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  1. Care about this guy, but the corruption in the Biden Family . . . thats fine, right?
  2. Or - wait until they have the proper paperwork in the proper places and let the investigation proceed. Its amazing to see when, and for what an investigation is touted by you guys. Even more telling is when that investigation should be swept away.
  3. You should have read just a bit further. The same thing That Trump is being vilified for potentially having money being loaned by Russia. Biden is potentially the recipient of the same kind of deal, only from the Chinese. You just like this shiester better. Its a pretty hypocritical way for the left to think.
  4. Back to Hunter and his Father - I wonder if you know that you are just trying to exchange one Grifter for another. Looks like Joe wasn't as truthful as he would have us believe. https://abc3340.com/news/nation-world/tony-bobulinksi-i-have-now-put-myself-in-huge-risk-for-the-sake-of-the-american-people Are you guys going to black ball ABC now? Then there is this in the article: It was on that night the former business associate of Hunter Biden claimed Democratic nominee Joe Biden knew about his son taking payments from Chinese and Ukrainian companies and strongly suggested he got a kickback. Bobulinksi discussed why he feels if elected, Biden would be compromised by the Chinese government and much more in an exclusive interview with Rosen.
  5. Just because Pelosi didn't say it doesn't mean she doesn't have that same view.
  6. I'm just taking Joe at his . . . similar outcome, but I'm hoping for more reliability.
  7. Aren't you glad to have Putin on your side?
  8. Well, At least it isn't filled with drugs and underaged sex.
  9. A hell of a lot more than Hunter in the Gas business. That is by his own admission. As far as bold faced lies . . . Biden claimed in the debate that he has never said he is against fracking. Adamantly defended that he never said anything about eliminating fracking. Did he just not remember? Was he flat out lying?
  10. So, are you upset that they did it first? Rather - will do it first? I am sure you would find some way to justify it if the tables were turned.
  11. That's amazing you can say that. presumably with a straight face too.
  12. Try not to mess up the feels. It's unkind.
  13. . . . and because he can't play the ball, he plays the player.
  14. He is on Biden's side. Ask him - he will tell you who he supports. Biden has proven to me that he is a liar. Take for instance the one where he said that he never discussed Hunter's business dealing.