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  1. As time passes the Chicken Little scenarios are increasingly becoming less and less likely, according to the IPCC. If you wish to stand on a street corner donning a sandwich board with “the end is near” printed in bold letters, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and defend your right to do so.
  2. Where does this notion of “climate crisis” come from? The globe warms a few hundredth of a degree and folks set their hair on fire. All of the ills that are supposed to accompany this slight, and in all likelihood natural, warming have failed to manifest. Do we really believe a slightly longer growing season is an existential threat to humanity?
  3. Sorry wrong thread. That said, admonishing one for thread drift in this forum is tantamount to handing out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500.
  4. “recent studies showing heritability for IQ as high as 80%….strongly correlated with genetics for late teens and adults” IOW post elementary education does little to improve one’s intellect IQ is largely a genetic gift/curse as is height, eye and hair color.
  5. Nobody wishes to opine on the false narrative of “climate crisis”?
  6. just as I said….Sorry Olof
  7. “Beyond natural variability, the IPCC, much to the disappointment of alarmists, has concluded there is little or no evidence that the following events (table above) are or will be affected by human-caused climate change: river floods, heavy rain and pluvial floods, landslides, drought (all types), fire ‘weather’, severe wind storms (Met Office please note), tropical cyclones, sand and dust storms, heavy snowfall and ice storms, hail, snow avalanche, coastal flooding and erosion, and marine heatwaves.” They must not have gotten the “climate crisis” memo
  8. If your insinuation is correct and Biden’s policies are not to blame for the border crisis, then what is? What massive geopolitical earthquake has resulted in the record breaking number of illegal migrants being released into the country?
  9. The amount of discretion any administration has with regard to enforcing immigration laws, makes citing a particular law unhelpful. It is the discretion the Biden administration exercised within the boundaries of the law which resulted in this crisis. Obama nor Trump had this problem to this degree and both administrations followed the law as well. Biden’s border fiasco is uniquely his.
  10. Easy, just deport those who have been deemed “processed for removal” for starters. Or how about reimplementing the Obama policy of prioritizing recent illegal migrants for deportation? This is a disaster of Biden’s own creation and the American people, overwhelmingly, hold him accountable. If Trump get elected the blame will fall squarely on the shoulders of Biden and his inability to stand up to the far left wackos in his party.
  11. All we have to do is follow the laws that are already on the books. The failure to do so gave us Trump 1.0 if the border crisis continues we will get Trump 2.0
  12. I know what the “trend” is, the planet has been warming in fits and starts since the last ice age, long before the industrial era and has continued since, irrespective of CO2 emissions. Correlation doesn’t mean causation. The only demonstrable impact of elevated CO2 is a literal greening of the planet. email newsletter.-,Deserts 'greening' from rising carbon dioxide%3A Green foliage boosted,across the world's arid regions&text=Summary%3A,fertilization%2C according to new research.