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  1. Another order on the books for an electric aircraft. Not a type that benefits us but some help in developing the market and infrastructure. Order for First All-Electric Passenger Airplane Placed by Massachusetts Carrier
  2. DJL

    Ideal body type for skydiving

    Nope, you're fine. Fitness will always get you through a hot day. Fittin-this jumpsuit is always an issue after the holidays.
  3. Sure but there's little point in doing that since what you'll want when you're a student will probably be vastly different than what you want when you have about 50-100 jumps and actually know what's out there. Focus on the important things and save your money for jumping.
  4. Good point. Would like to see the battery pack associated with that. Continuous Power at 750 HP is no joke, we can start dreaming about putting them on Twin Otters.
  5. This is the power plant and drives referenced for the aircraft above. They say they can be retrofitted into Caravans and King Airs. However, this says nothing about the battery portion which is where the real weight is
  6. Seems like it's still leaving the aircraft (Beaver) underpowered considering the current plant is 450hp (336kw): "The first aircraft to be converted will be the DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver, a six-passenger commercial aircraft used across Harbour Air’s route network. Harbour Air and magniX expect to conduct first flight tests of the all-electric aircraft in late 2019. This partnership follows significant milestones for both companies, including the successful testing of magniX’s 350 HP all-electric motor and the addition of a Vancouver to Seattle route in Harbour Air’s destination roster." However, the economics of flight are all about fuel cost and weight so if it costs less then you can fly less weight.
  7. I think part of this issue is that (Talking out of my Ass) that there's a requirement to have enough fuel for a certain quantity of flight beyond the planned flight. In reality, yes you can reclaim some flight time.
  8. Seems like that's a problem worth solving since you can't have an aircraft sitting on the tarmac not making money and rapid charging is bad for batteries. If you can secure cargo adequately for flight I have to imagine that you can do the same for a design built element of the aircraft. Edit: And when you're talking about a comparison to the complexity of fueling, holding fuel and pumping fuel to the engines I have to imagine a purposed build module is quite an improvement.
  9. And you can probably charge while you load since you're eliminating liquid fuel getting carted around. There also shouldn't be an issue with a cool-down period for restarts. It looks like regional people-carriers who use Caravans are very interested in this and can set the pace for how to run ground ops.
  10. I've had my eye on this for a while and it looks like the industry is about to turn the corner of the magic ratio of energy density (energy to weight). There are already commercial airlines ordering electric aircraft in the short haul market and I have to believe that with the flight cost being 1/10th of an ICE aircraft that it's going to turn heads very quickly. Once an air frame that works with skydiving hits the secondary market there's no doubt that small DZ's will start snapping these up. If big DZ's are getting hit hard NOW with C182 operations sprouting up around them, just wait until they can fly for $20/hr fuel cost. Here are a couple on the current market. The key elements are cost, operating cost, weight and power. Bye Aerospance eFlyer 2 ($350k, $20/hr, XXkg, 90kW peak/70kW continuous) Company is testing a 9-seater Cessna Caravan - powertrain developed for existing airframe ($XXXX, $XX/hr, 50 kg engine, 250 kw) Seimens SP260D engine ($XXXX, $XX/hr, 50 kg engine, 261 kw) Their goal is a 10kw/kg engine
  11. DJL

    Tipping your AFF instructors

    No. You're peers and student/teacher. This isn't a tipping situation.
  12. Yup. For shooting vid it's kind of a P-I-T-A trying to reattach while turning loads quick. I'm going to see about sewing some collapsible lines on it.
  13. I don't like taking it off if I'm doing a regular skydive but it's a pain in the ass and my magnetic keeper on my reserve flap won't hold it down. Any advice? Will slider tabs on the riser do the trick? Sew a collapsing system into it?
  14. DJL

    tandem instructor course

    Either pack tandems or shoot video or both, you need to know way more about the gear and operation than 500 jumps gives you. If this is what you want to do then you need to take it seriously.
  15. DJL

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    I don't think the text has enough contrast with the background.