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    Previously I asked if you wanted to know what the term is. The term is Echolalia. Palilalia is also in play.
  2. Yep. I'll put a decent Bourbon aboard so if you stop by The Peoples Republic of Joe you won't be disappointed.
  3. If you were 21 years old or less, and Russian, during WWII you had less than a 20% chance of being alive after the war. What is stunning to me is that it must be a cultural thing. Modern Russian society is connected to the world. They know how their leaders think. And yet, like our own brainwashed many here in the US, they buy the bullshit and let it happen. The world we hoped would happen seems no longer on offer; too many yearn for no choices and controlled stability. It's a bitter pill to swallow but that's how it is.
  4. Say's a failed DZ Manager and TM at a tiny DZ, who has as their defining credential the ability to wear the same color clothes as everyone else and sleep where they are told on demand. Thanks for the news and, even more, the affirmation of your uncontrollable need to convey it. There is a term for it, if you are interested.
  5. While you've most certainly earned the right to have an opinion on the passage of time, given that history isn't over yet and the American Borg have only just begun assimilating us, we ought to reserve a bit of judgement. Seems to me that once they have us plugged into our charging ports life won't be that interesting at all.
  6. Isn't that the truth. What's really crazy is that the nutters didn't need a majority to make it happen. And now in broad daylight they're comfortable holding their annual seance in Hungary to learn more about co-opting democracy from Victor Orbán. We most certainly do live in interesting times.
  7. Absolutely. The sad, simple, fact of the matter is that some kids will always need to be held by an ear lobe when speaking in public.
  8. Hmmm... except for your overwhelming desire to prove you aren't racist by recognizing accomplished African-Americans isn't Mr. Musk as much a Canadian-American or American-American? Or, as you are no doubt goosing yourself over, a Republican-American.
  9. Well, I don't know about the science but solid empirical data suggests otherwise.
  10. Let's also not pretend a pimple, or any other assemblage of inanimate cells, is a baby.
  11. I do. Besides being happy with our strengthened NATO alliance and how he's handling the war in Ukraine I am totally thrilled that he is occupying the Oval Office and not Trump. Even if I were to concede he's made some domestic policy errors just knowing that it's mere incompetence not rank criminality as the root cause makes me happy.
  12. In a nutshell it's your right to keep your health information private, sort of. But in a world where privacy is no longer a constitutional right that can change. On the bright side maybe we'll get Trumps grades now.
  13. So as I imagine you in your throes of, er, wealth I can only see one way all parties are overlooking the water. Do I have it right?
  14. The political leverage could be a simple as knowing that by treaty an attack on Finland would require a response from all of NATO. Even a serious looking bluff would require something in kind. Not to mention we'd receive even more piercing insights into who is willing to pay for what and when. I see nothing gained by changing the games rules at this juncture. I concede I might be wrong but that's how I'd play it right now.
  15. Sorry, for sure someone like AOC will introduce the "Save Coastlines not the World" bill and that will end it.
  16. I see what Finland gains short term, I don't see what NATO gains-at this particular moment. If Russia attacks a non-NATO Finland we can choose to respond or not and to whatever degree seems appropriate. Why add an unnecessary trigger point, and potentially give Russia additional political leverage, at an inconvenient time? Yes, that's entirely transactional but so is everything geopolitical.
  17. The US can't control what Turkey does anymore than we can control India. Honestly, when the time is right I won't care if we make Finland the capital of the world and force everyone to be happy and have a home sauna. I simply think now isn't the time to add a country that has an 800 mile border with Russia given that NATO is fighting a proxy war over something similar at the moment.
  18. I suppose. But I further suppose that given the rest of what the US is supplying to fight what has become a proxy war that not having US air assets flying over Ukraine when an ally nearby Ukraine can do so is a good thing. Regarding Finland, I just do not see how the value of bringing them into NATO exceeds the additional friction it will cause especially now.
  19. All the shine of a thousand spotlights All the stars we steal from the night sky Will never be enough Never be enough Towers of gold are still too little These hands could hold the world but it'll Never be enough Never be enough
  20. I concede your point on Sweden. Thank you. But Finlands move is self serving. I don't blame them but were it my call I'd be happy to point out the late isn't always better than never, parachute deployment comes to mind, and optics do matter. Please wait awhile.
  21. And now Turkey is gobbling loud over Finland and Sweden joining Nato, but it's mostly Finland. I see their point, actually. Yes, they have Erdoğan, and he's a pill. But he's a pill that is supplying one Bayraktar TB2 Drone a day to Ukraine. Those drones are proving decisive. What can Finland supply a day? Lutefisk? That and why should NATO poke the bear again by taking on a country contiguous to Russia when NATO is already busy defending another country contiguous to Russia because Russia doesn't want another NATO country contiguous to Russia? As they say, timing is everything and Finland and Swedens after the fact decision that non-participation in a defensive treaty is on reflection, not in their best interests really is a bit offensive.
  22. I don't know about that. Crazy people do crazy things.
  23. I still am. I never thought of WWIII as a land war.
  24. You pretend to save your hope. I'm the only person I know, of all of the gun people I've known, who has ever used a gun to defend my home. In retrospect I am convinced that had I just stayed silent and where I was the intruder would have left without incident. But, I just had to take my .300 Savage off the wall, chamber a round and go down the hall. See? That's the problem. Guns can make you do dumb and unnecessary things like believe you need to defend yourself when you really do not.