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  1. "ONDCP did not issue a national drug control strategy for either 2017 or 2018," the GAO concluded. I hope you find it,odd.Look closer, there just might be a reason other a ONDCP messaging that reduced ODs and least slowed the growth of their epidemic.Wonder ? what caused the positive outcome in from 2017-2019. Which leads me to our disagreement on the border issue.Last time we ended our conversation was... From a trusted News Source CNN+. Seems the problem moved a little north last we spoke. We could start a grassroots movement; an underground railroad, asylum from America to Canada.The money angle moot since they sold everything for the coyotes and cartes safe passage, but I'm sure we can overwhelm the the Canadian border with a half a million or so... At least we can agree, he did a poor job in our withdrawal. Sad mostly, but no hate.
  2. LOL, you wrote a paragraph on Trump. Look in the mirror, dude. I'm not here to defend Trump, he's not the President. So what does that graph tell you? It's been a problem building up to epidemic proportions for years, it was a problem during the Trump admin. and it is only getting worse, and it's frumps fault we are in the situation. The Bidens like a LA public service message.Empower yourself, empower your Addiction by using our kit. The Right with Loza has a diddy for that.. the pipe itself is fake news, like Bubbas noose. If we give them a clean rig, maybe they won't od. A perfect picture of the prospects of pfentanyl Addiction. If your a fan of art,sit on this for a moment, what message does this convey to our youth about addiction and drug use. This one is more accurate. Our Nation's trajectory doesn't look so good in this area, in five years we should be right around Covid mortality rates. My Biden Memorial Day malsise message presented on Fourth of July.,Enjoy my Patriots the last verse being best at 2:20, for those offended. What makes you think your special to a new world order.
  3. That fentanyl inconvenience caused 50,000 Americans to die from ODs. To put that in perspective,we lost about the same number of servicemen during the entirety of the Vietnam Conflict.With the burden of a Biden Border Crisis that number has sadly doubled. unrelated or not he's a train wreck.
  4. As in Carter 2.0 four decades later.A true disconnect between Washington and the People. Did I mention there is an oil "shortage"? I believe that's your adjective,not mine. A Presidential inquiry, "Is it shall, or is it may" "It may cost more than last year." Our goal post, peace.
  5. You didn't see the inversion, that's ok. My sister's at the Ronald Reagan library today. Invert the basic premise of Quarantine; meant to isolate the sick from the general public and we isolate the healthy from themselves. A lockdown in draconian fashion. Straight jackets or duck tape Talk about a bad trip! A nightmare left wing dystopian future, closer to Blade Runner and Huxley, than Orwell. Drones flying about, trying to identify the source, your building, your floor, your flat, the individual, the source. Its loudspeaker blaring "Go indoors, Close your windows, don't let the foreign plague succeed. Suppress your hearts desire for freedom!" “Quite a thing to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it's like to be a slave”
  6. Hi Jerry. I agree, there isn't a shortage yet,thanks for the optimism. How much more are those hot dogs that we saved .13 cents on last year? Inflation and massive Gov't spending can benefits those with large Assets, not so much for those who don't. A recurring theme.
  7. 6/6/22 In Proper Presidential posture a postponed pm proclamation to Pfrance was telegraph.The parchment reached Pfrace on 6/7/22 and read: "YOU take YOUR SEAT"
  8. Eerily similar in arrogance to Harris, our Energy Secretary opines on our prospects in November. Completely oblivious of consequences to the middle class and poor of America. What is the grand old plan to increase oil production? Haha we're at war with that industry. We found out how they're going to pay for all the non inflationary spending, a pound of our flesh.
  9. Do you mean to tell us the Republicans party locked us down, closed our businesses,mandated vaccines and closed the schools like Shanghai. I think the youth of our Nation got a taste of draconian authoritarianism all right. Missed graduations, clandestine parties and canceled trips to Canada.Kangaroo courts that have the power to call demonstrations of dissidents insurrectionist. An authoritarian Supreme Court that affirmed States Rights.Got it! I had heard the viewership of the hearings are as well received, as CNN+. To point; I hope you enjoy the doomed viewpoint LOL
  10. Bill, like oil and water you and I. I was hoping you'd comment on the mass psychosis that drove one to such despair of the future, so bleak that such a sacrifice is required, and if you think those failed albeit dire predictions of climate crisis might have something to do with the human tragedy? I'll leave agreeing with you that any man made leakage is undesirable,even if it were possible to reduce it by 100%. My point, Phills risk to the environment will never be eliminated.
