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  1. You pretend to save your hope. I'm the only person I know, of all of the gun people I've known, who has ever used a gun to defend my home. In retrospect I am convinced that had I just stayed silent and where I was the intruder would have left without incident. But, I just had to take my .300 Savage off the wall, chamber a round and go down the hall. See? That's the problem. Guns can make you do dumb and unnecessary things like believe you need to defend yourself when you really do not.
  2. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.
  3. Nope. But you are inspirational, thank you.
  4. Seriously, a state with less than 4.5 Million people, less than 1.4% of our nations population, a state most famous for Baseball Bats, Horse Racing, Moonshine and Kentucky Fried Chicken, is controlling the future of America? Does anyone else see a problem here?
  5. I did. Sorry. Maybe, just maybe we should vet these Nigerian MD's a bit more closely. No matter, we're soon to be wearing Libtard patches on our sleeves the way things are going. Good for me I can escape to my pied-a'-terre the Peoples Republic of Joe. What a fiasco.
  6. Apparently, those sissies destroyed 2 Battalion Tactical Groups, albeit understrength units but then they all are it seems. Sunk their boats and took out the engineer units, too.
  7. For sure it's American donated M777's. That's what they used to destroy two BTG's attempting to cross the Donets.
  8. Jerry, Don't you find it ironic that it's we snowflake liberals who are all a giggle and agog whenever we hear about Ukraine kicking some impertinent Russian ass? And you don't hear about Democrats holding up military support to Ukraine, either. Someone on twitter took notice, too.
  9. Demon sperm? I typed that into Amazon and now my account is blocked. Thanks.
  10. Exactly. There are treaties governing use, of course. However, while an easement to pass through a property is good, having your kissing cousin own the land is much better.
  11. Geopolitics can be confusing. Grab a map. The Bosphorus connects the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles connects the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean Sea. Both run through Turkey. That, and to put it mildly, most NATO countries have divergent interests at some level. It is simply a marriage of convenience not a religious litmus test.
  12. It ain't easy being green. No worries, only we'un's need be concerned over our permanent records.
  13. It's not just you, it's just that certain political factions have correctly observed that introducing stress into a system makes it easier to cause the rats to bite each other. Then, whilst they are so distracted, their cages can be made smaller and smaller causing more biting and distraction until biting each other is all they care about.
  14. I'm with you buddy. I've had a hell of a life I also can't recall. I do have a Bill Booth story but you weren't there so it doesn't count.
  15. OK, so let's collaborate and find some poor, miserable, unaware, but cheery and excited victim and set them on the path to greatness.