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  1. Again I ask - Is it "My Body - My Choice" anymore?
  2. Its a lot less tenuous than that. From Snopes: What's True Susan Rosenberg has served as vice chair of the board of directors for Thousand Currents, an organization that provides fundraising and fiscal sponsorship for the Black Lives Matter Global Movement. She was an active member of revolutionary left-wing movements whose illegal activities included bombing U.S. government buildings and committing armed robberies.
  3. This fits with my view of the media today. https://www.bariweiss.com/resignation-letter
  4. Just because you felt you needed to use a more easily understandable term, doesn't mean it was necessary, or even warranted. He simply stated what he assumed was a fact. I do not have disdain for science. I would not have mocked you for using "low correlation coefficient". His assumption that you used a more common term, warranted, or not, was likely, so I counted that one correct.
  5. One out of three correct. You improve.
  6. "Can be wrong" is that a definitive scientific term?
  7. To the third question: No - I personally wouldn't have jumped to that. It would have sewn further doubt, and I would want to re-examine the results in a much wider search. To the First - I'm talking abut your comment, I quoted it. You were speaking that people believe the Covid is a hoax, and that the CDC doctors are lying to them. If someone wants to believe a bad thing isn't true, a bit of supporting evidence is a nice catalyst for furthering that thought. I don't think you really read the article, though. There are four labs (not two) mentioned in the article : Centra Care, NCF Diagnostics, Orlando Health, and Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center were all mentioned to have admitted errors. "Countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate," puts a pretty heavy weight on the scale for non belief. (Side note) Isn't OVMC a government run facility?
  8. Hamilton, considering his actions when he was alive, was not anti-slavery. It has been proven lately that symbols that involve anything to do with slavery must be taken down. Even mountains, with sculptures on them.
  9. You cant really blame them when stuff like this happens. https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/fox-35-investigates-hospitals-confirm-mistakes-in-floridas-covid-19-report
  10. Interesting that the data is wrong, eh? https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/fox-35-investigates-hospitals-confirm-mistakes-in-floridas-covid-19-report
  11. OK - so is it "Your Body - Your Choice" still . . . or not so much any more?
  12. My money is on that it is NOT the graffiti installer's property.
  13. Yeah - because when I say, I am closer to center than most of the posters like you, that means I am a centrist instead of the conservative I have claimed so often to be. Are you deliberately misunderstanding, or are you lacking a set of comprehension skills when I type that? I can only conclude that those are the only two options.