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  1. turtlespeed

    Wannabe Skydiver from Scotland!

    Awesome Welcome! But we have to know - Single Malt or Blended. It's very important.
  2. turtlespeed

    new to dz

    Welcome! Enjoy.
  3. turtlespeed

    Need advice and information!!!

    Welcome! I hope you get everything you want from the sport. Your goals are admirable. My only advice at the moment, just allow yourself to be flexible as you progress and gain experience in the sport. Try everything you can. What I mean is, try all the disciplines when you can. There is a LOT out there to experience. I really can't advise you on your financial decisions. What appears to me as the right thing to do, may not suit you at all. Hopefully, someone smarter and wiser will be able to chime in here and get you started on the right path. I wish you the best in your decision. Good Luck, and BE SAFE!
  4. turtlespeed

    ALL Gear Stolen - Colorado

    I absolutely HATE dishonest people that would steal someones stuff like this. I hope they get what is coming to them.
  5. turtlespeed

    British Columbia Greetings

    Great Right On, eh?
  6. turtlespeed

    Advice on Where to Stay?

    Go to walmart and get a nice tent. When the house is ready, all you have to do is return the tent to walmart and it is free. [url http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=77539]Ask here for more details.[/url]
  7. turtlespeed

    Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome to the forums - Enjoy yourself - there is some useful information here. Just take what you read with a grain of salt, and stay away from using the word "Asenine" and you will be just fine!
  8. turtlespeed

    Hello from Arkansas!

    Awesome - Keep plugging along - and you'll be done in no time Welcome to the Forums - we are always in need of enthusiasm here!
  9. turtlespeed

    New jumper in TX.

    Welcome to the Forums! Hang out and have fun! Good to see some new blood in Texas!
  10. turtlespeed

    New guy in the Sky!!

    Welcome to the Forums! Sorry it's all cold up there - Vacation down in the south, there are a lot of DZ's open all year, and all the cool kids are there anyway.
  11. turtlespeed

    sky dive dallas

  12. turtlespeed


    AWESOME! Great to have more young blood delving into the sport! look up JTVal he might know something of your surroundings. Congrats and Welcome! Skymama (the bestest Mod ever) wants you to post to the glory thread and we'll see you in Bonfire once you get a chance. Don't forget to pay your beer dues.
  13. turtlespeed

    Can't believe...

    Welcome to the Forums! I hope you'll will find it a fun place to be.
  14. Not that I am guilty of this ever - but you might want to post in the "Events and Places To Jump" forum, or even the Bonfire to reach the most amount of people.
  15. turtlespeed

    Did my check dive - video

    Howdy! Looks like you never received proper greetings - So Welcome to the forums. looks like a good bit of video there - Have fun and be safe - I'll look for you in the forums in the future. Be sure to read them all, they all have their own brand of info - some are serious, some are all for fun. Again, Welcome, and enjoy! Don't froget to bring your extra thick skin sometimes though. Edited for fat fingers