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  1. “Neil Young is so woke he canceled himself”
  2. Wow! No pushback, I must be making some headway. That is very gratifying.
  3. “That time with the Pope was very embarrassing when I loosed my stools”
  4. Ron Burgundy has nothing on Biden when it comes to (mis)reading the teleprompter. BTW he doesn’t give speeches from the Oval Office
  5. That would have worked out as well as his last press conference.
  6. The #1 issue on voters minds is inflation and Biden’s money party and war on fossil fuels are primarily responsible. With regard to previous presidents, Trump comes to mind, with the Ds clamoring about impeachment the day after the election, and an endless series of fruitless investigations and obstruction.
  7. beleaguered
  8. Actually I was listening to a panel discussing Biden’s judicial appointments, while they all applauded the diversity one panelist lamented that they have yet to appoint, deep thinking intellectual heavyweights to counter the ones appointed by Trump. Anyone watching the judicial hearings would see that this observation is not unfounded.
  9. But suggestions of HRC and A. Hill are meant to bring us all together? What about, “Biden appoints Hillary, after making secret agreement she will decline the nomination before the vote takes place, but only after lots of GOP heads have exploded. [evil grin]” You consider that to be just fine, yet you accuse someone who says “go ahead and do it” as divisive I believe I am the only one on this thread who gave a serious answer.
  10. Ketanji Brown Jackson, I predict, will be his nominee. She had bipartisan support during her last confirmation and it won’t change the makeup of the court so it will be an easy win for the beleaguered Biden administration.
  11. Don’t freak out about the author, every point is well sourced and can be verified. From the North to South Poles and everything in between the alarmists’ predictions are falling flat.
  12. This point? “the chip shortage "perversely sort of helped" boost electric vehicle sales.”
  13. It has been used several times in the past on SC. It makes me sad when one is reduced to copying the copiers and then trying to pass it of as an original idea (no quotations)