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  1. We survived 9/11, The Challenger, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, 2008, Skysurfers, and too many other national stress tests; we'll survive whatever chaos the Maga Maniacs, our 2nd Amendment mental inmates, and our unrestorable deplorables cause when Trumps indictments start rolling in. Civil unrest is not civil war. Me, I'm looking forward to watching as each and every cocked hat, cockamamy militia moron who thinks his perfectly, and stupidly, accessorized AR-15 is good for anything more than killing innocent bystanders, learns the hard way that they are just jerks with ridiculous penis extensions and not part of a well regulated militia when the National Guard disarms them and puts their stupid asses face first on the ground. Just because bad things will happen, store windows might be broken, and nice dogs will be kicked, does not mean we should continue giving in to our fears. That is to say bring it on. Like unruly kids what they all need is a good and thoroughly embarrassing ass whooping. The bottom line, my Liberal compatriots, is that now is an especially auspicious time to restrain our delicate sensibilities. Let the National healing begin. This Liberal, and very progressive, message of hope is brought to you from the People's Republic of Joe.
  2. What a crap piece of advice. Please tell the kid you were joking.
  3. The Ulvade cops knew it was an AR, a weapon even they referred to as a "Battle Rifle" as they cowered in he hallway afraid for their lives. What will it take for the Brents of the world to be able to recognize that their precious "platform" has our entire society, including our Police, paralyzed with fear; the weapon itself has become the embodiment of screaming fire in a theater. So what with the Second Amendment, they should be banned under the First Amendment. Officers arriving at Robb Elementary on May 24 had similar reactions as they realized that the gunman had an AR-15. “You know what kind of gun?” state Trooper Richard Bogdanski asked in a conversation captured on his body-camera footage outside of the school. “AR. He has a battle rifle,” a voice responded. “Does he really?” another asked. “What’s the safest way to do this? I’m not trying to get clapped out,” Bogdanski said.
  4. Nonsense. The Professor was being pedantic, probably overly irritated to learn from the casually intelligent that, even when it's Flight of the Phoenix grade toy airplanes, taxation from a distance is a real thing.
  5. And glad it's legal I am. The last thing we need is a prison system filled with incoherent mumblers who aren't ex-Presidents.
  6. Wowser. I can't wait until Ken gets here.
  7. Lighten up, man. You're long since done grading people and besides, personal experience very much equals data.
  8. The Secret Service will get a say in things so they will need to get the day in advance. I'm thinking it's real. Okay, I'm hoping it's real. I am tired of waiting to see Trumps first mug shot. In fact I plan on assembling a coffee table book of all of his mugshots and each and every moment a Judge announces a guilty verdict and later the sentence. Time to get the show on the road.
  9. Trump is now saying he'll be arrested Tuesday and, of course, calling for protests etc.. Maybe the long and dragged out process of prosecuting J6 insurrectionists has been long and dragged out enough to sink in with enough of his cult members to keep that down to a dull roar.
  10. Word is the halftime event is headlining Miley Cyrus. Has anyone heard anything?
  11. Golly, Professor, it's not like we're talking about your guns.
  12. So that means that any ice left now is impermanent? Makes sense, unless permanent means a maximum amount of time instead of, well, permanent.
  13. Sure, but just knowing that all of the war hawks who weren't satisfied containing Saddam with what was a working no fly zone, after arming him to fight Iran, were made happy by our reckless invasion is reward enough. Better yet, when we are forced to lay down our guns and ideals because we only know how to "fight them over there", not in Topeka, we'll all be dead. So, not a problem.
  14. I smoked my last bowl over 45 years ago. I think it took maybe a week before I realized how impossibly boring hard stoners can be. It's not complete and utter bullshit, it's complete and utter brain fog.
  15. Never mind. I stopped watching when the video went weirdo. I'l go stand in the corner with Brent.
  16. What are you seeing that I do not? I don't see impact damage to the tips or a bent blade.
  17. Probably no RC people are receiving direct subsidies from the government. But is a direct connection necessary? Maybe the money is being spent in one place and affecting RC flyers somewhere else. Possible, I suppose.
  18. I told Theresa about this as soon as you broke the story. Since that very moment she's been sewing shut my pockets. When will it all ever stop?
  19. A difference without a distinction, in my opinion. We need to quit subsidizing peoples toy airplanes to the tune of billions. So, is Kallend getting the money in cash or Chinese airplanes? Is he trading US math to the Chinese on the side? The whole thing seems a bit smarmy, I think.
  20. But it's understandable, right? After all, their parents were taught that hiding under a school desk was useful during a nuclear attack. To your larger point, the problem is the illusion that these things are manageable as a matter of societal policy that promotes more personal protection over mitigating the risk. We do not need bullet proof school back packs or school bus windows, we need bullet proof policies that promote an ethos that guns are the problem. We do not need to vilify guns; we need to not glorify guns. Perhaps, following the lead of cigarettes advertising, the box should have pictures of shooting victims not smiling hunters. True or not, we've allowed ourselves to be trained that cars aren't the problem, speeding in school zones is the problem. As far as I know there is no mention of either in the Constitution but we've worked that out reasonably. We can do the same with guns if the never give an inch crowd could just see giving an inch before it's their kid.
  21. There is no reason to get pissed off, generally, the sane understand the problem: the glorification of guns in America. Guy's like Brent with his silly non-points, like posting a picture of AR-15's and Ammo and observing that they don't auto load and kill kids, are the problem. The Second Amendment isn't the problem, either. Again, it's where we are at culturally. The First Amendment is not perfectly worded either but no one is claiming that screaming fire in a theater is protected speech. No. Our American gun problem is caused by our media, mostly, which preys on some people's selfishness and ignorance. If you believe the world is inherently dangerous then you likely think being armed is critical to survival. If you think the world is mostly a decent place to live if you just avoid some dangerous spots then you probably think it's dumb to carry a gun. In either case, you ought to scrutinize why you think the world is as you believe it is when so many others see it differently. And then honestly test your view.