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  1. Admiral Rachael Lavigne is surly an inspirational role model to all women and girls. She is a living, breathing example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and chopping off ones penis.
  2. Apparently it has spread to College football games as well, I think there is even a rap song
  3. If true, that is hilarious. If not, the lefties will set us straight. OMG! I just Googled it and it IS true. (Can we say “let’s go Brandon” on this forum?)
  4. “China is now digging up nearly 12 million tons of coal each and every day. If they keep this up it will be a “One Billion Ton” quarter, and potentially nearly a 4-billion-ton year. That’s about 8 times Australias entire annual production and about six times the US’s.” Anyone who thinks we can mitigate global CO2 emissions with some traffic circles while China burns BILLIONS of tons of coal is engaged in magical thinking.
  5. The notion that anything the US does will have any impact on reducing global CO2 levels is nothing less than magical thinking.
  6. I’m not worried about venture capital not cashing in. I’m more concerned what the average American pays at the pump. BTW your article is dated, with $100 a barrel oil at hand the oil patch will do just fine.
  7. What is up with this “let’s go Brandon” stuff?
  8. Under Trump the US was an EXPORTER of oil and gas, we didn’t need to finance a State sponsor of terrorism to fill our gas tanks.
  9. Not only is it rarely needed, it would be counter productive. In the hot Texas summers, heat is the enemy and turbines made for cold winters would overheat in the hot Texas sun.
  10. I don’t recall you predicting a global energy shortage
  11. “The vast majority of California’s backup power generators – those low buzzing boxes located at internet server farms, hospitals, police stations and other facilities – are powered by diesel. The state wants to achieve a 100% clean energy future, investing billions of dollars in renewable energy, while at the same time steadily building a fossil fuel powered shadow grid. In addition to carbon dioxide emissions, diesel releases significant amounts of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxide. These pollutants create smog and exacerbate respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer, especially in children and older adults.” Diesel generators NOT gas turbines
  12. The tax cuts should have come with offsetting spending cuts. The care and education of children is the responsibility of the parents first, the local community second, the state third and the federal government never.
  13. If only someone could have predicted this……..
  14. Yeah, that low unemployment (record low for minorities) and rising real wages was proof of the failure of trickle down economics.