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  1. Not unless you are also wearing swat gear, a kevlar helmet, a Trump 2024 jock strap, and waving your AR-15 overhead. Now that's patriotism.
  2. Instead, silly. Time to ditch that stodgy old patriotism for the new and exciting kind.
  3. Oh, goody! Can we teach first graders to do it? How cool would that be?
  4. Give me twenty-six soldiers of lead and I will conquer the world. -Johannes Gutenberg
  5. JoeWeber


    Then screw it, if anyone can show a positive anti-body test let's include them. But we must exclude all others or it'll be another pointless exercise.
  6. JoeWeber


    Day'am! You got's Mo, Madison and even Tommy Tuberville? I'm in. Hey, where's Louie Gomer?
  7. So you'd have a megalomaniacal black man as your president rather than a lettered female. Impressive. All I have to prove I'm not a racist is a black friend I had in school.
  8. Simple. We sell our homes, boats and tractors and live in yurts to set a fine example.
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    I am. I got my third Pfizer shot 7 weeks ago at 5 months past prime based on a Ouija board study and the Israeli program. Their latest self serving report confirms my decision indicating a +95% increase in general hopefulness. Probably, I'll try the Moderna for my 4th dose just to mix things up. BERLIN, Oct 21 (Reuters) - A booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) and German partner BioNTech SE (22UAy.DE) was 95.6% effective against the coronavirus when compared to a vaccinated group that did not get the third shot, data from a large study released by the companies showed on Thursday.
  10. Thanks. Drunk posting again. I'll edit.
  11. Thanks. I'm now enlightened.
  12. Sure, but no one knew in advance the real cost or the number of years. Also I did not state "But you do paint a seriously flawed portrait of a nation". I wrote: : "But you do paint a seriously flawed portrait of a nation that many free countries in the world rely on to send their kids to war and spend their treasure in the process." Maybe I should have worded it better but the point is that many of Americas friends rely on us to send our kids to war and spend our treasure while they sit back critiquing our motives and intentions while enjoying the benefits.To be clear, I am in no way saying what we do out the gate is always right. And yes, I am an evil enemy of my own profession but that was not my point. My point was that some of our friends jobs and economies relied on the markets created by our evil empire so a little understanding might be in order.
  13. In fairness, we aren't here for you personally to judge. We are flawed but we are not alone. But really, isn't it a little disingenuous of you to continue to point out our failings while relying on our existence? Truly, except for the border you are no less a son of America than I.
  14. Take a deep breath and try to separate your thoughts. A lot of Americans, not a few, objected to the Iraq invasion. No one knew it would be a 2 Trillion dollar and 20 year adventure at the onset. And we are not so callous to think our soldiers are simply expendable. Now, command leaders may take such a view going into combat, and they should, but thats not true of the overwhelming majority of Americans. G.W. Bush may have been out for sweet revenge, I'll agree. But you do paint a seriously flawed portrait of a nation that many free countries in the world rely on to send their kids to war and spend their treasure in the process.
  15. Try to separate the stupidity of the war from the facility of the weapon. I don't know, maybe your heart is so pure and your willingness to adhere to your philosophy so strong that you'd rather your friends or family be massacred by a homicide bomber than risk, against small odds, an innocent life lost in a drone strike. Well good for you. Me, well when I saw the footage of the attack on the car after 13 of our soldiers were killed by those maniacs I thought: f'n good. When I learned the attack was a mistake and an Afghani family was killed, I though that's really awful. I also thought, so be it, that's what can happen when your entire super well equipped and trained 300,000 man strong army surrenders on day one minus 20 and everyone else hides at home or tries to escape at the airport fucking it up for everyone else. The USA does not own 100% of every fuck up, believe it or not.
  16. I think he wasn't forced but chose to believe the intel he wanted to believe. Great man, no doubt, and very smart, too. But that's no guarantee against making a fool of yourself. I'm looking at you, BillVon.
  17. OK, thanks. Now when will you be back to take over here?
  18. JoeWeber


    That's a relief. Good that he wasn't infected by a repressed narrative like some here. That would be bad.
  19. I don't doubt that one of you is sufficient. But if you are the only Marine, how does it work that you have subordinates? I mean, we have 13 nuclear powered aircraft carrier battle groups. Can we not afford to give you a few privates?
  20. JoeWeber


    The Isreali Booster shot program seems to be paying off. From a Bloomberg article: "Confirmed infection rates were ~10-fold lower in the booster versus non-booster group,” the authors wrote. The benefit was even greater for older Israels. Infections dropped by a factor of 19 for people over 60, and by a factor of 22 for the 40-60 age group." They now also require a third shot to qualify for a vaccine passport. Based on their data we got our third shot at 5 months after the prime shots. Still don't have a tail, still believe in the moon landing.
  21. Seems to me that in the next election anyone who is a truck driver, or is willing to promise more truck drivers, will have a solid advantage. If you aren't up to it then maybe it's time for our first Canadian President.
  22. I don't know, but I think, given the current standards, I'd be willing to accept the admission standards of the local community college.