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  1. "Come'On Man! To a cold war vet? I'm out to smoke that fatty! Thanks for the excuse and I'll kick in this tune,for you, enjoy.
  2. Dude stop watching CNN, it's making your ideas about others delusional and paranoid..We both truly know, the Nutters are on the Right and the Left. Only difference I believe mostly on the Left, and the last stands of Classical Liberalism rest in the Right. Instead of telling me what Republicans think, why don't you try asking? So to your point. Everyone in my extended family of 13 is Vaccinated, and have been since May, including the minors.So ya We're thankful. No trackers, or controllers, LOL.Must have Been a CNN/MSLSD special you saw. To left, California is one highest taxed State of the Nation, bleeding citizens, Companies and standards of living,and the solution, tax us into prosperity. Elon didn't think so. thats terrible, The current First-lady, a Dr. no less, facilitated her mentally impaired husband in an arduous four year mission, the outcome to be determined.Quite an Orwellian twist, opposing mirror image to history and the 25 th Amendment. Your assessment of Caitlyns motivations to run in the recall is wrong.Ya she's worth Millions but you didn't comprehend the issues or you choose to ignore them. As for "get their talking points in order?" How I feel on these forums. Truth and comedy always make good bed fellows, sit back relax and have a laugh.
  3. That somewhere, would have, could have, but won't be America. What a wasted opportunity for Reciprocal relationships with common cause, we own the Atlantic, we have the Gas. What could be more secure to Nato and their energy security? Oh, a fly on the wall, a Closed door session between Putin and Biden. LOL. A five hour match, Checkers player vs. former KGB chess player, it lasted some two hours, outcome predictable.A True Puppet of Putin.
  4. Hi Bill, Biden did "fuck up the joke'. He also plagiarized the joke, nothing new, probably didn't even know it was Reagans.LOL, even his staff / writers must not have realize it was Ronnies. Bidens tell, was in his reaction to failure, in the silence of the Graduates. His own blunder "Just a failed joke", but an honest reaction to his own failure and reaction to adversity.We can apply his phycology to other failures of his administration. As for truth, you didn't find it in the Atlantic. Reforming the VA, 0bamas own existential threat North Korea, No new wars, GoldStar,Wounded Warrior and the MOAB on top of ISIS heads are for, In your best Trump impression, "Losers" I think comedy could shed light.
  5. LA currently has about 36,000 children in Foster care, According to the most recent federal data, there are currently more than 400,000 children in foster care in the United States. They range in age from infants to 21 years old (in some states). The average age of a child in foster care is more than 8 years old, and there are slightly more boys than girls. I'm sure thats her Federal Plan, just another growth point.
  6. LOL The dysfunction was the video tape alibi, say soft heads, not an anniversary date. Under whose administration was "operation warp speed." That vaccine in you, when and how was that developed in record time, under whos admin? I'm just making sure your cognitive abilities don't match the current President and Pelosi. I was simply saying Pelosi, Gavin Newsom / Democrats are still using it as a political tool, contra to the CDC.
  7. Haven't the Democrats contested every election since 2000? If Social Media was owned and operated by the right wing.If Conservatives, suppressed news critical of Biden just days before the election,I think the Left called that Collusion. Stolen, like in the 9th inning when you were up since the the 1st..;by one point in the Nationals. We're stupid to point at the Insurrectionists are still in Solitary, their bail, bond, civil rights, who gives a shit. Part 1: Pravda Part 2 :Stoners, reptiles and Cyborg and you got to love big bothers "US Elections, robust safeguards insure integrity of election results." It's there to make you feel good. Some would call that a personal attack lol, I don't. It just shows me how ignorant you are about republicans. I Don't presume, to know where how or by what means you live your life, but like bill, you wouldn't know a conservative if one bit you on the ass. I suggests you watch the entire interview, this just on one issue, the tax issue.
  8. Well the self proclaimed party of science here in California have us still wearing our masks.Of course, that mandate will be lifted just before the Recall.You know it's for our safety. Just like the destruction of our Economy.The dumbing down of an entire generation of public education.That was for the children's safety, LOL We're stupid.
  9. Lol ,this President is a horrible person, life long liar, plagiarist.Which is the inside joke, thanks. Can you imagine the Dossier that's in-front of every bad actor around the world.He's a push over, like a 0bama 2.0, it's the 0'Biden policy, build backward. Weak,.Same folks running the show, to boot. Bidens response was typical of this type of leadership," Israel has a right to defend themselves." Once a brother, now we're the bystander. Egypt can lead. Kamala Heiress still AWOL at the boarder crisis.
  10. Why don't you use the Quote feature. Who moderates the moderators around here?
  11. There's a big picture hilarity, ideologically speaking. Brent would get it.
  12. An insult, your point taken. Do you even know who Cornel West is? The significance of such a moment, when the ideological left and right agree.
  13. NOW YOUR GOING TO MISS QUOTE ME AND GIVE ME WARNINGS. RICH... WHAT 2019 DATA did you think I was talking about, other than yours? It is irrelevant unless you got a time machine like the President. Then you go there, somewhere, out in the universe on them Million dollar a square inch, solar savior panels. I'm out. This is another common theme here - discarding any data that does not support your belief. "The Shockley-Quessier limit means solar is a pipe dream!" (this was an actual claim here) "The SC limit is not an issue in solar. First off, that states that single crystal solar can never be more than 33% efficient. It's 22% now - which means it can get better by at least 50%. And it's STILL economical - and the price is STILL coming down. Price is not really affected by the SC limit. And it doesn't apply to multilayer anyway, like perovskite plus silicon. That can get you to 69% efficiency, which means practically you could double today's efficiencies." "None of that is relevant." I'm sorry you don't have a spare hour. Is it that, or you just won't watch it?
  14. Calling a person a woman, is not an insult. Why would you think that ? Why would you think I did,I didn't. What is this, a woke purity test, it's Orwellian culty