  11. If your getting your information about "da right wing ",watch Fox LOL Bills perspective is not a wise choice.Of course he doesn't have any friends of right leaning, so a paranoid horror show of nightmares and TDS are a must. I recommend a good bm, but now I need one,page one post one. "Where's all the anger coming from?" lol Do you read what you write. It's a Parental rights bill, what are you so angry about? What is Disney so angry with parents about? Florida's Parental Rights in Education law, which prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for students in kindergarten through third grade. Parental Rights, if you want to oppose that, be my guest after the eye opener parents got during covid,I believe that's a hill you'll die on. Jerry also assumed it was "not issue",stir in a little CRT and Youngkin wins Desantis and parents become your "enemies within". Nobody on the right believes they will cancel Disney, that's simply absurd.They can't, so they're voting again.. this time with their dollars. The blame lies in part to the new woke corporate structure of activist groups within, Sexuality and gender identity is of no concern to families entertainment ,unfortunately in a binary world you're with us or against. Funny the activist group doesn't worry about the propaganda, material censorship when it comes to its markets in China. So grandpa decided on the Cayman's instead,and the Disney Plus subscription can be a casualty of inflation.As for the IRA why not cash out.I don't want an investment in any Corporation wanting to oppose a democratic law,. A good shaking out is needed sometimes. awake from the woke and perhaps to focus on the 93% of market they had taken for granted. Your a very smart man,I don't understand why you don't do simple searches that might contradict or perhaps sway you to a slight of differing of opinion. Anyhow, this is the first I did. Even your own party supports it.Your quote "why all the anger"? I despise chicken sandwiches too. From the horse's mouth The Executive Producers We trained them well.... LOL :52 Here are the others on the leaked agenda, it bleeds into the libs of tick tock and the groomer troup. Insightful like when teachers talk about parents, when they don't know they're being heard. Considering your moderator status and this subject matter, I don't understand why this isn't in the go woke/broke thread.
  12. Global estimates suggest that naturally occurring oil seeps account for some 47% of the oil released into the ocean environment; on average, 160,000 tons of petroleum leak into waters surrounding North America each year. Unexplained uncontextualized beachings can be a morbid sight,so in true morbid fashion, I'll pitch in. A true believer made the ultimate sacrifice for our cause, a senseless suicide some say, a needless release of greenhouse gas emissions.I'll spare us all the visuals. Reminds me of the El Paso Walmart shooter, let's see how the faithful spin the little fire on the steps of the Supreme Court.
  13. It was simply a joke, my humor is lost ,pitty. I wouldn't know Q ,but like so many of your assumptions you'd be wrong about me and conservative views. Lastly first "Last - when did I ever publicly accuse you of Drunk Posting?Please show me." As for the Quote, I'm unable to find it,unfortunately the thread, 1992 global warming has been removed and replace. Like the name and legacy of the man who established Yosemite's first visitors center, lost to time. Nonetheless, it was years ago and still a recurring theme here, peek at the Hunter laptop thread posted just a few minutes ago as I'm writing you, my elucidations are mere hallucination.LOL I find it playful and engaging. Seems you believe in too many ghost stories,bill posted all that poop too,verbatim.I suggested getting unplugged regularly and stop putting credence and weight in what others tell you about folks. It's the foundation of prejudice. It'll drive you nuts and serves no one here, an auto response almost like your being manipulated. I suggest you reread Winsor's reply to billv poop. I only gave Winsor credit for two gems.But It's actually a treasure trove of diamonds. If you've had Covid, vaccinated or not, I think you may have a different perspective.Unfortunately your also proving my point, my concerns. This is not TB, this is not small pox, this not 1918, and the Vax is also, not like the others.Of course,It's still not licenced. Let us not confuse ignorance with choice.How many times has the FDA been wrong in the past, how many times has the CDC got it wrong. What does the CDC stands for? ....See D.C. .....can even corrupt our medical community.The FDA, should stand for the Floatation Device Administration. While this won't take 75 years of research, it's fun and goes to the point of my hallucinations. How many half truths can be in one short sentence? YES, NO and Yes, (Faucis help) was/is U.S. funding. Released in China is a matter of fact, weather in bat or birds nest soup, we still don't know. Yes, "sometimes the difference between conspiracy theory and known fact, can be two to four weeks" oops. Dark humor, I hope, better than nothing so back at you. On the plus side, the Kulaks those socially harmful, enemies of the people are gone too.
  14. In eight minutes, you must be a time traveler,or the video is censored from your eyes like the corruption.Do tell us of Hunters business prowess competence and successes.
  15. LOL.... No, not at all. Have a heart man, It's always been about taking cares of the children, all their poor poor dependents. On point: While switching would be inconceivable in most. In the key swings, a simple non vote would have changed the outcome.Don't know if you've seen this, I posted it, but like a lab leak conspiracy theory, The hard Left response was " if all hats were blue" and disregarded as such. When you have the time for a rabbit hole. We'll be happy to give you more info about "our political contributions in kind",but not under oath,thank you. LOL Pravda conrade