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  1. That is two words. See, I can do it too. How about dealing with the substance of my post instead of playing little games of semantics. Oh that’s right, you can’t.
  2. Once again SkyDekker is majoring in the minors. That said he has no other alternative.
  3. You know it is a rough day for Team Biden when FOX carries the WH press briefing wall to wall with no commercial breaks. MSNBC on the other hand, knowing it would be a bloodbath, doesn’t even mention it.
  4. We have already figured out how to limit population growth. Development. Europe, the U.S., Russia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia and several other developed nations have near zero (and sometimes negative) indigenous population growth. Even China’s growth rate is approaching zero. IMHO the three keys to the future are: emancipate (women) educate (everyone) and generate (lots of energy to power a modern world) I don’t buy into the Malthusian notion of “we’re all going to run out of..(insert latest headline).” It is just as wrong today as it was 200 years ago.
  5. Cold weather (brought on by global warming, no doubt), unreliable renewables, and increased demand from China for fossil fuels has created an energy crisis across the pond. Factories are shutting down, businesses are closing, food shortages… It’s so bad that the Germans have invented a word for it: energizearmut. But it’s not just Europe. We have an example right here in the US of what happens when green ambitions get ahead of reality. “Last summer, California purposely blacked out homes and businesses on a rotating basis to avoid uncontrolled blackouts across the entire Western grid. As fall approaches, California finds itself in the unenviable position of threatening blackouts for its residents once again. Last week, state officials asked the federal government to declare an electric reliability emergency so the state can exceed its pollution limits in an effort to avoid blackouts….. The problem for us is that the electric grid doesn’t run on pixie dust or according to the laws of California; it runs according to the laws of physics.” (No Bill, CNN is not right wing)
  6. “China’s cheap energy strategy will kill three birds with one stone: 1. By building up its coal-powered economy, it can continue to produce and export renewables much cheaper than most OECD nations. China will thus cement its role as the world’s foremost producer and exporter of renewable energy. 2. By ending support for building coal-fired power plants abroad it reduces the pressure on coal demand, improving China’s domestic coal market which is currently struggling with high coal prices. 3. By announcing this move, China is playing the green card in the run-up to COP26 in order to reduce Western pressure and kick the ball back into Joe Biden’s court.” I really think the West is committing economic suicide. We are giving up cheap reliable energy for expensive intermittent energy in the futile effort stop bad weather.
  7. I guilty of demonstrating just how horrible the Biden administration is.
  8. When have I ever said that? You recently accused me of “trolling” right wing news sources to find things critical of Biden, when my last four sources were: NPR, the NYT, Politico and a Democratic operative. Your statement was demonstrably false, yet you accuse me of being untruthful.
  9. More from far right zealots: “They’ve completely bungled it from the jump,” said Colin Strother, a long-time Democratic operative in Texas. “There has been a real human cost, and there’s going to be a massive political cost in 2022.” Here is a picture of Bidenville How can anyone say I am trolling, when I make criticisms of the Biden administration on a thread called “Biden’s Critics Corner”
  10. So? It does nothing to scale back Chinese domestic production. Has no impact on India and Vietnam has shown it can forge ahead without foreign assistance. Did Xi say he would stop projects currently underway?
  11. Please argue more are going out than are coming in. Please. BTW congratulations! You finished a response without dropping the F bomb.
  12. No it was a question, not a complaint. “So the Biden administration is willing to accept millions of refugees from Central, and South American but callously deports those from Haiti (including children and babies), which begs the question why? Both regions suffer from political instability, both regions are economically deprived, both regions have suffered recent natural disasters and both regions are rife with gang violence. Why deport the Haitians? What makes them different?” Do you have an answer or do you just want to continue to hurl expletives?
  13. “More than 1.8 million illegal immigrants are expected to cross the U.S.-Mexico border this year, making it the “worst ever” on record, highlighting President Joe Biden’s failed policies, according to a new forecast.” Refusing to deport those who are here illegally while allowing 1.8million+ to enter, IS accepting millions…