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  1. brenthutch

    Russian paratroopers

    Yes that one
  2. What is the deal with Russian military parachutes? I have seen videos that look like they go out on a short bridled drogue
  3. What is the deal with Russian military parachutes? I have seen videos that look like they go out on a short bridled drogue
  4. brenthutch

    Battleship North Carolina

    Just got done touring the North Carolina, it was absolutely amazing. 16 inch gun turrets the size of a house, steam turbines, giant reduction gears, powder and shell magazines, bridge, communications, navigation, mess galley, bakery, post office, apothecary, laboratory, dental office, surgical suite, machine shop, fire direction control center, on and on and on. I left there in awe of 1930/40s technology. I would recommend it to anyone.
  5. brenthutch


    My wife was having GNO, so I had the abandoned dads and kids over for fire pit, beers and s’mores. One of the dads is a surgeon and the conversation turned to scars. I quoted a military buddy who said “chicks dig three things: scars, tattoos and muscles and I just happened to have all three on one arm.” We had a good laugh and talked about how some guys wanted a big Frankenstein scar instead of a delicate trace of a scar. Again we laughed. My wife comes home and asks “what did you guys talk about?” I told her we talked about several things, including scars, to which she inquired “emotional scars?” Face palm
  6. brenthutch

    Elon Musk, will he be going to Jail?

    I agree, that is just what I said last year on Speakers Corner. I was laughed at, but we will soon see who has the last laugh.
  7. brenthutch


    It was a good day today. Daughter and son both progressed in their MMA training (9 and 5 years old), wife was promoted to VP and we have a full schedule at the DZ this weekend. Life is good.
  8. brenthutch

    You can't make this stuff up

  9. brenthutch

    Looking for advice on depression

    +1 on the vitamin D. I used to get mild depression during the winter months, not a problem in the last few years since I started taking a supplement. Although exercise and social engagement are even more important IMHO. A dog might help as well. Dog walking is good exercise and it never hurts to have buckets of unconditional love.
  10. brenthutch

  11. brenthutch

    Static Line/IAD Training DZ's

    Skydive Happy Valley. Less cost, more efficient at a Cessna DZ, not as steep of a learning curve as AFF and after jump eight, it is pretty much the same as other methods.
  12. I have tried to renew our DZ's membership twice now and have been unable to do so. I might try again after our season windes down.
  13. brenthutch

    Stuck on PLFs: How to Retrain the Brain?

    Have someone dress up in BDUs, put on a black baseball hat with a gold SSG insignia on the front. During your next jump he will yell at you not to do a PLF through a loudspeaker as you descend. If you still perform a PLF have him run up to you and yell "AIRBORNE!!!, next time you fail to perform a proper stand up landing, I will rip off your f**king arm and shove it up you ass!!!!" You will be cured in about five jumps.
  14. brenthutch

    Yeah, no

  15. brenthutch

    Yeah, no

    What is up with yeah no? Did it replace um as a delay mechanism? And what the hell does "yeah no" even mean? Is it yes, is it no is it neither or is it both. (To riff on Dr Seuss)