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  1. Deimian

    HELP!!! Jumping in Austria.

    Maybe you could get a FAI license in the US? That should make it easier to convince them. In any case, it doesn't tell you that you have to do a course, just that you have to pass a (written) exam. Maybe the DZ would like also to make an AFF jump with you.
  2. If deflection of the airflow off the bottom skin is the cause, then a domed slider would inflate in the opposite direction, and the deflection would push it down the lines harder, no?
  3. Deimian

    USPA Board Meeting

    I think that's the point of the BSR. To make it conclusive they have to make sure that the vast majority of people reports incidents. My understanding is that BSRs are the only tool USPA has to pressure members, ST&As, DZOs, etc to report. Some might choose to don't do it out of hypothetical "what if"s, and operate on the "margins". Most would probably do it because it is in their best interest. You have repeatedly asked why a BSR, since it is too aggressive and unnecessary in your view. What would be the alternative to ensure the highest number of reports possible, without making it a BSR? I don't see it, but I am not based in the US. Besides that, what some people are telling you, is that you are coming across as a whinny person accusing USPA and the board of being evil-doers and self interested. The reason for that is that you complain without offering an alternative, and you are repeating yourself without listening. Focus on proposing alternatives and you'd be seen as someone constructive, and how people perceive you will change. Keep focusing on complaining and no one will listen to you. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Deimian

    Collapsed Slider Still Noisy?

    You'd still have to pull the rings down, at least on rears. At least that's what I see (I don't jump with an RDS) Yes, you pull all of the rings down with a removable slider. What's the problem with that? No problem from my POV, but the OP asked how to make the slider quieter without pulling it down. An RDS was suggested, but if you still have to pull the rings down then the OP hasn't found a solution yet. I don't know why he doesn't want to pull it down though...... Nothing wrong with it IMO (quite the opposite)
  5. Deimian

    Collapsed Slider Still Noisy?

    You'd still have to pull the rings down, at least on rears. At least that's what I see (I don't jump with an RDS)
  6. Deimian

    Shortening laterals

    I didn't expect that. Why would they need to do it? What you describe sounds like replacing the laterals, instead of shortening them. I guess it depends on where are the ends of the webbing (at the MLW junction or hidden in the back)?
  7. Deimian

    Shortening laterals

    Well, for that particular problem, a very good fix. I'd guess that it takes a fair amount of work to remove the stitching, unstuck the glued bits, cut the ends of the laterals, sandwich and glue the laterals and MLW together again, and re-stitch it. But if the glue can be removed easily and without damaging the webbing (I guess that is not really a concern since this is offered by the manufacturer) I don't see how that could be a problem.
  8. Deimian

    Built in turns

    This is weird. I bought an X-Fire second hand. Turns out it was missing the "minirib" of the right stabilizer. The sent me a new one right away, no questions asked.
  9. I couldn't disagree more with your last statement. Particularly when considering the first sentence. You are basically saying that a torn canopy is not a reason to cut away. What the hell? I understand that with a Zero loaded at 0.77 a rip on a cell is survivable. Now, imagine a novice jumper with a regular canopy reading this, being afraid of cutting away, and having a torn canopy. Does it sound like reasonable advice to you? I can't believe an instructor wrote that. BTW: Who doesn't open with their belly to earth?
  10. Deimian

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    I've seen plenty of Sabres in Europe. Every weekend I see 3 or 4. But obviously they are not that popular anymore. And yes, you can use Sabre 2 for everything. Not that I would recommended them for wingsuiting for instance (which is a specific kind of jump....), but it is not downright stupid. I flew Sabre 2s in different sizes for a few years, and the openings are far from being tricky. For sure they aren't on heading, but I don't recall having twists or wild openings ever on a Sabre 2.
  11. Deimian

    LB Ares II digital altimeter

    Trade in? Is there any short of trade in program somewhere?
  12. Deimian

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    "Best" is very subjective and very dependent on your needs. But it is certainly the best for a lot of people out there. Canopies are compared to Sabre 2 because it is probably the most common canopy out there, and its design is right in the middle point of a lot of compromises. You can use Sabre 2s for anything you want. But if your needs are specific then you need a specific canopy. Not necessarily better, but more specific, with a design less balanced and prioritizing those needs, sacrificing other areas. PS: The original Sabre is a great canopy. Does it open harder than modern designs is is somewhat less efficient? Yes. Is it perfectly usable and safe nowadays? Yes. Does it improve with a larger slider? In my opinion yes. That's why I bought a new slider for mine when I had it.
  13. Thanks for the answer. Do you know when they'll be available and if there will be some sort of demo program?
  14. Looks like a very interesting canopy. Do you happen to know why the miniribs on the tail are not equally spaced between ribs in the bottom skin? It looks odd. Does it have inflatable stabilizers? Can't really tell from the pictures, but it looks like it doesn't.
  15. That's not true. The reserve PC is doing what is supposed to do. It is fully inflated. Its pull force is determined mainly by its size. You are ignoring the other variables in the equation. Falling on the back (so the bridle is not pulling on the bag directly as the first point of contact is the jumpers body), and a tight reserve tray with boxed corners. I doubt any other reserve PC of that size would pull the reserve out in that particular situation.