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  1. I did my First Wing Suit jump there in 2007. Can't wait to be back there again! If there are demo/rental suits available, my buddy Jeff will flock with us too... He is just getting started flying wings.
  2. I have a new favorite one... I've been asked twice now in the last month: Of course the only response I could come up with is, "Yes, I've died three times this month."
  3. Now they have us listed twice... I guess my second attempt also got added. Can you remove the one that says we are flying a Beech 99?
  4. How about a swoop course? Can someone bring enough wind blades?
  5. I've tried to add a new dropzone to the database a couple of times and have not seen it posted and have not gotten any email contact back in regards to any issues? Thanks Ken
  6. I've talked to on TI who claimed to have done it in the early 90's (before they knew better). The claim was exit docked. Turn a couple points, make a good attempt at tracking, deploy drougs and then staged deployments. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND OR ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN at a dz I am an instructor at.
  7. i understand how that might look. i talked to the dzo about that very subject. she told me that she does not know where steve got that impression from. we also have no reason to believe that steve is saying anything untrue either. it just appears that something was lost in the communication. steve said that he believed that was the statment he heard. no one from the dz is saying that it was a 'taxi accident ' i am just caught in the middle after the dz, pilot, and faa talk, i will feel more free to post factual details that will answer a lot of questions. i just feel it isnt right to talk about it untill the faa is done. hope you understand
  8. I am the one who took the pictures and removed them. They were never for public view, I aplogize for letting them get out in the first place. The pilot has an appointment to meet with the FAA. The FAA and the pilot will work out any remaining issues in regards to this topic. Until that meeting has been held, nothing should be said in public about it. The FAA has already picked up on some false rumors from Lets not give them anymore. Please no one else say anything about this unless you have first hand info. So far I am the only one who has posted who was there. The only comment I can say is (from my last post): Please PM if you have questions or rumors. But lets keep them out of the public. I am sure the FAA/NTSB will post the results when they are ready. Nothing is being hidden here. Two things are happening. 1) No one from this Dropzone visits much. I only came here after someone told me about this post. 2) The FAA will be talking to the pilot, and the FAA needs to hear everything first hand before it is discussed here. That is the only reason I am not posting all the details. Trust me I know how much everyone wants to know about the details of a plane inceident. Everyone wants to know, is there something unsafe that I should know about, or is there something I can learn here that will make my skydiving safer? I would want to know too. I'll do my best to let everyone know what details I can once the FAA/NTSB is done. Until then, please enjoy the blue skies and stay safe.
  9. To clear up rumors.... I was there when it happened, no Injuries. DZO and Pilot are talking with the correct people (FAA/NTSB) to clear up any questions.
  10. I guess I shouldn't say the word Students, these jumpers have 190-200 jumps right now. I don't just give them the camera and say, have fun, hope you don't hurt youself. I make sure I supervise their jumps where they wear the camera. This way I can make sure they are developing good habits (example, practice EPs, check for secure fittings, make sure Gear Check is complete). After they have had a chance to practice the good habits a few times then they can start flying with less supervison. I never had that when I started. I brought my camera to the DZ the first time only expecting an instructor to look at it and tell me if the setup was good or not. Instead someone with 150 more jumps than me said, "Get on the load and come video me". Being young and stupid, that is what I did.
  11. Well this post sure was a trip down memory lane. I don't even remember starting this post many years ago, and I found it very interesting to reread it. Now I am a Tandem-I/AFF-I/S&TA and still fly video anytime I can. I look back 4 years ago and am amazed at what I didn't know back then. Although I never had an issue, never had a incedient, or caused an Issue, I belive the way I learned to fly video was incorrect. I had no one near me giving me good advice and I was left alone to figure it out. I look back at it and am amazed how wrong it was. Thankfully it work out. Now I am working with a couple want to be Camera flyiers. I wish I had someone like me back then to teach me. I working with my Students to provide structure to them learning to fly camera. I am forcing them to focus on (of all things) FLYING SKILLS first. Of course they are itching to put the Camera helmet on and I am letting them fly with the camera sometimes under controled situations after practice of EPs, etc. I think the sport has learned a lot since I started this post 4 years ago... I hope all new camera flyers can take advantage of this knowledge. Skydiverek, thanks for pulling this up after all this time. It was fun to revisit!
  12. Cause 240 Frams a second is better than 30 frames a second. It really shows more detail. As soon as I get it setup, I will post the results. I've been playing with it on the ground. The difference between this mode and normal mode and slow motion is amazing. Let me know if you want to see some shots of Horses running in slow mo (Only subject mater I have available to me until my Flat Top Comes in).
  13. Yeah over all it is useless. But I think it would be cool to capture a deployment with it. Soon as my new Flat Top comes in I plan on playing with it on my rare fun jumps
  14. A lot of the new Sony HD Camera's (HDR-HC5/7/ etc) have a slow motion feature. Has anyone played with this in freefall? Has anyone got any exits or deployments with it? As a whole it looks pretty useless for day to day, but looks fun to play with a little bit.
  15. What do you use for a lens on Still Camera?