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  1. Well, you've come to the right place for advice. The truth is that it is never too soon to start doubting and second guessing ones skydiving instructors.
  2. We have a right handy way to justify it: somebody has to be willing to pay the full price and a quick check of the Democracies of the World organizational chart reveals that we only got one somebody.
  3. Yes, and the payers are Americans. We could drop down to USD $22.8 Billion as some western democracies do, but then we all might need to start working on our Mandarin.
  4. We don't just suck we're also annoying. Maybe, just maybe if we weren't now condescendingly called foolish, too, it wouldn't seem so much like Ken's talking to someone too dumb to quit smoking.
  5. Us, foolish? Don't presume. Even if we don't at the Federal level we have our Red State Governors.
  6. I don't agree. I think the circumstances and timing merit praise. She is a Valedictorian in Texas. She slipped in nothing. Rather she gave a full throated rebuke of the antiquated thinking of her state, the Governor of Texas, her neighbors and, for all we know, her family, too. She spoke truth to power knowing there might be consequences. The sad reality in America is that a Valedictorian going off script to be god positive or LGBTQ negative is unlikely to cost you an extra cookie much less bad press. I think she'a a hero.
  7. Ken, I think Scalia pretzel twisted the phrase into an individual right as I've previously posted. No matter, my fight isn't with you or skydekker. In truth, there s much we agree on. My fight is with Americans who believe as you guy's do. I need them to understand this goes nowhere with a burn it down and build new strategy.
  8. It's almost as if the point is being willfully missed. No one sane thinks mass shootings are ever a win. The point is that firearms ownership in America will never be eliminated. Consequently, pointing out each and every gun travesty as evidence they must be banned is a pointless exercise. You need to accept that Americans are ten times as many as Canadians and our histories are far from identical. Simply put, it's different here. I personally think the second amendment was never intended to be interpreted as it has been by our courts. In fact, I place responsibility for most of these senseless deaths on our courthouse steps. But that doesn't matter. We have what we have and the best we can hope for, at this point, is incremental change.
  9. Ken, you take it too far. Guns are used in war but so are knives and sticks and stones. Who knows what firearm was used in the assault? It could have been a pistol like cops use for all we know at this point. When I worked in Canada I once gifted someone a nice rifle I bought at the Winnipeg Cabela's. He's a First Nations guy who loves to hunt. Are you in favor of disarming the First Nations people of their tools of war?
  10. I'm an ardent sizzle hoper, for sure. I'm speaking to the head in sanders who think that just because he's wounded he'll shortly die. Maybe he'll bleed out but it's still way too early to take a trophy picture, seems to me. In my religion it ain't meat until it's in the pan.
  11. Obviously they had it coming. Good thing someone brought their guns.
  12. My favorite are Chimera's. No one has yet to explain where the extra soul goes.
  13. One shot is fine for gophers and woodpeckers but not desirable when you kick two roosters out of a fence row. On that basis alone I'd say it's a non starter. The thing is, if we are going to get anywhere under the current legal interpretations we need to ask for a helluva lot less than a complete ban, which I oppose, on anything. I don't know if I agree 100% with Keith, for example I'd be for regulating ammo in a serious way, but I totally agree with the idea of increasing the amount of paperwork and expenses for certain firearms. I also completely agree with the idea of limiting expectations.
  14. The solution isn't definitional. The solution is political and politically this country, will for the foreseeable future, have a right to keep and bear arms not limited to a single shot. The reality is that even a general agreement amongst the majority of Americans on reasonable restrictions and regulations would be an uphill fight. The only path forward that has a hope in hell of working is trying for something like Keith proposes. If that happens then we let time do it's job.
  15. Alright, your free jump has been reinstated.
  16. Fellow Lefties, this is reality. And truly, it would be a damn fine result.
  17. It often seems that for many of my fellow Americans, because of their religious beliefs, school must have been about memorizing fictional characters and stories. Sort of it's like the second week of algebra when you're sitting there thinking that all you need to do is get your grade and you'll never again need to factor in anything hard to understand.
  18. "Like the Swiss Army Knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment," he wrote. This is just hilarious but also may explain a lot. It must be that these folks believe you start defending your home from somewhere down the street and then gradually retreat to your bedroom where you grab your shotgun.
  19. Pro tip: try to keep your opening salvo to a single sentence, or a short paragraph, max. Less for jakee to work with that way.
  20. Which nonexistent wrinkle are you shooting at this time? Are we now supposed to be up in arms over republican inspired underfunded child care and mental health systems. Are these the failures that allowed two disturbed kids the opportunity to break into a house and find several guns, including an AK-47 and bags of ammunition, just laying around for fun? Mind you, this weapons arsenal, is where two young girls live with their father. Try this: You've just been appointed King of America. You have one year to reduce by 1/2 the numbers of deaths indisputably linked to both mental health problems and gun proliferation but you can only work on one of the two. And it's super serious for South Carolina because if you fail they are going to cancel both Hannity and Judge Judy. Which do you choose?
  21. JoeWeber


    I wad my napkin or just forget about it and let it hit the floor. As far as the anthem goes, for me, it's sort of like when Ken suggested we all flag ourselves here. Why not, now that Trump is gone, right? The thing for me is we should be proud to be American not because of a song or flag but because of who we are as a people. For that I don't mind standing.
  22. JoeWeber


    I'm not ex-military or jingoistic and I've never minded standing for our anthem or anyone else's at a game. It's like a reminder that no matter how the ball or puck bounces don't forget it's just a game between friends.
  23. Please let's stop the giddy. He's not away, he is still here. Hopes and dreams are not actual charges.