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  1. Yeah - because when I say, I am closer to center than most of the posters like you, that means I am a centrist instead of the conservative I have claimed so often to be. Are you deliberately misunderstanding, or are you lacking a set of comprehension skills when I type that? I can only conclude that those are the only two options.
  2. turtlespeed


    Yup! I feel ya!
  3. Yes!! Because George Carlin must be Q now, in retrospect.
  4. Its a shame its racist too. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/05/opinions/hamilton-movie-mixed-messages-black-lives-matter-morales/index.html
  5. I noticed that you haven't said anything about the illegality that the photo represents. You must be OK with people committing crimes. At least Normiss could step up.
  6. I so so so much love Glacier Park. I'm planning a camping trip up there as soon as I can schedule one - A week - if not 10 days - I need me some huckleberry!!!
  7. turtlespeed


    . . . Jesus you are desperate. . . . And imagined and assigned is another - yet I keep getting assigned a narrative. I'm going to keep this quote from Jakee and post it back to "them" as they do the same to me.
  8. turtlespeed


    It seems as though you are defending Maxwell, and Epstein in this. By arguing against the statements that Ron put forth, you are siding with at least those two. You must be an Epstein/Maxwell Supporter!! Why are you an apologist for them . . .
  9. I was guilty, so often in the past, (and I still struggle with it) of only seeing, or even wanting to see the whole picture. I realized it was because I was doing exactly what all (most by a huge majority) of the other posters here were, and still are doing. I had a few people I respect show me that there are two sides, no matter how unpleasant it is to give the other side credit, there is still credit due, if you look hard enough for it.
  10. How are you certain that he was a Qanon follower. Or do you mean one that follows Qanon as you do?
  11. True! There is all KINDS of bad legislation Biden has been a part of. There are some good as well. But pointing out all the bad and none of the good is what you incessantly do with Trump. So, I'll just keep mirroring you. (Except, without the overabundance of links)
  12. Even if that is true - That doesn't mean that Biden, himself, will.