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  1. Either the temperature has been “adjusted” upward or warming doesn’t lead to more hurricanes. Take your pick
  2. I’m glad you pointed this out. CAGW theory says we should have more hurricanes as temperatures rise, and as NOAA has illustrated, we have both an increase in temperature and no trend in hurricanes. According to scientific principle this would invalidate this portion of CAGW theory. Apply this sober analysis across the board and one is left with an irrational, blubbering puddle of emotion and not a rational theory.
  3. It is ironic that on the same day NOAA increases their hurricane forecast, the Atlantic has ZERO disturbances with hurricane potential. (Obviously that can change going forward)
  4. No, I said we would go with NOAA’s prediction, and NOAA’s prediction changed. I am just staying consistent.
  5. Updated prediction: ten hurricanes with five major ones
  6. They DID predict a 90% chance of an average or above average hurricane season. (the average is six hurricanes and three major hurricanes)
  7. What about the lack of activity in the pacific? Not to mention no discernible trend in Atlantic hurricanes since record keeping began.
  8. A hurricane is a hurricane. Named storms and dollars of damage are meaningless metrics. BTW what do you think of ZERO typhoons in July and the lack of a trend in Atlantic hurricanes? It seems to run counter to the CAGW narrative.
  9. NOAA predicted 6-10 Hurricanes with 3-6 major Hurricanes. We’ll go with that.
  10. This just in.....there were exactly ZERO typhoons in the month of July. First time since the 50’s. So far 2020 hurricane season is a bust, but hang in there Joe there is always September Figure 1: Atlantic tropical storms lasting more than 2 days have not increased in number. Storms lasting less than two days have increased sharply, but this is likely due to better observations.
  11. After what they did to Stanley McChrystal, that’s not surprising
  12. I didn’t know we were trying to change anybody’s mind, I thought we were sharing good news stories. I thought folks going back to work and businesses staying afloat was a good news story that everyone could agree with, obviously I was wrong.
  13. The bad sides are before and after that.