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  1. Another way to force them is through a national minimum wage that is gauged to cover basic living expenses in the workers area but has an agreed upon national cap. And, no, I would not leave that calculation to the localities. Couple that to a single payer national health system and the problem is mostly solved. Welcome aboard.
  2. This will cause supply side heads to burst but maybe it's not a labor shortage; maybe it's a paycheck shortage. I'll hazard a guess that even in Ohio no corner offices are being sublet due to lack of tenants.
  3. I apologize, I often fail to make myself clear. I was hoping you'd take a moment away from writing for The Onion. That said, including the historical context of two Sundays ago and putting Tom Colicchio in parentheses certainly adds an air of authority. But it really wasn't necessary; if Leslie Stahl is reporting everyone is already sitting tall and taking notice.
  4. If you can take a few minutes away from trying to get The Onion to publish your work, please cite which studies support your assertion that the parents of restaurant workers don't live in cities and, in particular, not the cities where their children worked in restaurants.
  5. Thanks, but not really. It might harm my sense of humility.
  6. That is not unethical or away from the norm. You use your connections in life, familial or not. In fact, feel free to toss my name around for free jumps in the other 49 states. My pleasure.
  7. I would think that banging the secretary is more immediately understandable but then I'm no engineer.
  8. We need to stop calling them affairs. It's like saying you need to go #2.
  9. No. Whereas we shouldn't expect Fentanyl to become widely accepted anytime soon pot wasn't anything back when and it still isn't. Sexual assault was, still is and will remain not only abhorrent but illegal. You should be ashamed to equate the two. Maybe down in your part of the South the idea of grown adults being willingly flexible in their marital arrangements is a crime against humanity but, sorry to inform you, it ain't necessarily so or even an offense between the participants for a hell of a lot of people.
  10. Sure, that or something else right? In the wake of Trump, writ large is the persistent simple mindedness of the right. Now they want to know where's the unity? Where's the accountability? Where's the bipartisanship? And, my favorite to date, what's up with Jill Biden's stockings? Trump won the right because they are mostly just as transactional. Questions like why hasn't Biden reversed Trump's China tariffs make sense to some because they tend to believe that when you have your knee on someone's throat it's just the natural order of things to press harder. America is not now divided; we have been divided and the last several years have simply made it plain.
  11. As ever binary Brent asks an either/or question. Taking over a Presidency isn't a clean slate start. It's more akin to taking over someones play in a chess game. You don't get to play the opening move.
  12. Sure. And I don't know whether it's brazen hypocrisy or a stunning lack of self awareness by folks who voted for Trump not once but twice to now opine on the need for accountability from our politicians but what I do know is that it's galling.
  13. Indeed. And candidates who claim they break the law, you know like grabbing pussies without invitation, shouldn't be voted for. That's just common sense, right?
  14. As I pointed out previously, now it's just another federal service job and the employees have rights.
  15. Well, hopefully they aren't refusing PT because they might get a boo-boo and skippy rope is too girly.
  16. That, hands down and against stiff competition, is one of your lamest statements yet. You realize we are all skydivers, yes? Some of us are also accomplished pilots, motocross racers, rock climbers, base jumpers, speed flyers, extreme scuba divers and a shit pot full of other cool risky things. But here are you in all of your brave glory being sad for us that we don't have the balls to go to Disneyland or your favorite Chucky Cheese owing to our fear of dying. Whatever.
  17. Think deeper, grasshopper. Always you focus on a snap shot in time but time flows. All of time that you see today is only the accumulation of time past. Like the light from distant stars or the prospect of a visit from your mother in law, for examples.
  18. Hysteria, as I already have pointed out. In this instance it is hysteria fomented by those with a financial interest. Remember when the Stiletto wasn't available without a credential? Every Johnny Jet Shoes in Skydiving just had to have one. It's just marketing Brent and you are the marketed.
  19. JoeWeber


    Of course not. Westerly just loves ejaculating.
  20. And it's a damn pity that you are dispositionally unable to see the true cause. I hope you can score some more 6.5 Creedmore ammo before the hysteria is too high.
  21. Yours is such a simple way of seeing things, really. Unless the corporation is a monopoly that cares not a whit about market share then all of the normal pricing pressures will still be in effect. You need some real world business experience where your own coin is at stake. Tax burden isn't the be all end all. For example, one corporation might see it as a market benefit, to wit, when additional costs are applied across the competitive board equally then the strongest hands will have an advantage. Let me give you a real world example you can relate to: if Part 135 was imposed on Skydiving I would win huge regardless of the additional costs. That's because I'm positioned to bear it so the gained market share would more than offset the additional costs.
  22. What about that $1.9 Trillion Dollar backfire? There is yet no border or guns backfire outside of the right wing echo chamber. He hasn't yet been president for a Trump University Semester. Stay chill.
  23. Thank you Brent, and God bless you for keeping the economy going.
  24. That is freakin' hilarious. But don't you be selling Jerry short. I'm sure he's offered to trade sex for a number of things, quite a number I'd wager.
  25. You guys are like watching someone eat soup with a fork. Try hard to understand that no laws about anything are ever written or implemented in a perfectly timely manner. Furthermore, because we are a representative democracy, the laws are often muddled and are never perfectly targeted. Pretty much, the best we can hope for is to careen from guardrail to guardrail until we arrive somewhere close to where we wanted to go. That's the ways the laws here work so, in the words of Richard Feynman, you don't like it then go somewhere else.