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  1. Neurons that fire together will wire together.
  2. I found this for you.It's from Ruth. Kaepernick and others who are on a knee, I want them to listen to the pain that that may cause somebody who for example had a spouse or a child who was killed in combat and why it hurts them to see somebody not standing.
  3. Hi bill just found this for you.
  4. It was a joke,but you didn't get the punch line. That is unlawful today,and you know it. But you'll continue to force those same people into failing schools. That's the structure. Subconscious bias is what your calling structural racism and the structure "SYSTEM" guarantee racist outcomes, got it.I suppose individual choice is of no consequence,just the racist outcomes.That sure takes a mental gymnastics lesson. Enjoy your workout.
  5. It wasn't for you. I'll not insult you in return, instead I'll just congratulate my hair for taken flight from such an evil head.
  6. "Actually, no, you don't." My mistake. I meant figuratively,I mean no harm.But thanks for not putting that on my never forgiven/forgotten permanent record,LOL. I do have a right to spend a couple days in jail, seems that's what it takes to get an Amen around here. "It came from people who identify themselves that way" Isn't that kinda self defeating, besides I don't think the rights coming up with new words.The exact opposite of Orwell's ideas, but to the same ends. "Congratulations on your support of Critical Race Theory!" Thank you there is nothing more principled than the approval of others.Unfortunately It's just American history, but then of course there would be no political power and bureaucracy, in a race neutral society of the future. The HR faculty at Harvard alone is about the same size as the student body,they could fire them all, hire maids and butlers for the students as replacements, reduce tuition and of course the students would all be happier too. "n 2016, a study analyzed 4.5 million traffic stops in 100 North Carolina cities. The conclusion was that police were "more likely to search Black and Latinx motorists, using a lower threshold of suspicion, than when they stop white or Asian drivers." See all you need to know,that confirms your bias. I'm sure it did the same for those paid to support the narrative, I mean study. Why were they stopped in the first place. Were all the police bigots Brown and Black alike? I think your first problem was listening to the All Mighty NTD like CK he's another nut job victim of our systemically racist nation. As for a 20 yr old study of names, 20yrs is a stretch. Confirmation bias confirms your deepest suspicions.Pareto be damn. According to the professor if your half white, half black, "your black that's how that works" lol.In a constellation of holistic approach. Can a black man blush? Only when some ideas are so stupid, only an intellectual can believe them.
  7. Nope, like bill you have the man, you just need a crime.The funny thing about pointing your finger,you got three pointing back.
  8. It's been a minute since I've seen the "useful idiot video",thanks. I've made reference before but didn't think anyone had gotten it,oblious some still won't.Thank goodness for them,I find them nothing more than entertaining on how far their psychosis can extend. CK is a victim a modern day Rosa Parks, this shit is hilarious.We should assume Oprah is oppressed and Meghan the duchess a victim too.I Don't blame just wish they would wake up. It's simplistic single stage thinking,and they want to be on the side of the angles, anyone who would oppose is obvious the opposite.Cultural marxism precondition is dependent on decent people to just shut up or stand on the sidelines,besides.Who would tolerate the abuse of angles, being labeled censored and excommunicated. thought u might like this one.
  9. With all do respect, should I salute? PM me We all know you have the right to burn our flag and I have the right to kick your proverbial ass. Likes,my targets today, tally ho. LOL Mostly, because mine come from the Czech Republic and think it says alot about the zeitgeist of the nation. RBG is now my Anti-Woke Conrad, what bedfellows we make.Perhaps you should reevaluate her comments, and why the knee was so toxic, there's always a time and a place. Not the one moment that unites all opposing view. Like a prayer, you can do that shit before or after. Your argument is like skin color, surface deep, mear talking point.Let's cut deep into that flesh. The term "Anti" as language was chosen in anti woke,it's a trick in that it assumes nothing positive can come from an Anti. a proverbial gotcha. Simerly, my prasona can put some in a fatty disadvantage. Indeed, Institutional Racism was an ugly part of our past.If you find it today, put your finger on it, you can rest assure I'll be by your side to fight it. Asians colleges admissions seem to be a clear demonstration of just that "Nonsense".
  10. Please do show us all his stats, his outstanding QB ranking.LOL I hope you don't come to the conclusion that the Facts are Racist. You make such outrageous claims, but I'm the one ignoring truth.LOL I'm coming to the conclusion logical truth is not of value here.Of course your subjective truth runs deep.I suppose you're a woman,don't you find it ironic that a misogynist right wing troll such as myself, is defending women's rights? Perhaps this can be something we have in common.
  11. The right wing did not cancel Colin,Colin canceled Colin.His performance was the problem,obviously distracted from his mission.He'll be fine.I believe your icon RBG even said it was a bad Idea.If you had humility to ask a Vet they would have informed you that you were disrespecting the soldiers we're burying. He's another of the nut job victims you produce, just ask his parents.
  12. South Park anti- woke, I suppose.
  13. Yep, you should alway know your clientele.Even you know it.Sadly Bud could've hired me as a consultant at half the price..LOL What a conversation that would be. You want to do what? Promote a woman on your product named Dylan, for 365 days of womanhood? Ok, I think I have a better Idea. How about an American Icon Amelia Earhart, how long was she a woman? I got it! Tiny Broderick.... what could be more nostalgic Americana than a badass chick jumping from a biplane when parachutes were bed sheets. But of course this won't alleviate our tick of hot women in subservient positions.LOL We all know real American beer is brewed locally,now. It's a mature market where you scrape market share gains from under your nails.The last thing you want to do is give it away. Thank you, I stand corrected. I was reminiscing of the prison construction needed to accommodate "The Troubles." I've got great college recruitment video of a trans athlete spiking a volleyball ball into a girls face. I'll bet we can agree on Women's rights. I heard in Canada you are what you say you are, regardless. The world wants to know a simple question. What is the Canadian Powerlifting bench press Vagina record. LOL
  14. As if, homicide by gunshot alone, are our only factors.You always find what you're looking for. Try the second and third reference for more perspective. As for a better source, would the woke Gason approved message tickle your fancy. Ya keep telling yourself that, like 7,000 lost jobs at Disney.