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  1. Fair enough, thats understandable. Though I should point out that the fix should revert you to the default theme, the same as your new account would, still since you've already gone to the trouble of creating a new account its probably not worth the hassle. Hopefully if anyone else has this issue my inital reply can help. I noticed the same thing with the text on my last post, not sure whats going on there, we'll see if this one is any different.
  2. All right, I had the exact same issue, luckily I was able to work out the URL and query string to set my theme back to default, I'll try and explain the process as best I can, but if you have any issues I'm happy to assist, although I'm not super active on here. Step 1: Navigate to the form homepage (this almost certainly works for all pages on the site, but I know it definitely works from here). Step 2: Open Developer tools. On chrome, press Control + Shift + C; on Firefox, press Control + Shift + I Step 3: On either Chrome or Firefox, press Control + F and search for "csrf". Step 4: This should lead you to a line that reads "?csrfKey=" and then a line of random text, copy this random text. DO NOT SHARE THIS TOKEN WITH ANYONE!!! Step 5: In your browser search bar, paste in the URL: "[TOKEN]" removing the quotations, and replacing [TOKEN] with the string of text you just copied. That should be it, if you reload any currently open forum pages, the theme should now be back to default! Hope this helps :)
  3. Hi guys, New member here, looking to get my A licence. My preferred method would be to do an AFF course, however, this page on Skydive St. Andrews website suggests that this is not an option in my area (Scotland) - and I have yet to find any information to the contrary. Is anyone aware of an AFF course running in Scotland, or is this not an option for me? I'm happy to do a RAPS course if this is the only option, but AFF would fit my schedule far better. Thanks!
  4. I've been a lurker on this forum for a while now, but as I have some questions to ask regarding AFF/RAPS, I figured I should make an account and say hi!