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  1. Maybe someone could 'identify as a man,' at least long enough for the procedure. "I'm a man, and I'm having a growth removed." Hey, suspension of disbelief might be the ticket.
  2. Last time I touched the stuff Reagan was in office and it didn't agree with me. Haven't seen fit to try again.
  3. Anti-Woke is simply the principle of equal rights and equal responsibilities, no more and no less.
  4. Like any religion Woke is a disease of denial, mental malware that exploits a fundamental vulnerability. Poe's law applies nicely.
  5. According the the Church it's "Christmas," and you say it at your peril.
  6. That would be OxyContin. Fentanyl is a whole different can of worms.
  7. For tales of incest and all sorts of perversion, misogyny, genocide and bad examples across the board, the Hebrew Scriptures pretty much pin the meter. The Koran contains the utterances of an illiterate, psychopathic pervert and has even less merit than the Tanakh that it uses as a rough basis. The Book of Mormon and Dianetics are likewise batshit crazy. As Ron White pointed out, you can't fix stupid, so I'm not a fan of banning these wellsprings of bad news. I have copies of all of them, along with Mein Kampf on the same shelf, and am flabbergasted that anyone could take any of it seriously. I agree the kids should be spared such evil, but the mental flaw that accommodates such beliefs is, unfortunately, inherent in most people - even those who are otherwise comparatively bright. If you go to an old age home it is apparent that the propensity to espouse nonsense is not outgrown, so I'm not sure if there is a "solution." Face it, we're doomed.
  8. According to the Weekly World News it was space aliens.
  9. Watching Richard J. Daley in action I took for granted that Chicago couldn't possibly do worse. Boy, was I wrong.
  10. If the goal is equal rights and equal responsibilities, I'm in. If, however, the focus is one race or another, it's racist. If the response to George Floyd was to the effect that no citizen should be subjected to such treatment, I'm in. If it turned out that the perpetrator and victim had worked together, and that the perpetrator viewed the victim is a useless junkie criminal but the crime was attributed to race, that's racist. If identical violations of rights take place, but only those involving one race or another get any attention at all that's racist. You get the drift.
  11. If a conviction for witchcraft would keep him out of office, bringing such charges is strongly recommended. I kinda wish he decided the preferred path forward involved seppuku. That would, however, require some sense of honor, which rules it out in his case. He is proof positive of Mencken's observation that nobody ever went broke overestimating the vulgarity of the American buying public.
  12. We simply need more laws. All that needs to happen is for someone intent on violence to obey ONE of them and their plans are thus thwarted. Once guns are made as illegal and unavailable as, say, cocaine and heroin, the problem will simply disappear. Violence is entirely due to the influence of firearms on people who are otherwise decent, peaceful and law abiding citizens. Given the chance, everyone will voluntarily disarm since that will result in a peaceful utopia. The solution is simple and easy.
  13. 31 counts? They should charge him with witchcraft and sorcery just to round things out.
  14. Chris Rock pointed out that charging Trump was like charging Tupac Shakur, where it only served to solidify his credibility within his base. Never wrestle with a pig, because you just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.
  15. Billy's use of a sidearm is no more an indictment of firearms than the fellow in Idaho is an example of why civilians should not own Ka Bars or why ownership of SUVs should be proscribed because of the woman who drove off a cliff with her wife and six children. When someone uses skydiving as a way to commit suicide, there are those that consider this 'proof' that skydivers have a death wish. Arguments to the contrary fall on deaf ears. I have lived amongst people who cannot be trusted with pointy objects or blunt instruments, and with those who are entirely safe with metric tons of hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen fluoride or WMDs in general. It's the people that form the basis of the threat. 'Gun violence' is a case in point of the Pareto principle in action. There is a distinct correlation between severely fucked up people and 'gun violence.' People who are given to using firearms or Ka Bars or SUVs as instruments of violence are unfit to populate a free society. BSBD, Winsor
  16. Rather than vilifying inanimate objects, why don't we consider who is actually responsible? Going over the authors of the most recent atrocities, they are, without exception, Seriously Fucked Up People. I know the 'solution' put forth is to constrain everyone to the limitations of the lowest common denominator, but I take exception to the dictatorship of the mediocre. Perhaps I have been spoiled by living and working with people who can be trusted with lethal service on a mass scale, and so do not aspire to a nerf world. YMMV
  17. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is all about NewSpeak, and 'gender politics' is likewise mind-boggling. Making a neutral comment about basic a biology should not be cause for people to take leave of their senses. Lighten up, Francis! Orwell was, indeed, an optimist.
  18. I dunno, any spam that begins with "dear patriot" gets summarily deleted.
  19. Cheap propeller - lowest bidder and all that.
  20. How long can you tread water?