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  1. What, it’s the first time we’ve ever had a La Niña? I decided to check in here to see how your stance was standing up that man made global warming coincides with the presence or absence of hurricanes. I see you still won’t listen to the metrics that YOU establish.
  2. Funny enough I didn't. Just clicked through so the pages would show as read.
  3. DJL

    Police State

    That's incredible. Keep us posted. That is some seriously Nazi shit.
  4. Without a doubt. Trump's only salient goal has been to undo and defund and that means the people best capable of identifying and working through the initial stages of this who had done it before and knew what to do were all gone.
  5. DJL

    Biden's VP

    Again, I do not want the executive branch involved in this, they need to run the country. The New York DA's office can deal with Trump and they are equally capable of tapping federal resources where needed.. We will very quickly put our country into a cycle of one administration investigating the last if Biden and his office and cabinet have anything to do with Trump. They absolutely do NOT need to be involved and therefore shouldn't. They DO need to lead the country and should.
  6. DJL

    Biden's VP

    Like what. If it's related to Trump then I'd prefer that our Executive Branch spend their time on better things. Trump wasted enough of our national capital on pissing matches and there are plenty of others to pursue valid legal issues.
  7. DJL

    Biden's VP

    There certainly will be a quantity of legal garbage to undo.
  8. DJL


    That could be because you were group tested but if so then they should've told you your group was negative. If you're not familiar with that (and for other readers) it can be cost and time prohibitive to test every single sample so it's more effective to test a group of X samples. The plus side is saving 10's of thousands of sample and man hour units but the downside is that you have to retest the 10-20 people in the positive group. However, that's supposed to solve the issue of month long delays.
  9. DJL

    Biden's VP

    I think Susan Rice is a better choice because of her international experience and I think she could appeal to a wider range of the American demographic. Kamala appeals mostly to coastal states which aren't as important to the election. Fox News is already starting up its "get her" machine by trying to invoke Benghazi.
  10. I realize I'm 5 pages back (Been on Vacation) but this is worth replying to. The entire point is that cops should be able to do their work WITHOUT killing people who pose no threat to them.
  11. DJL


    Again, you seem unable to make a principled comment regarding support for a woman who has spent her life procuring underage girls for a sex offender. This should not be difficult.
  12. You have to give people the opportunity to paint an exasperated picture. Sure, it's not even a very strong dog whistle, but you have to look at the guy and say, "Come the fuck on, man...." I know it's ridiculous to point out all the people he SHOULD be wishing well but in regards to women who very obviously spent their life procuring underage girls for a pedophile it's a better move on his part to simply keep his mouth shut. Could you imagine the Fox News shit storm if Obama had said something like that to a woman like that?
  13. I don't. I hope he dies of a painful feverish infection and spends his last days in the same absolute terror he imparted on his own citizens knowing that his body will be left to rot in a shit filled ditch.
  14. I like that I can come to and learn about what BH thinks people are alarmists about. Thanks, never heard of that glacier and after a perusal of valid sources it appears to pose no imminent threat although if it fully melted, which would take a "very long" time it could cause seas to rise anywhere between 3 and 10 feet depending on worldwide oceanic evaporative snowfall over the next century or two. That was a close one, I almost became alarmist!
  15. In fact, this will serve as a good stress test for humanity who will come back stronger and more efficient after this stress has passed.