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  1. Los Angeles Dodgers Win World Series, after a 32 year drought, GO BLUE!! Let's hope this puts an end to all the bad mojo of 2020.
  2. Nope, just disregard please. I think your little twist on my story enough humor for the night,{Sarcasm}sorta like this
  3. Why is it that the progressive Democrats are obsessed with race? Here in Cal we have to vote on this piece of Orwellian rewrite, compliments from our Super Majority Progressives. The Governor of Calif predicted 56% of Californians would get C-19 a million could it's not all roses, but better than the worse, considering Pelosi told LA to go to China Town there is nothing to worry about. So lets put some comedy to it. this one is funny too.
  4. I agree. IN AN A POLITICAL WAY OOPS.I tried to explain my reasoning, simple as it is, if you wanted me to opine on the markets direction if either wins, you should have asked.But we've seemed to digress to the tail that wags the dog. So back to where we agree, and my reasoning,Please remember it's irrespective of C-19 so put that in a bubble. I'll also agree with everyone here, that the immediate overall markets direction is c-19 news hostage. I Agree,"The markets are made of humans and they don't have any special knowledge that's not available to the general public. Heck, several posters here are investors." So lets play out some investor psychology. #1 Would I be a popular fund manager on these forums, of course not. #2 What fund manager would predict a Trump victory? An unemployed one. #3 Be smart and find a way to make your emotionally driven investors happy, even if you or they are wrong. So in this scenario, I tell my investors. I think Bidens a shoe in, fuck Trump, you just relax your fears away, I got this. Then if, Biden losses I look smart, because everyone got it wrong.$ My Shocked terrified investors come running to me,What shall I do? Then like Capt. Morgan,hand on my breast,I say, Don't you worry I've Got this, steady as she goes. Win,win win.
  5. OCTOBER 13TH it's all about macro-economic policy
  6. Just call me a lier, it requires fewer words. While your at it, tell me what you really think of me.I won't ban you, turn off my notifications or call the speech police.I'd invite the moderator to stay out of it so we can use some profanity.You see, i've been called every name in the book.So have at it. In return I'll tell you my jape about the cold war,I never shared with you last year, same narrative, Trumps a racist. I find it interesting no one asked me what were the core American values, we're bonding over. Racist and the Alien.
  7. You got exactly what you paid for, in all my years of investing I have never met an adviser that would recommend selling everything, thanks for that gem.I'm not giving you or anyone financial advice.But I'd recommend this guy. here's another doozy all about lies.
  8. Thanks for the change from the Washington Compose, Market Watch oh goody Second line,Democrats would support more stimulus and spending.
  9. Thanks for the definition, true that. So in the words of Obama himself "never underestimate the ability of Joe to fuck things up"
  10. #1 no true conservative likes the National debt or want to add more, so to your point Trump is an utter failure, agreed. I find it amazing that its an issue and adding 2.5T or more could help that situation. This is back when it was 1.8T What kind of an odds maker can see the S&P at all time highs? An S&P without massive tax increases, get my drift.Love the slip of the tongue "0bama apologist" @ 4:30 Fun fact. Old joe has been in Government for 19% of the entire history of the USofA.
  11. They don't need to help dotard, sleepy joe is in his basement whileTrump is doing rallies all day, nearly everyday.A workaholic he's a driven man, sucks to be his opponent and after the Russia gate /Impeachment he's got something to prove.Quick side note,Is dotard a play on the word retard?
  12. Because of your nationality I'll try to be non partisan in my reasoning. The US stock market is my tell.If you think there will be big changes in US tax and economic policy, you'd be selling by now.The reversing of the Trump tax cut will put the equity markets in free-fall, because dividends once payed to shareholders will be levied by the government.What most people don't realize is that half of all profits from the S&P500 companies are payed to share holders, so If the gov't is going to take more, shareholders get less.Huge dividend cuts will crush the market.Lower corporate profits exacerbate a sell off.
  13. Hi Jerry I hope this finds you and yours well, and wish nothing but the same for all those here. Thanks for the laugh.The irony is amazing, no wonder they can't meme. Do you honestly believe this a winning campaign slogan? Any functioning adult. I find that logic worry some as does the American right. Bidens health both physical and mental is of great concern, do we really know if he'll survive C-19 if infected? That brings up the next logical question.What is their Plan?
  14. Inevitable, you should look up that word because I don't think It means what you think. There will be a massive right wing armed response, the second revolution, an armed militia pulling people from their homes, summery executions, the return of slavery a months worth of Crystal nights, concentration camps and gas chambers. Sweet dreams and Happy Halloween! What's orange and hollow and needs to be thrown out by November?
  15. Ya that's the ticket a parrot on the shoulder of don lemon.Dude your a mess.Were you a Hillery supporter? Love Trumps Hate, I'll bet that was it, the first campaign in resent history to inject Hate into slogan Politics.It seems to be working well,consuming some.BLM and the riots sowed that fear, no KKK no Nazis here in SoCal,.As for that racism, the latino community seems to despise BLM in this area, I won't repeat what was said. But there's ur example of waring tribes, Seriously, What American city is it, that anyone Can't have a picnic or a beer under ole'Glory?