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  1. Hey, I'm not the one who ran for office promising that I would appoint people to the Supreme Court based on such criteria. Frankly, I'm not cool with any Justice who rules on the basis of their own opinions. At worst, what I'd like to hear is "I personally oppose this, but the law is clear on the matter..."
  2. So long as the appointee is a trans lesbian of color, all the necessary qualifications are met.
  3. In hockey you're expected to hit people in the face. Whatever making "monkey signs" is, it's insufficiently violent and thus unprofessional. Why do you always talk about racism? It's reminiscent of the patient who sees prurient images in every ink blot. "You have a dirty mind!" "Hey, you're the one showing me all the dirty pictures."
  4. Nothing Woke about firing someone for conduct unbecoming.
  5. Since we're talking legislators, their commonality is much greater with biker trash than NASA. Same math and science requirements. In lawmaking "compromise" has more in common with working out the details of gang rape than of systems optimization for space flight. In context my analogy holds.
  6. It's like C^2. If C is a vector, are we talking a dot or cross product? There's a difference.
  7. I'm in favor of cooperation, which is vastly different from compromise. Focus on commonality instead of diversity and you have a shot. I'm puzzled by how you might conclude that there's a dime's worth of difference between one side of the aisle and the other, beyond the subset of the population to which they pander. BSBD, Winsor
  8. Who's joking? "Compromise" is the hallmark of mediocrity. A secret that is compromised is public. If your integrity is compromised you have none If your hull is compromised you sunk. And so forth. BSBD, Winsor
  9. Bullshit, as usual. The self-definitions of the Woke incorporate a standard liturgy of Progressive, Social Justice and Racial Justice ideals, which form a distinct orthodoxy. In academia there has always been a cadre of terminally naïve and sanctimonious young people who are determined to inflict their world view upon those who require 'education.' There's no way you could have missed it in Cambridge (the Masshole variant). The part that you appear to miss is that, even though the issues raised by the Woke are often quite real, the 'solutions' espoused are generally much worse than the problems they claim to address. The concept of 'compromise' is on a par with a motorcycle gang striking a deal with an 'object of affection': "Look, lady, the whole club wants to pull a train on you but you're not into it. Let's compromise and you only have to do the President, the Sergeant at Arms and the 1%ers - no Prospects. We're being fair here." Racial equality? Fine. BLM/CRT? Racist swine. Nazis, KKK, et al? NFG. AntiFa? Not the slightest bit better. All in all, Woke has all the hallmarks of religion, and is thus a disease of denial. BSBD, Winsor
  10. You will recall from Logic 101 that there are rather a few types of definition, to include lexical, stipulative, precising, legal, medical, nautical and so forth. Thus the implication that your preferred meanings are definitive is obfuscatory, fatuous or both.