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  1. Well, the CO Front Range already has tunnels under the Continental Divide to bring West Slope water to the Front Range: Adams Tunnel West Portal: Grand Lake East Portal: 5 miles SW of Estes Park Moffat Tunnel: West Portal: Winter Park East Portal: 7 miles W of Rollinsville Roberts Tunnel: West Portal: Dillon Reservoir East Portal: Grant But those are all running downhill. A transcontinental tunnel would need to either: a) Pump water uphill to the level of those tunnels, then let it run downhill (perhaps into the CO River). b) Be really, really deep!
  2. I read an article a few months ago about the origin of the Americans lawn. Executive Summary: Middle class Americans trying to emulate the European aristocracy.
  3. ryoder


    OK, I need to get this off my chest: All us baby-boomers got together in early 2020, and agreed to start dropping like flies, just to make Trump look bad. There; I feel so much better after admitting this.
  4. ryoder


    Canada finds a way to turn 'Murican stupidity into cash: Two travellers from U.S. fined $20,000 each for fake vaccination documents
  5. Department of Justice rules IRS must give Trump’s tax returns to Congress
  6. MyPillow Guy Pulls Millions In Ads From Fox News In Spat Over Conspiracy Theories The Wall Street Journal reports that CEO Mike Lindell is unhappy with the right-wing network for refusing to air his latest ad. “I am pulling everything!” Lindell told Salon, adding that the boycott begins “immediately.” The latest ad isn’t about his pillows. It’s about his coming “cyber symposium,” where he plans to disseminate more of his outlandish and disproved claims of election fraud, the Journal reported.
  7. ryoder


    Direct link to the CDC document which WaPo is reporting on today: https://context-cdn.washingtonpost.com/notes/prod/default/documents/54f57708-a529-4a33-9a44-b66d719070d9/note/7335c3ab-06ee-4121-aaff-a11904e68462.
  8. That's one small step for a Groover, boys... one giant leap for weenie-kind!
  9. His last show.
  10. DOJ Refuses to Defend Mo Brooks in January 6th Lawsuit Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) has asked to be dismissed from a federal lawsuit alleging that he incited the Jan. 6 mob assault on the U.S. Capitol, claiming that he can’t be held liable because he was acting as a federal employee while challenging the 2020 election results in a fiery speech just before the riot began. DOJ response: The record indicates that Brooks’s appearance at the January 6 rally was campaign activity, and it is no part of the business of the United States to pick sides among candidates in federal elections. Members of Congress are subject to a host of restrictions that carefully distinguish between their official functions, on the one hand, and campaign functions, on the other. The conduct at issue here thus is not the kind a member of Congress holds office to perform.
  11. ryoder


    There is stupid, there is stupid as a box of rocks, and then there is this: Got your COVID vaccine? Stay out, says California restaurateur decrying ‘stupidity’ Last week, Basilico’s Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach posted signs requiring proof of being unvaccinated in order to enter, according to social media posts.