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  1. Courage and principle,bravo sir. I was on the Courage thing with jakee and didn't want to be an a-hole about it,so I thought you and Winsor could appreciate this quote.. "And the word courage should be reserved to characterize the man or woman that leaves the infantile sanctuary of the mass mind." You may find this of interest, Asch and the art appealing.Enjoy If your a Metal fan, I think you'll like this one. Nice to know I'm not the only one.LOL Peace!
  2. Couch it, bra. I thought this funny,a Kookie Conservatives concocked concerns for Canada.
  3. Agreed, "The EV Euphoria is dead" A self inflicted wound of OPUD, when most expect a new product to UPOD. The range inversion to a MPG comparison should have given us a clue.
  4. "A single individual speaking the truth,can bring down a tyranny." While you fear jingoism, look behind you because the collective is trying to eat your kids. I Agree with you,as do most conservatives,I can't speak for all but I can say that most think our country is wrong, right now. Wars over baby!
  5. Context bill context, The double standard thing was after Gay's testimony,prior to plagiarism, so... what's your point? I'll even make a concession,"When you can apply your DEI to the Athletics Dept." LOL "Listen to a black man speak the white man's magic, so well.
  6. Damn that was an agonizing five minutes, I had to get off the ride' Vertigo. His use of language and narrative simplistic but for those accustomed to the mental midgets merry go round, completely on par.As for the F.I.B.s and fallacies. Let's list them... 5;37 "that voter suppression is rampant as it was during the gilded age,making it harder for people of colour to participate in what's left to our Democracy". I'm starting to smelling some pravda,but it aint the Reich.LOL 7;48 this man ain't trippn, it's copium and opium If you don't think this propaganda, and it allows you to have agency of opinion your highly mistaken, the copium is so thick, the inference to Republicans Trump fascism and "hate for the opposition".\.Well Those in agreement with his fallacies get the false sense of virtue,and,anyone in opposition to his view such as myself, labeled with hate. LOL I'm sure that the crisis in the end, is his mental condition,i'll continue in agoney. While he throws names around willy nilly insulting our nationalism by insinuating our nationalism xtreme.As for the graphics, black and white Nazis on the red and black backgrounds,Bidens flavor.But, you feel like your fighting the just cause. Balanced,I think you need more weight on the right half of the scale to find it.
  7. A "Trip" Through Robert Reich eyes LOL I'll give it a whirl and in the meantime try this out.
  8. I had hope, that level headedness would prevail with the recent Cass Review. The lack of hit pieces from copypasta journalism seems to be a start. I find libertarians to be great bedfellows in the current political climate.
  9. The Quote, IXK, or just copypasta? But with a goal like that, one would have to assume you live under a rock or some monolithic society. Since you incessantly misrepresent anything being remotely conservative, I commend you on that great sided step to the "current political climate" delusion.I wonder was that a Freudian slip, or just a "Don't say gay" moment. I could turn it into a foot in the mouth moment but I'll pass for Scott Galloway and his lived experience. Affirmative Action based on color and that colour is green.
  10. true dat. I enjoy how monstrous prejudice and preconceptions of someone's principles, can be so eloquently dashed with rational explanation.
  11. Since it is important to be equally laughable, we should appreciate inherent privilege. Some books are inappropriate. racist baby and all boys are not blue do not belong in our schools. If you think they do, I'll hold my nose, meet you halfway with one concession. That Abigail Shrier book is available to parents and schools don't keep secrets from parents. Oh and by the way, nobody wants guns in the hands of homicidal maniacs. I haven't heard from Slim King in a minute, did you ban him?
  12. He will be free tomorrow to answer questions,lol. I don't know if you got this little diddy.
  13. I don't know, you tell me. I was hoping you'd do a simple search into those terms.It would improve both your pitch, and literary breadth. But ya Ronnie,
  14. Like Dr.B, some fringe ideas are truth. You sent me into the curiosity zone with the Great Berrington Declaration and the Proximal Origin. Seems vindication is in order, a bit late but thank you.Now if we could just convince others, they may have been mistaken. You far right, nut job conspiracy theorist. LOL Seven ways to recognize your arguing with someone who doesn't use logic. Being stunned by new info, without a change in perspective. Inaccurately summarizing the others sides perspective. Misreading nefarious intent of opposing views. Attacking one's character,getting angry,moving of goalposts. Lastly and most obvious,Retreating from a point without any concession. A interview of interest.
  15. Strange creatures these kids,woke no doubt. Still wearing masks.LOL Useful idiots? Or a cult of safety. I asked a Soros Apologist. Do you know what is worse than believing in a God? Thinking you are one.