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  1. winsor


    My old home town.
  2. winsor


    I think being a 'racist' is a given. It wasn't until, during a discussion about something unrelated, someone pointed out that I was "a racist honky motherfucker," that I came to that realization. How can I dispute that logic?
  3. Oddly enough, a large percentage of the 'cowboys of the old West' were former slaves. With Western expansion, a significant number of people were needed who were skilled with livestock, were accustomed to bad food, bad pay and terrible conditions, and for former slaves this was nothing new. A great uncle of mine was lured to the West in the 1870s by romanticized popular literature of the time, and lasted a couple of years. He returned to Massachusetts, where he became a successful merchant and never looked back Rather a few cowboys of renown were former slaves, though not much was made of it at the time. Deadwood Dick comes to mind, in that you can read much about him that doesn't make mention of race. We tend to view the past and future as extensions of our own experience, but this can be misleading. In some cases where we might assume that, if things are not okay now they must have been worse in the past, this is not at all the case. Various prejudices that seem deeply entrenched now were almost unknown in the past, and vice versa ("no dogs or Irish allowed").
  4. A significant percentage of Rabbis are functional atheists, whose treatment of the Tanakh and the Talmud has nothing to do with the 'God said it, I believe it, and that settles it!' mentality. Much of the strictly religious practice of Judaism is as fucked up as a football bat. Groups that use Judaism as the basis for their religions, however, took it to a new level. The 'Jewish holy books' are a compilation of family lore, which has been coopted by various organizations as the basis of 'Universal Religions' of one strip or another. The matrilineal identity is a recent thing. As Max Brooks pointed out when people questioned his Jewish identity, given his Shicksa mother, "if it's good enough for Dachau, it's good enough for me." You will note that the books of Matthew and Luke, IIRC, delineate the paternal lineage of Joseph as the firstborn of the House of David to qualify as Messiah per the book of Isaiah, which conflicts with the whole 'virgin birth' thing (a seriously European concept, btw).
  5. winsor


    Conflict of Interest is a factor that is largely glossed over in consideration of organizations that are committed to good works. The Polio vaccine damned near put the March of Dimes out of business. It took some reorganization to come up with another cause that justified the constant flow of cash. They finally hit on Birth Defects, so they're in the clear. If someone came up with a treatment for Stage IV cancer that had 99% effectiveness and involved taking 2 pills a day for a month at $0.35 a pill, I suspect that it would get a lot of pushback. MD Anderson, Fox Chase and the like would be out of business, and Oncology would be like 'Advanced Buggy Whip Studies.' The likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to find 'racism' under every rock, or they're out of business. When any organization behaves in a manner that appears contrary to the available evidence, it helps to follow the money.
  6. Judaism is tribal identity with some very fucked up traditions. One can be quite Jewish without adhering to any of the vile nonsense in the family lore. The Cult of the Magic Jewish Zombie, however, is entirely voluntary, and wearing a symbol of how Romans executed Jews is, indeed way offensive. Yeah, I agree that oppression, rape an mass murder (even small scale murder) are bad things.
  7. Everyone who voted against Biden did not support his opponent per se. There were irregularities in the election, but that's typical. The Mango Mussolini lost. COVID-19 is real and a big problem, but the approaches put forth by various factions are not 'solutions.' Our space lasers aren't secret, and they didn't start the fires. School shootings are all too real, and again, the 'solutions' to the problems aren't. Global Warming (tm) is a simplistic treatment of a complex systemic malfunction. The Capitol riot was a clusterfuck, but was easily as 'largely peaceful' as any number of social get-togethers in the past year. Vaccines have their place, but not to the exclusion of a wide variety of prophylactic and treatment protocols that get zero coverage by both media and health organizations. Science is fundamentally skeptical. Hillary doesn't need any Q nonsense to qualify as a perfectly dreadful human being.
  8. If someone is wearing a swastika, a hijab or other symbol of a hate group yes, it gives me pause. In practice I have worked for and with Nazis and Muslims without issue. Race, sex and national origin are accidents of birth. Adhering to an ideology is not. The tenets of Islam mandate that I should be killed on the spot without repercussions on a number of bases, and I have no qualms pointing out that this is seriously evil. I do not, BTW, advocate putting them to death in return.
  9. Just an aside, but people who perseverate on race are, by definition, racist.
  10. This would appear to presume that I give a rat's ass about the race, sex, national origin or whatever of the individual of concern, one way or another. I reserve the right to judge an individual on the content of their character, without weight given to any of those things. Does that address your question?
  11. That was part of why JFK took LBJ as a running mate. That and Johnson was guaranteed to win Texas, regardless of quite who voted for whom. Unfortunately, Johnson did not serve as an effective life insurance policy, and wound up in the Oval Office. I thus hope our current CIC lives out his term. His veep is one of the most amoral people in the beltway, which is a pretty lofty standard. BSBD, Winsor
  12. Marijuana therapy has been remarkably effective in removing violent tendencies from malevolent adherents of a wide range of ideologies. After 'stretching hemp' the most vicious malefactors became entirely peaceful, with absolutely no recidivism. BSBD, Winsor
  13. The demographics in the sport have changed over the years, and they vary greatly from area to area. The DZs I have frequented of late have mask requirements posted, but enforcement was somewhat iffy. An N-95 keeps the inoculum down and it works fine in freefall, so I'm not too strung out about it. BSBE, Winsor