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  1. Super awesome guy. Did lot's of jumps and tunnel with him over the years. One year, at an invitational at the home zone, I had a tooth problem that was a real pain. That night, after sufficient anesthetic was applied, Nick got after it with whatever was handy in the kitchen while the whole load looked on giving encouragement. Good times, great memories. He'll be sorely missed, that's a fact.
  2. There is a free jump for you on account at Skydive Oregon.
  3. Yes, well, I supplied a pretty graph, honey (thanks for permission Wendy!). So there!
  4. The nincompoop in chief thought that he could get Netanyahu to degrade the likely next US president on an open line call. What a maroon.
  5. 'tis. For a change the nation is going to hell elsewhere than here.! Until tomorrow probably but today the bird and bunny people rule!
  6. Yee-hah! 'Cause herd stupidity here we are!
  7. This is hands down the best advice you will receive, that's assuming you are aware enough to get your weight normalized before any elective surgery. I call it pre-hab. Even if it hurts it'll save you from a lot of more painful rehab.
  8. Look at you! It's never too late to work on ones vocabulary, usage and context being pedantic concerns don't you know? What?
  9. Tony Bobulinski? Now I need to unsnort the tea off of my keyboard.
  10. That's the general idea. 6 hours of depo and 2+ hours of travel time per day and their clients get nada except a fat bill. Sets a very conciliatory tone.
  11. Probably it was the lawyers depo style and how she was coached. Depositions are tricky bits with the trickiest bit not saying something that reads as something else later on. I like to listen to the question, write the question down, and then read back the question asking if I had it correctly. If so then a bit of pondering is in order before offering a yes or no or not much more. If not then rinse, wash, repeat.
  12. Well, it's just unfortunate it's fallen to me to say it but you've been resting on your laurels far too long. We expect more, and honestly, it's fine if you just make something up. Entertain us, please.
  13. Why? We have you. Please search out some cool stuff and post it.
  14. So what? He's Canadien and fair game. I tried fitting in a dose of Fox for a while just to combat the argument that I only watch/listen to________________ fill in the blank. But it is just a waste of time and completely predictable. I don't think there is anything to be learned about anyone from watching it that we don't already know. Especially the people who believe it's "fair and balanced".