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  1. Find a new virtue signal, you've been using that line for years. I'm sure it's a winner in your circle, but it old and crusty. Besides the Unionized monopoly of public education is what makes the poorly educated of this Nation, such a smart man should know why half of all kids are below grade level in nearly every subject.Educate me.
  2. I'l bet an old blue collar democrat can sing this right along side his ignorant, toofless, Trump vot'n fellow American. As the controversy swirled " in a small town" this one Blew up in the woods. Punched me in the gut, some say touched their soul. 6 million view last week to 36, make that 41 million as we speak. I hope they doesn't try to disparage him too.Looks can be deceiving.
  3. When dealing with matters of sear Ineptitude and Incompetence, a High-Lite is needed for those in the dark, and preferred over a conclusion of malevolence.While the fattie persona is getting old I don't mind, I hope it helps folks blow off steam. Thank you Phill, a kind word goes a long way. But no, quite the opposite.Those with cluster B : Histrionic personality disorder and It's at endemic proportions. I thought you'd appreciate this, it goes long into my motivations here. "I have never wished to satisfy the crowd; for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve,I do not know" Epistles.
  4. I think you miss the conservative motive completely, It not hate or intolerance it's actually the same as yours, the wellbeing of our children. Conservative folks are consequence minded people, and see no harm in adults making life altering decisions ,but are scared shitless of minor making those choices.Let's be clear no matter the therapy, sterilization is the norm. As for the "Don't Say Stay Straight Bill" LOL I think we can agree, gender race or sex need not be part of kindergarten. My tossed salad post on the 4th did a poor job of highlighting the unintended consequence of the current agenda, akin to the cutting endemic with adolescence a few years ago.
  5. Have you ever come to a conclusion that you might be mistaken? Since your the judge jury and executioner perhaps you could be a little lenient. I thinks the crime of incoherency shouldn't be a basis to abridge anyone right to speech.Funny how the men with the funny hats won't agree. I think Joes a big boy skydiver and can stand for himself, besides he was being Honest.He doesn't bother with references. Maybe that's why there's a incoherency problem, besides Isn't there a warning that debates can get heated.I highly doubt his fragile sensibilities were harmed.I'doubt he filed the complaint, another honest answer from him would be awesome. So if I'm might have been mistaken again.That leaves me believing it's all you, and just another example of the Lefts quest for power and control. I'd bet this forums would do just fine without you,Joe and I can work out our differences without you doing the Helicopter parent thing.That or we;ve gotten soft, Thick skinned skydivers to old, thin skinned ninnies. "I swear if I swear at you ninnies, you'd cry"
  6. As for finding a reason to kill someone in todays society.It's diverse, from love to a Mountain Dew, like life is worthless. He probably has been arrested multiple times and released, and it's not her first run in with the nutter.What a terrible loss. But lack of empathy for oppressors and excessive empathy for victims can be.. "It's very dangerous because if you are a perennial victim, and this is your identity you would then tend to develop attendant behaviors ,for example you would feel entitled to special treatment and if you don't get this treatment you become aggressive." Like signs "these boot stomp TERFS" " or "get with the program or your pronouns will be was/were". I thinks will only lead to more violence. Bill told me that I didn't have the right to kick your ass, when you burn my flag, to his credit he was correct.But he doesn't understand the street reality.You see here in LA I could kick your ass bad, an would be out before your out of the hospital.If you didn't go to the hospital, with no cash bail and no regard for victims, I'll be out that night and "I'll be Back" To Bass's credit,Crime is lower because fewer crimes are prosecuted. Eyes wide shut to the Gay Glendale teacher, I see.what frightens you so much about the man? Or is it the host, another Gay man.LOL Who in Glendale attempted to stab a parent. We will never know.
  7. LOL I thought we debunked that like five years ago,LOL The disconnect in biology is even worse when it comes to physiology, Just so you know this is the definition of aged dejavu: the Old joke when it comes to the phobia of carbon... " God forbid you fall asleep with the sheets over your head, at 40,000 ppm, you'd be brain dead by morning;" LOL Updated,... mandate dirty kids wear a mask, it's good for them,LOL
  8. Yep,Bill gave me a time out, isn't that special. Principled. Like the very first sentence of this thread, wasn't there a Gandhi quote "Joke them if they can't take a fuck."
  9. America a Land of Persecution. LOL Put your focus on the man with the funny hat and get back with me.
  10. It's my skydive video and music,I believe a nine way, you'll see where.My two year test of big brother.The reach, veracity and indiscriminate messaging of a narrative. ..."Do you want to know more?"
  11. So you did it out of Woke Compassion ? LOL please don't do me anymore favors. I thought it was the last 24 hrs here for another month, but thanks to your compassion; In preventing me from jumping from a plane. I have a bad back, hopefully not skydive ending and used my down time for Yoga,So in my most compassionate way Thanks, the backs feeling great. What is that Dunkelflaute. I find your impartiality as a moderator: as compassionate and impartial as the Stasi. We once debated the uselessness of the US post office.You actually disagreed with 0bama,... You told me "We need to change the Constitution" that Was, what I was holding tightly, close to my heart.But you leave me disappointed more that anything.I suppose I'll be the Witch. I said, Martyr for Liberty.Get it together monseigneur I think you drink too much, of your own purifying elixer. Just be a good example and burn me good.
  12. I'm trying, please be tolerant with me, I haven't down loaded grammerly on the new pc. This must be misinformation also and could be dangerous to your health...
  13. Just like your "Agenda" question, on the gay Glendale school teacher.Ignore the teacher parents and Arminian community. Give me one adj. to describe the man in the funny hat.There's lots of them.
  14. Thank you for being honest. Did you ignore all references in this thread? No wonder your lost, clueless, and prejudice. Who don't you approve of ? CNN in Florida, Erec Smith or John Stossel? When your done let me know how wrong Schellenberger was at UATX, the reporting bias, the instances of "racism' used in your media, or the psychosis it produce. You were quite the lefty during covid ignore this.
  15. My goal is to highlight the difference of being on the Left and Woke, and being a Classical liberal. Believing in free speech and more importantly, the principle. You both, do a fine job in highlighting the differences. A hard working packer was busting his ass to get accredited to teach history in Cali, LOL He mentioned we should take the best parts of the left and right.Cool I thought, interested I asked, does that included censoring? He replied, The censors have always come from the same side! Not wanting to piss off your packer, I agreed... BINGO, Bill with your approval are the first americans to abridge my First Amendment. Congrads!! How Cosmo. Didn't PM me, didn't ask me to stop the flow.Didn't let the drunkard clean up his vomit ,or even if there was a fuck,n quake.Besides I thought it appropriate. I'm sure he pm'd you or your divine.... I though you were All Down with the 1st Amendment and CK issue, but will you defend mine. Perhaps the next time we can make thing of it; I asked the old lady and she said it would be a blast. A urine sample party !!! Ya'll get to watch the urine flow from my body LOL..... and We get to watch it run down Your leg. ROFLMAO I suppose another prerequisite Question appropriate must be answered to reply, a sorta code so we know your on standard.Just say'n, You couldn't get the Erec Smith question wrong. To task, What is wrong with "The Magna Carta?"