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  1. notsane

    Wingsuit double malfunction

    He over-rotated on the barrel roll. As he unintentionally came onto his back, his legs were likely open and uneven. That probably caused the flat spin. Jumping an S-Wing at 14 wingsuit jumps didn't help any either. The reserve pilot chute hesitation could have been due to the slow post-cutaway speed and the burble of the larger suit, although there may have been a gear issue too. IMO it's best, during skydives at least, to minimize the burble during deployment by closing the arm and leg wings.
  2. We all try for tailgate, but few of us achieve it.
  3. notsane

    VIDEO: Z-Flock 5.0

    Phenomonal job, Matt! You continue to make us all look good. I miss you, Rob.
  4. notsane

    Vertical Speed indicator - good idea?

    I don't see why not. I've been slowly working on a device that would provide a visual indication of speeds from 60 to 40mph using an tri-color LED. I've never seen a vario that could be re-centerd, though ...
  5. notsane

    VIDEO: Flock U Casa Boogie 2008

    Great shots, Matt! The clip at 2:32 really caught me offguard ... I couldn't figure out what I was seeing for the first few seconds. Awesome shot. And there was a suit in the formation around 2:40 that reminded me to check what time it is ... it's time for that person to get a new suit that doesn't flap them to death!
  6. notsane


    Vesa is jumping at Z-Hills this week ... come ask him yourself!
  7. notsane

    Sebastian Blog

    COngrats Scotty on the new toy!!
  8. notsane

    FlocknDock 5

    We're trying to avoid spring break, try for the most-likely best weather and have lift capability. I'll have some dates posted soon.
  9. notsane


    Damn, nice vid, and it looks like you guys had a ball. But I'll bet that water was cold!!
  10. notsane

    Mt. Washington Boogie

    Wow, Steve. What an absolutely gorgeous place to jump. Damn I wish I could get up there and join you!
  11. notsane

    navigation amoung clouds?

    I use my nose to sniff out the cold beer at the DZ bar.
  12. notsane

    My NEW wingsuit

    Finally the Mach 721 comes to light!
  13. notsane

    Z-Flock 4.0

    No absolute date yet, but it will be during the Z-Hills Easter boogie.
  14. notsane


    It looks like a GS-1, complete with leg-wing flap!
  15. notsane

    WingSuit High Speed Reserve Ride

    If you had a short bridle and an old PC you were primed for this to happen. When things change slowly (like a PC aging and slowing down deployment) we just keep mentally adjusting until it really goes bad. The PVC tube handle only eliminates potential knotting (which I've seen), not deployment speed. After seeing a hackey go into the base of a PC and cause a PCIT, I switched over to the PVC handle. Fixing the bridle length and replacing the PC should correct your problems.