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  1. They just have to wait a year or two. The rains and snow of 2019 ended the previous drought and filled their reservoirs and lakes. Drought is and has always been a feature of the climate in the Southwest.
  3. The planet gets roughly the same percentage of its energy from fossil fuels as it did a century ago. Europe is a bit player in the global energy game, 20 times not a lot is still not a lot.
  4. I agree, the tax cut should have been offset by cuts in spending. OTOH spending should be fully paid for by wide base tax increases.
  5. Well let’s just have a massive tax increase and see how well that works out. BTW it is hard to create lots of new jobs when everyone has a job and we are at full employment.
  6. The part where it actually happens.
  7. On my Biden criticism, I quoted Larry Summer, not Fox News. As far as substance? What can be more substantive than actual facts? Inflation rates, GDP, current global temperatures, the amount of energy from fossil fuels vs renewables, the lack of adaptation of EVs, no trend in hurricanes, on and on. I say we are not going to lower global CO2 emissions, I say we will not all be driving EVs, I say we will continue to rely on fossil fuels for the majority of our energy needs and with each passing year I am shown to be correct. Check out my “Build Back Blacker” post to see an example. ”I am cold and I am hard…and my name….is Reality ” (apologies to South Park)
  8. Kallend, your incessant name calling is becoming tiresome. If you have something of substance to share, please do. Otherwise……
  9. “Coal usage in the continent jumped 10% to 15% this year after a colder- and longer-than-usual winter left gas storage sites depleted, said Andy Sommer, team leader of fundamental analysis and modeling at Swiss trader Axpo Solutions AG. As economies reopen and people go back to the office, countries like Germany, the Netherlands and Poland turned to coal to keep the lights on.” Why are they going back to coal when they can just use wind and solar instead?
  10. You can come out of your bunker and get rid of your masks, the pandemic is over.
  11. When unemployment benefits exceed what workers would have made by working. Folks aren’t lazy, they are smart. Why go back to work when you can make more money sitting on your couch and playing x-box? A friend of mine who manages a Quaker Steak and Lube (it is a restaurant)hired a guy who just informed him that he will not start until his enhanced benefits run out.
  12. The economy, pre-pandemic, would bear that out. Record low unemployment (especially for minorities) and real wage growth. AKA trickle down.
  13. The money should have been concentrated to help the folks who were most impacted by the pandemic. I don’t see how giving thousands of dollars to people who never missed a paycheck helps anything. Much of that money ended up in the stock market and gun stores. That is one of the reasons the market is doing well and why guns and ammunition are in short supply.
  14. When the government supplies the demand with a money party while constraining supply of goods and services, it is a market distortion and we are seeing the results.