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  1. I don't care how someone who is just a DZ owner from OR assesses my credibility. I responded to Jerry Baumchen's information with accurate information. Go troll someone else.
  2. Here is CALPERS Rule: Final Compensation The last part of your pension calculation is final compensation. Compensation is defined as payment to employees for service performed during normal work hours or time used for vacation, compensatory time off or sick leave. The final compensation calculation is based on your highest average full-time monthly pay rate over the highest 12 or 36 consecutive month period depending on your employer’s contract. There are also certain types of special compensation that may be included. Overtime cannot be used for final compensation. If you work part-time, we still use a full-time equivalent pay rate to determine your final compensation, but you’re still earning less service credit.
  3. Not in California. Maybe you should not be so general as to "it is what it is." Perhaps list which entities/retirement systems include overtime in their retirement calculations. How did you come across the "most of them pad their overtime" accusation? As I know, anyone who "padded overtime" has committed a theft. How do you know???
  4. The law in MD at the time of the alleged offense is what matters: Statute of limitations: Based on Blasey Ford's account, prosecutors could have theoretically charged Kavanaugh with a crime like attempted rape or unwanted sexual touching over clothing. However, in 1982, those crimes had a one-year statute of limitations. In other words, Blasey Ford would have had to report the allegations to law enforcement by 1983. She did not.
  5. You don't have anything specific. Just as I thought.
  6. Curious as to how you know TJ Lunardi is "overrated" when he doesn't even know you. Also, what specific knowledge and experience do you have to form an opinion that the Diplomatic Security Service is "in horrible shape and falling apart."
  7. dbcooper and Deb drdive Ladydiver madjohn monkycndo NWFlyer Pattersd rafael wmw999 Szky and Jeanne One hen.
  8. Will the local goats be safe around Beezely?
  9. You're the best!!!!!!!!!!! See at Nat's
  10. Hey CrazyL-Szky here from Elsinore 11...Count me in. Practice jumps on Fri the 7th. I mean practice jumps starting the 7th, then packing for 4-way on the 8th and 9th. Thanks!!!
  11. DSE-May I ask why you've stopped using your Cookie Box with the HC Series?
  12. Has anyone used this product? Does it work effectively? I need to buy a new CamEye and may upgrade if this works as advertised