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  1. That's fair, maybe. I suppose it could be a form of Tourettes, keyboard Tourettes if you will. Uncontrolled profanity and bullying etc. would fit the syndrome.
  2. He keeps trolling us with vitriol and outrageous, inflammatory statements and flooding the forum with new hate filled topics. That's the new normal here, I guess. Apparently he needs a few more nicely posed, gentle explanations about basic, decent human conduct.
  3. Judge Sullivan may get a bite at the apple. Stand by.
  4. JoeWeber


    My trust level in all levels of our government is at a lifetime nadir. Other than that, I'm good.
  5. Lippy, I am definitely warming up to your style. Well played.
  6. JoeWeber


    I had the same experience in Oregon earlier this month. I chose to see it as an attempt at liability protection, but that's probably the DZO in me.
  7. JoeWeber


    That's a fact. Just saying this will pass is no excuse for voting for him in the first place much less the second time.
  8. JoeWeber


    His hissy fit can now be ignored only because his hack at the GSA ascertained that Biden won and let the transition begin. The day before that was different. You know, a full scale press to suborn the will of the electorate. Stuff like that. Today the asshat, without congressional approval, moved a C-130 Wing to Savannah, GA to assist Perdue in the Senate run-off. 60 day's will pass in 60 days but the damage he has done will be a permanent scar.
  9. JoeWeber


    Once there are people with government job titles and public employee union job protections administering the program it'll be hard to shut down.
  10. JoeWeber


    Maybe. But an official government mandated tracking system does seem a little much. They already have the ability to track us by cell phone, cctv and more so maybe the horse has already escaped the barn. Still.....
  11. I sort of believe that the anonymity of the internet is a bit like truth serum for knuckleheads. Now that the transition is official and Trump is down to Giuliani and Kermit the Frog for lawyers I wonder what Ron and Depends Team 6 at the end of the road BF Georgia are plotting?
  12. Sure you would, Pops. Which one would you smack with your Geritol bottle first, the girl pointing her finger?
  13. That can't be right. I know for a fact that whether I'm wearing underwear or not my farts smell the same. Clearly there is another mechanism at work here.
  14. This exciting message was brought to you by the Private Scientists at the Bremen Biergarten Boys Club.
  15. You're just being argumentative for the fun of it. Yoink and mrcwood are spot on. Just wait a little longer, you know, like as if the story was unfolding.
  16. We aim to please, take our cruise missiles for example. Oh, sorry, you already do! GSA just approved the transition.Trump announced that he approves although he still intends to win. In other news (a bit in the breeze still) apparently Trump in already renovating his residence in Mar-a-Lago. That should be interesting because his approval specifically precludes his having a personal residence there. I reckon Rudy will sort that out.
  17. You are assuming. Wanting him prosecuted in order to stop him from being elected again is a stand alone desire.
  18. I definitely don't think you are a liar. It seems to me that you simply want to see a consensus somewhere and then nice our way out of this horrible mess. The thing is that consensus building isn't always the best plan and nice will usually lose out to wicked and cruel. Honestly, I think that everyone who still believes that we need to go high when they go low needs to stand aside while those in favor of overkill until absolute certainty give it a go.
  19. Not every circumstance has an historical parallel with proven solutions on offer. I see this as such a situation. If the State can emasculate Trump and reduce his effectiveness such that he is not a potential 2024 contender that would be great. If the damage done was such that someone in favor of using Federal charges to damage him and his political brand was persuaded the job was already done then fine, pardon him. But arguing now that it's wrong, counter productive or unnecessary to prosecute him federally is putting the solution in front of knowing of the problem. First, let's just have one day where he isn't using the office for other than personal gain and selfish assaults, at the minimum, and then let's decide how far we should go to be rid of him.
  20. Maybe you should stop writing Russian novels. The emoticon was a welcome abbreviation, though.
  21. That's understandable. Here's help: your last post took 593 words to say nothing you haven't already said.