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  1. In 2006 I had a very fun time learning to eat fried giant locusts and dried squid with some trans and other types of sex workers in Thailand. If I could do it again I would in a heart beat.
  2. How do you square this with your Christian beliefs? Same question. Coreece, this is the essence of primal belief systems of which Christianity, your personal belief system, is dominant locally. All of us, me included, experience the numinous and the transcendent in our lives. I think that's normal. But the finding of what is not there thing is where we diverge. Do you believe what you just posted or not?
  3. Absolutely we need to be asking what our country can do for us. We built the businesses, we paid our taxes, we did all that was asked of us. In exchange a minority of Americans are controlling our government, the christian right-also a minority- are forcing their beliefs on us, add in your own bitches here............ From my perch we are not getting back from our country what we should. We are not getting what we paid for. Females are being reduced to chattel, an autocrat is poised to succeed, too many of our congress critters are happily going to sleep each night hoping for the rapture. And I'm supposed to ask what I can do for my country?
  4. Then you should either give me likes or subscribe to my channel.
  5. Sorry son, but picking was my usage and you are stealing it. Whatever bangs your wangers, I guess. There is nothing for me to let go. As I have pointed out here previously you have a real talent for reading for inconsistency and a pit bulls disposition. I think I observed then that you'd be great on a legal team reading opposition briefs. But here it seems that all you do, or want to do, is tear other peoples posts apart; you seem to really enjoy it. Also, you really don't seem to want to put yourself out there. Now, it won't come as a surprise to anyone, especially Brent, that I think he is often full of shit when he's being serious and full of mischief when he's not. But, unlike you, he is out there non-stop making new-ish points and waves and this forum would be less without him.
  6. You need to harden up, sonny. You aren't that important or interesting.
  7. jakee will never let go. All you are now is another crab at a crab pickin'
  8. I had a UPS Parcel delivered to the carrier in CA on the 11th for delivery on the 12th to a UPS store in Oregon. The first delay was this: Your shipment 1ZXF0461039451.... Estimated delivery Tuesday, April 16 by 7:00 P.M. The next delay was this: Your shipment 1ZXF0461039451.... Estimated delivery Wednesday, April 17 by 7:00 P.M. They have their problems, too, and have never offered money back to me. Just sorry's. USPS Next day or Two day is always a lot better priced than UPS or FedEx domestic rates and as reliable or better from Oregon for me. For delivery critical letters to the FAA in Oklahoma City I always us the USPS.
  9. And an even better debater if you couldn't.
  10. Good to know. Can you get me a deal on batteries?
  11. He made his money the old fashioned way: as a public employee with a strong union, lifelong medical benefits, low interest loans secured by the government, and that offered full retirement on the public dole after a mere 20 years and by marrying it.
  12. That's the deal, really, and we all know it. Whether it's money in their pockets today, accepting harm to women in exchange for banning abortions now, putting Jesus in our schools and brown skinned folks in their place, or guns in their pockets, they will vote their personal issues and dissemble here when asked about their voting intentions. Winsor and Kallend are fond of pointing out that the US average IQ of 100 (or slightly less) renders many citizens incapable of participating in modern discourse and decision making. They are correct. I'd go further, I'd say the number is a bit higher at the minimum.
  13. He'll vote for Trump for the money, as others here will for the unborn children, and swear from the rooftops that he wrote in Howdy Doody.
  14. Seeing as how, according to Wiki, these were the Arizona Territories in 1864 does that mean that Phoenix is out and Flagstaff is in?
  15. You're joking, right? How old are you? Since forever women can have all of the penises they want.