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  1. Look man, you buy jump tickets and land your parachute. That's the extent of your skin in the game. You are also lucky enough to jump at a business that supports your discipline. Count your lucky stars.
  2. Er,um, so you participate in something someone else organized and think that means you have the right to talk? Got it.
  3. Unless you became a swooper and a competitor at a facility other than a regular DZ you really don't have a bone to pick. Stop moaning that the world doesn't revolve around you and your particular brand of fun and get out here on the sharp end of the stick and do something. You know, open a DZ that encourages nothing but hard core swooping and show us how it's done. Otherwise take what awesomeness you are given without complaint.
  4. No, it is not about banning the sport you love. Some of us are of the position that 1. After experiencing first hand hook turn fatalities and horrendous, but somehow survivable, hook turn injuries (one where I was close to doing a tracheotomy while stanching the blood from where his femur rod from his last hook turn screw up was sticking out through his custom swoop shorts) have concluded they aren't the best fit in a public DZ environment. And 2. That owing to the fact the throughput for swoop competitions comes through DZ's, and that many injuries and fatalities result from these DZ's creating competitors for USPA's competitions that maybe USPA ought not to be pushing it so hard. I don't know, maybe if a DZ had an off site pond and landing area far enough away that the ambulances weren't more obvious than any traffic accident it would be a wonderful thing. But I've tried it both ways and I don't think it's a good fit in front of the public.
  5. Anything for peace in our time.
  6. Why, when with a little bit courage we can keep alive the sport we all love and a few more of our friends?
  7. They can keep each other in doubt about that as much as they do on too many other issues but they ain't foolin' the bigger half.
  8. And here are you engaging him, you a fan of the kill file. Consistency, Ken.
  9. Absolutely. We aren't Russia and we don't need May Day Parades. Militarizing our society, or even lionizing our military, isn't the best way to show respect for our veterans. The best way is to do whatever we can, at whatever expense, to ease them back into the society they served to protect.
  10. Adjacent and adjoining I think is their bafflement. No matter, by their logic your arterial and veinous systems are not adjoining or adjacent being below the surface as they are. Such taterheads, they are.
  11. No, you didn't. What you did do was one of your, possibly patentable, lame assed attempts to deflect away from your failures by denigrating others. In this case it was "Teslas Fanboys" instead of accurately describing them as Tesla customers and investors with foresight.
  12. Those "mud puddles" are called riparian zones. They have outsized ecological importance except to those who prefer ignorance and tribalism over knowledge.
  13. This is interesting for the few of us who didn't notice: check out the white borders on these documents from Mar-a-Lago. The thing about white borders is that it means they're copies. That's what copy machines do. The original yellow document in the upper right bleeds to the border as the red bordered secret documents here also do. Apparently, according to a shit load of laws that alone is jail time for someone.