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  1. Also with way fewer "undecided" voters but I'm still taking the stance that people CANNOT think this is a sure thing so I'm going to have to agree that this is the same dangerous mentality we saw in 2016.
  2. I'm saying that it's less than a coincidence that things like this continue to happen after Trump eliminated Obama's programs to provide further training and support to police officers and instead promoted a culture of being rough on US citizens. Floyd was put into the car by one officer who was having trouble getting him to stay still and then Chauvin pulled him out the other side and got on top of him. He HAD been in the car. Chauvin made the move to rough him up a bit instead of assisting in completing his restraint within the vehicle. If Trump had not said those words or cancelled those programs would this still have happened? Who knows, maybe Chauvin would've been identified as an officer with a past of getting too physical with suspects. Maybe he would've changed his ways based upon a cultural shift within the police department. Maybe if there were not other instances similar to this then the camel's back would not have broken. So, to bring it back around, Trump has made many efforts to undo the progress in correcting those terrible "Tough on Crime" measures from 30 years ago. If you're going to say that Biden is bad because of that bill then you can't say the Trump is good as he attempts to maintain the worst aspects of it.
  3. Trump's ability to deal with this crisis has been nothing but an abject failure. His administration disassembled the group who could've best discovered and worked with the Chinese early in the process, a relationship that has worked on every single similar threat since the early 2000's. Instead he's been like a driver who gets rid of the brakes because he's never crashed a car before, hopes he doesn't hit anything, hopes the impact won't be bad once he knows we will crash and then once he's crashed the car he walks away leaving the passengers to deal with it. This country is floundering with no cohesive strategy while the rest of the world shows success after success.
  4. The fact that that Trump hasn't been a politician involved in the highest levels of legislation for the last 30 years doesn't give him some sort of pass. This Bill was a product of bipartisan support to be tougher on crime and by all indications Trump held the same views and still does, he has never campaigned to be easier on criminals or more forgiving. In fact he specifically told cops they should rough up subjects when they're apprehended and put into a car which is exactly what led to George Floyd's death.
  5. DJL


    Yes, she needs help. I believe her husband is in the picture next to the cop and is very happy to have solid evidence that she's loony tunes.
  6. DJL


    I've only been scanning this since it's gone on so long but I think this is becoming a bit like trying to read tea leaves. If it was intentional then it may be achieving both the dog whistle and trolling goals it was designed to evoke. It gets Trump opponents to point at something in a claim of racism and allows Trump supporters to say they're being ridiculous. The truth is that an Eagle holding something or sitting on something is a very common symbol, especially for a country who uses it as a national emblem. There certainly is a danger of evoking Nazi imagery and someone like Trump who is constantly accused of such dog-whistle tactics should not do this IF he and his campaign genuinely don't want to draw that comparison. So, they either don't care or are happy to have their followers entrench themselves in his defense.
  7. No. It is not inherently a problem. Growing up in a household in which nobody provides guidance to a future adult is a problem.
  8. DJL


    Qanon has an official spokeswoman. I introduce you to Qanon Karen.
  9. True, I'll edit for that clarification. I didn't have it in mind that they would run the articles by him before publishing, just that they would never publish anything sensitive and counter to his wishes
  10. I don't think even you believe that, you're just trying to take a swing at NYT. There is nothing being published by RT on this issue that would be contradictory to the approval of Vladimir Putin. You may be able to accuse NYT of using this to throw shade at Trump but the story is very real that the intel existed and was credible enough to look into. Edited to eliminate the notion that Putin would read the article and approve it for publication.
  11. DJL


    I'm just posting this screenshot to show how easy it is to look up and find information on the internet.
  12. "89 police murdered by rioters." (According to Ron) Seriously, the information of the world is literally at our fingertips. How can people be so incredibly lazy with the bullshit they perpetuate.
  13. Thank you. Using truthful information makes me feel better.
  14. If they could they would. They cannot. Even if the US completely turned their back militarily it would be an extremely difficult and bloody campaign and long term occupation by mainlanders. China is simply not currently capable of crossing a body of water and exerting control.
  15. The person in the photograph got up and walked away after being assaulted. He is not dead. Please delete your post in an effort against disinformation.