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  1. You only reinforce my points. Step away from the obvious fact that law enforcement is a social necessity. No one is arguing otherwise. Nor is anyone arguing that the overwhelming percentage of cops are not good people out doing a hard and sometimes dangerous job well. The argument is that none of that is an explanation, much less an excuse, for killing citizens who are not in the act of harming someone. The argument is that what's missing is a softer touch and some serious, real time, accountability when bad cops do horrible things like shoot someone several times in the back at close range. The argument is that there is no valid argument that we need accept those acts as an inevitable cost of our general societal protective scheme.
  2. airdvr, you don't get it. You live in a world of forced false equivalencies. Have you never wanted to punch a wall or break something? Can you not imagine being that pissed off or frustrated? Cops sign up to play by different rules. Things have morphed to where they can snub those rules. Few do, that's true. But with cops it shouldn't be a percentage game because, especially now in 2020, they have the power. Life and death power. How is that so hard for you to understand?
  3. You could say the same about any group but with the police there needs to be a higher standard. If for no other reason than because with their protective unions they are all but unaccountable to those who are paying their wages to be protected. Yes there are amazing cops, I have some for friends, but that does not mean that egregious police behavior should not be severely dealt with in ways that send a loud and clear message. I don't see that happening. And while we're at it let's ditch the war suits they wear. The criminals are clearly not impressed so what's the point other than military esprit?
  4. Meanwhile, in Molalla, Oregon, where the city was evacuated due to an encroaching forest fire, they caught two county sheriff's out protecting and serving by spreading rumors that "antifa motherfuckers" were starting fires and looting homes. Helpful as always they further explained-on film-how to shoot the motherfuckers and get away with it. On top of all of the other misery where lives and homes are being lost and people are missing they helped out by freaking people out about leaving their homes vacant while they evacuated and caused the 911 lines to become useless for emergencies. Of course the Clackamas County Sheriff dealt with it firmly by putting them on paid administrative leave until it all goes away. Lovely.
  5. JoeWeber


    Not only is Trumps health plan ready it also being successfully implemented. Promise kept.
  6. A lot of folks will never believe the cops need a shorter leash until their own sorry asses are prodded by the shitty end of a police baton. Of course for most, owing to the socioeconomic divide, that will likely never happen. Consequently they will continue believe, but never say out loud, that the affected assholes had it coming and should have taken it quietly according to the plan. It's sort of like when your dad cuffs you up side the head figuring that even if you were innocent you likely did something else so the system is working. Most of us here are along in years it seems. Just for giggles, think about your current relationship with the police. Are you more on guard today then you were 40 years ago? If so, why is that? Is it you?
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    Pretty much, because your point is a comparison in nature, you could have said any two names.
  8. For that, Mr. Murps, you'll need to take a number and stand in line.
  9. I'm a believer. I notice there are three dots between 1820 and 1860 and 5 dots between 1980 and 2000. Would that indicate that planetary spin is slowing as global warming speeds up? Maybe it'll slow enough that we can get off.
  10. Then why should he? That makes no sense. I'm not sure who's in charge of mowing those Asian Grasslands but as the attached chart shows landscaping has been on a steady rise in the US at the same time that landline use has been going down. Coincidence? Cause-effect? There must be a reason. No reading required.
  11. Maybe, but as the attached chart clearly shows, volcano usage worldwide has been on a steady increase.
  12. Herd mentality, of course, being a spot on description of Trumps base.
  13. I'm thinking that some peoples mom's told them that before crossing a road you need to look one way.
  14. Yep. You'd be fucked, alrighty. I'll pray for you. In the meantime continue to take it seriously and stay away from assholes who don't.
  15. Why would you not survive? Comorbitities?
  16. An unregulated explanation, being necessary to the security of a future meaning, the requirement that the first part of a sentence to be related to the last part of a sentence shall not be assumed.
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    Exactly. F'm, right? That's why the cart for the bodies comes round each morning, not our problem. Hey, I was wondering, who pays for the body wagon?
  18. Alrighty then, "according to press reports", it's time to threaten Iran with annihilation. Not according to actionable intelligence. Nope, our president only uses the best sources: OANN and Fox and Friends.
  19. Kettle meet airdvr: "Increased asthma among Olympic athletes seem be due to a multitude of factors including, daily training and frequent competitions of high intensity and during with increased ventilation, which leads to epithelial damage and bronchial hyper-responsiveness and inflammation that leads to asthma symptoms. Because asthma is the most common chronic disease in Olympic athletes, it is important that the present available treatment according to international guidelines enables those with asthma to compete on an equal level and with equal success as other healthy athletes. Former Olympians with asthma, are Justine Henin who captured the gold in Athens in 2004, US swimmer Tom Dolan who won gold in Atlanta in 1996 and in 2016 US swimmer Kelsi Worrell who competed in Rio." This is no more than a quick lift from Alan Khadavi. MD. The idea is that asthma is not one big debilitating thing. Maybe a guy can do civilian athletic activities but still not pass a military medical exam.
  20. The Firecatcher is slated to be powered by the new-ish PT6A-67F, a variant of the well proven 67D model. The 67F is also slated to power the latest Pilatus PC-12 NGX aircraft, although I think that hasn't been announced yet. It's a full electronic digital control variant. No prop lever, electronic fuel control etc.. Over temp and over torque protections etc. Extreme reliability. Just what we want.
  21. Russian troops, that is. MIG 29's doing the flyover and the guy on the right looks to be carrying an AK-47. Awesome.
  22. I feel like the righties we engage with here recognize his inability to care for others in any meaningful way. But they're not appalled by it, as we are, because they actually believe that self centeredness is the essential natural order. For them, our attention to it is simply confusing.
  23. Trump said in his interview with the Review-Journal that he is not afraid of getting the coronavirus from speaking at the indoor rally. “I’m on a stage and it’s very far away,” Trump said. “And so I’m not at all concerned.” “I’m more concerned about how close you are, to be honest,” Trump told a Review-Journal reporter who thought she was socially distanced. Later, when she told Trump she had tested negative earlier in the day, Trump mugged that he felt “100 percent better.”
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    Bill, don't you think his explanation to Woodward that he didn't want to cause a panic was true? Surely he wasn't thinking about the people, he was thinking about the stock market.