" in many threads berating individuals is bogus. Keep on letting others believe you have masses of experience. Journey not destination.....
  7. A very long time ago. Journey not destination.....
  8. And just because you have some rating doesn't necessarily mean you are super experienced or clear thinking, you have just merely attained a rating. And the absence of a rating doesn't mean you are automatically a toad either. top If that what it was mearly about then I would agree with you. However, this is one of many occasions where advice/ "experience" and reprimands have been given without substantive backing. Sometimes these people need to be called out. Journey not destination.....
  9. Blah Blah. You are a Walter Mitty. I can substantiate my experience but you are a massive bluffer. I may not be able to re-find where you "claimed" seeing countless incidents but that is not the centre of this matter. You re-opened this thread to show your Poirot like investigation into the case after it was shut down. What you have shown is that your claims of experience are clearly fake. Bluff on Walter. Journey not destination.....
  10. Typical bluffers tactic...... Smoke and mirrors. What instructor ratings do you currently hold (Have you ever been a TI or AFFI) & when was the last static line course? I won't be holding my breath. Journey not destination.....
  11. So let's get to the crux Tim. What current instructor ratings do you hold? Bearing in mind I do have contacts in the NZPF and NZPIA. Have you ever been a tandem or AFF instructor? When was the last static line course in NZ? I ask, not to shut you down, but check the credibility of your opinion. You re opened a thread about this matter for what purpose? We can all have an opinion but I feel yours is more based on some historic acrimony towards the BPA and therefore negates some of the good points you make. Journey not destination.....
  12. I wouldn't make up stuff, so I would suggest you do hold your breath. I can put you in touch with the defence if you feel you can offer expert evidence? I can't see where I have sided with either arguments? But hey. It's all about facts but reasonable doubt is also a factor. The outcome can be decided on what law teams don't reveal as much as what they do. Therefore it is easy to quarterback without detailed knowledge, which is what I am saying you do. So, when was the last static line course and when you were back i the UK did you do any rigging? Journey not destination.....
  13. "I hope, it is as you say, that attitudes have changed, but as recently as a year ago I helped British student who was been given a real run around, was ripped off, given the bowling speech, as someone who was a danger to herself and others and who was impossible to train. I sorted her issues out very quickly, and she has now done over a hundred jumps. Safely." Have done the same for a student from NZ, so what? There are wankers everywhere, no place is immune to this. BUT that does not tar the whole association with the same brush. I can't be chewed looking through all you "many" posts but I'll find it and show you where you professed to "countless". It is easy to criticise without the facts and having no intimate knowledge of the evidence then you are no better than the tabloids recurgitating second hand information. You can have no access to impartial evidence so where are you getting it from apart from the Press. And you haven't read my profile, I am rated by the BPA, USPA and NZ and know there are good an bad with all. So it's not my beloved BPA but an understanding that it is no longer as you describe. As a point of interest when was the last static line course in NZ? Journey not destination.....
  14. I am going to call you on this Tim. You said "I am uncomfortable with some of the expert testimony. Some of that comes directly from the BPA. " Unless you are in court you cannot rely on the testimony of tabloid reporting. Simple as. Quarterbacking is easy to do. You come across as an expert but I highly doubt that. Reason being simple. New Zealand probably has the best safety rating in the world so your contention that you have seen countless deaths and injuries are bogus. It is obvious that you have a historic hard on for the BPA, however times, people and organisations change. So whatever issue you had has passed. If you are that much of an expert then offer your services to the defence and action where your mouth is. Journey not destination.....
  15. Have you got any landing videos? If not what's the comparison with the crossfire 2? Thanks Journey not destination.....