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    Atlantic School of Skydiving,Waterville,N.S.
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  1. DeNReN

    timed out tandem rig

    Strong lists a 18 year check...... I'll give you $50 for the 12 year old gear
  2. No and try to use the words...pre second
  3. DeNReN


    Who are you? How many jumps do you have? What licence do you have? How many jumps on the 190? Can you land downwind? Can you land crosswind? Can you land uphill? Is your mother hot? Can you do a flare turn at 50ft? Who told you to go to a 150 because of LZ altitude difference? Can you tell us the difference between knowing what to ask on and what not to ask? Do you have a hot sister? Do you have a thick skin?
  4. DeNReN

    ParAAvis (russian) equipment
  5. DeNReN

    Jumpsuit Options

    Cordura knees and butt are worth the $$ bad landing can make them worthwhile. I only have a inside pocket on my FF suit and wish I would have ordered a outside pocket of some sort. elastics,pullup etc...
  6. do you like or dislike the person?
  7. DeNReN

    When do you stow your brakes?

    When at my home 182 DZ I stow in the field, at a bigger DZ or boogie I stow in the packing area
  8. Why scrimp on learning a sport that will cost you half of your pay check for the rest of your life?
  9. Ship it USPS to avoid brokerage the $10 customs fee and taxes at the post office.
  10. DeNReN

    Have you fit a 170 in a Wings W8?

    W1 main- sub 100 reserve-106 W2 main- 107-120 reserve-106 W3 main- 120-135 reserve-106 W4 main-sub 100 reserve-113-126 W5 main-120-135 reserve-113-126 W6 main- 135-150 reserve 113-126 W8 main-135-150 reserve 143 W9 main- 150-170 reserve 143 W10 main-150 reserve-160 W11 main-170 reserve-160 W12-1 main 150 loose 170 reserve-160 W12-2 main 170 loose 190 reserve 160 W12-3 main 190loose 210 reserve-160 W13 main 170 reserve 176 W14 main 190 reserve 176 W21 main 190 reserve 193 W22 main 210 reserve 193 W24 main 210 reserve 218 W25main 230 reserve 218 W26 main 240-260 reserve 218 found this in another thread..
  11. Fresh reserve repack?? If so...then the centipeeds that have infested your main would love some air time
  12. DeNReN

    an UPSIZING-thread for a change..

    I think this is a bonfire thread....or maybe a thread that should be posted in errors and bugs.....
  13. The only way to truely fail a jump is to not survive.... Have fun.... do your best....the rest will follow
  14. Once you save your own life without instructor assistance.....1st solo AFF...1st freefall IAD/SL.