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  1. Your delusion is understandable given your prediction that EVs would overtake normal vehicles in three or four years (now one or two). Let’s see what is happening in the real world… “Ford’s electric vehicle unit reported that losses soared in the first quarter to $1.3 billion, or $132,000 for each of the 10,000 vehicles it sold in the first three months of the year, helping to drag down earnings for the company overall.”
  2. I just think that it was funny that BillV bragged about improving air quality and referred to other states as “less developed” when California has some of the most polluted air in the country. Anything beyond that is overthinking. Let’s get back on track and discuss how Ford is projected to loose more than five billion dollars in its EV division this year.
  3. It’s also a function of size as well, among other factors. (You seem to be flummoxed by the whole multi variable thing)
  4. Let’s get back on track. “On Tuesday Tesla, the world’s largest EV maker, reported that its adjusted earnings plunged 48% in the first quarter as revenue fell 9%, after it reported the first year-over-year drop in sales since the pandemic.”
  5. Yeah…that makes sense until you realize PA also has farms, major highways heavy duty trucks, cars, SUVs, pick up trucks and “fuel combustion from stationary sources” California’s air quality should be improving from its declining population if nothing else.
  6. From WebMD The ten cities with the worst air pollution in America include: Los Angeles CA #1 Bakersfield CA Visalia CA Fresno CA Sacramento CA San Diego CA San Francisco CA BillV didn’t you mention something about California’s air quality compared to “less developed” states? I’m sure Olof will try to blame Mexico BTW Pennsylvania has a higher population density than California, we get the majority of our electricity from fossil fuels and our air is still cleaner.
  7. Now you are making excuses for San Diego’s poor air quality
  8. Apparently you don’t know the difference between San Diego and San Francisco
  9. “We have long been concerned about the proliferation of diesel backup generators here in the Bay Area, as highlighted in this report,” said Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. “Emissions from these backup generators can harm local residents, regional air quality and the global climate. This is particularly true in communities already overburdened by air pollution and the Air District is actively pursuing regulations to curb this pollution.” This pollution, in turn, may trigger upwards of $31.8 million in annual health costs in the Bay Area and $103.9 million in South Coast communities, due to increases in mortalities, heart attacks, hospital visits and other adverse consequences – particularly in vulnerable communities.” Here is some reality for you.
  10. AKA reality that makes your butt hurt
  11. To answer your question, the pollution comes from all of the diesel generators when rainbows and unicorn farts are unable to keep up with demand. “CARB’s ATCM for Diesel Particulate Matter from Portable Engines Rated at 50 Horsepower or Greater (Portable Diesel Engine ATCM) allows the use of emergency-use engines to provide back-up power during PSPS events”
  12. It’s also better than Los Angeles
  13. California coal plants = 1 Pennsylvania coal plants = dozens. On a per capita basis, Pennsylvania burns more coal than California, and California produces more solar and wind on a per capita basis, yet Pennsylvania has better air quality and cheaper electricity.
  14. Bottom line, we have better air quality and cheaper electricity from fossil fuels than San Diego with all of its solar panels , windmills and EVs. That will make you butt hurt but those are the facts.
  15. We have more coal fired power plants than California and better air quality. Clear enough for you?
  16. I don’t know, what difference would that make? BillV’s point was that California’s green energy was conducive to better air quality. My point was we mine, frack and burn fossil fuels in our power plants, homes, and vehicles and we still have better air quality than California. The fact that we help the the world by sharing in our bounty has no bearing on that fact.
  17. Well we have lots of SUVs and pickup trucks burning gas and diesel and still have better air quality than San Diego BTW I could have listed dozens of fossil fuel power plants, I just gave you the two closest.
  18. Shawville generating station (coal fired) 30 miles upwind, Penn State power plant (natural gas) located in town(right on campus). It helps to have a clue, you won’t look so foolish.
  19. I’m still waiting on the evidence of your claims
  20. That is odd as State College PA (right in the heart of coal and fracking country) has better air quality than San Diego
  21. If that is all you have, it might be best you stay on the porch son.
  22. Is this a new phenomenon? Wasn’t this the case five years ago? The Fed has done what it can through monetary policy the problem lies in fiscal policy and the Democrats profligate deficit spending.
  23. Biden’s staff tried to give KJP the boot for being terrible at her job and failed. They should have known better as she has triple DEI super powers of being female, black and gay.
  24. “Four more years…pause” Yes folks he actually read the directions on the teleprompter. He also committed to a debate with Trump, something his handlers will surely walk back.
  25. Still avoiding the question