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  1. JoeWeber


    Mommy, I am so sorry I told you to fuck yourself! Yes, I know I pledged to Support the Constitution and Laws of the State of Oregon (ORS181A.065) when I took this job but hey, people fuck up, right? Anyway Guvnor', we accept your apology and please excuse us while we go outside and laugh our asses off.
  2. JoeWeber


    Given how things are evolving, and that he did tell the Governor to go Fuck herself, there must be some chance they'll find his behavior to be deplorable.
  3. JoeWeber


    Right. He's on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. And, if the video isn't proved to be possibly inaccurate and if the several eye and ear witnesses don't retract their statements or otherwise be shown biased and it turns out to be true then the Oregon State Police will impose the maximum punishment. They will be thoroughly disappointed. You can not have a true democracy with out police accountability. We no longer have that in America. “The involved trooper has been placed on administrative leave,” Fox said in a statement. “OSP is early in the investigation, but if found to be true, we are thoroughly disappointed and expect our troopers to follow the governor’s executive orders and be examples in the community.”
  4. Good googaloo, man. You haven't been paying much attention to the national number? You are paying attention to just your local situation? Seriously, quit dragging the conversation here down. If you aren't serious post on Bonfire.
  5. JoeWeber


    Please detail what you believe the Republican platform to be and which planks make a second Trump term worthwhile.
  6. When the police unions make officers believe they are immune from prosecution. airdvr, you need to look deeper into things. No one wants to have a fully neutered police force. Most folks want a smart, well qualified, well paid but smaller and demilitarized force. Unfortunately the "we can never give an inch lest the commie abortionist welfare queens who want to end Christmas" conservative faction, as always, don't want to give an inch.
  7. #1. Even if they were manufactured by the Legit Reserve Company and being sold by USPA get a trusted rigger to examine the thing for airworthiness and confirm that she will pack it for you. In my mind there really isn't a legal grey zone. (see attached FAA rulings) The Fed's ruled that no life limits or additional maintenance instructions can be retroactively imposed on things they regulate outside of the NPRM and AD processes. In plain speak, if the life limit was not imposed when the thing was born only the FAA can add new limits. This came about because all of aviation can be a real shit show sometimes. Because the Fed's are busy with other things Aircraft and Parachute manufacturers were able to change the rules years after a thing was born and bought. Because we're all scared of dying we all just went along with it. The problem is that whereas some manufacturers were really doing what was the right thing to do others were just out to sell more stuff. Fast forward to 2008 and 2010 and we received favorable rulings from the Fed's that the manufacturers shouldn't be out there doing the Fed's job. So now, if your airplane was born in 2000 you only need to do what the 2000 maintenance manual requires plus whatever the Fed's added on. But you do not need to do what the Factory requires of 2001 aircraft because they have different FAA Approved Maintenance Data. So it sort of boils down to whether your rigger will certify it and your comfort level. Would you rather jump a 20 year old reserve that's never seen sunlight or the one I aired out every few day's when I was learning to Psycho Pack? Hopefully this helped some. FAA Ruling 2.pdf FAA Rulings 1.pdf
  8. JoeWeber


    So in reality his post rally freshly fucked but can't remember who and coming home after an all night party look was fake news?
  9. JoeWeber


    How so? You didn't like your dog?
  10. JoeWeber


    Three back to back posts? You must be nervous. Go for it, Ron.
  11. JoeWeber


    We who are about to die salute you!
  12. JoeWeber


    This sucks. It's my birthday and the asshole wore a pink shirt to a Trump rally.
  13. No, I do not think so. I think that DZO's should have taken some of their increased profits and spent it on better airplanes, fresher engines and better pilot training.
  14. And we won't need to spend all day wondering who did it to us.