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  1. I hope I don't have to read all of them to catch up ...
  2. No, you've mis -judged me. Plus I just got the job yesterday, and I am LOVING it. Keep talking like that, and you wont have balls anymore (or at least intact ones) xx Well that's better!! Thicken that skin up ;) You need a thick skin to post here and to do manifest. pretty princess only works for free jumps and leading the dogs around.
  3. I think you may be too sensitive for a manifest job...
  4. Seen a pic of a western Canadian DZ's 182 lately that had stickers on the door window.... that seems wrong to me as I want all the view I can get when spotting. Stickers in other locations don't bother me, however keeping them in "good taste" would be of benefit to the DZ for tandems etc...
  5. No tomates for me this year......but I have taken it up a notch on the pepper front. got seedings started for: Bhut Jolokia Pepper Naga Morich,Jolokia Pepper Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Pepper Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper Orange Habanero Pepper Ring of Fire Pepper Cayenne Chile Jalapeno ( 2 kinds) Anaheim Pepper
  7. DeNReN

    Tomato Soup

    I have no idea why G/F is away...I decided to explore one cupboard I am afraid to look in the others......
  8. DeNReN

    Tomato Soup

    We have 16 cans of tomato soup
  9. Could always go to the dollar store and buy some elastic and make your own if you are worried about a few bucks....hell sew it directly to your arm for even less or steal some packing tape and tape it to your arm This is not the sport to be in if worried about $20 to to hold a $200 piece of gear
  10. L&B sells a Viso specific wrist band. Works well, I like mine.