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  1. It's my pleasure to announce the opening of registration for Flock and Dock 10.0! This marks 10 unbelievable years of wingsuit flocking and fun at Zephyrhills, FL April 3 - 6, 2014. This event promises to be EPIC in every sense of the word! Be there! Sign up now ...
  2. I know this is early, but a lot of people want to get the dates on their calendar as soon as possible. April 3 - 6, 2014 will cap an entire decade of wingsuiting fun at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL. This year we will be enforcing a minimum number of wingsuit jumps depending on the group size. Smaller groups will still be available for learning the skills. And speaking of learning, we will be running a skills camp in the days leading up to the event. More details later. Come and join us at Skydive Wingsuit City!
  3. He over-rotated on the barrel roll. As he unintentionally came onto his back, his legs were likely open and uneven. That probably caused the flat spin. Jumping an S-Wing at 14 wingsuit jumps didn't help any either. The reserve pilot chute hesitation could have been due to the slow post-cutaway speed and the burble of the larger suit, although there may have been a gear issue too. IMO it's best, during skydives at least, to minimize the burble during deployment by closing the arm and leg wings.
  4. Great idea, Simon. Tell everyone to get these in the back of the jump planes.
  5. The first ten people to register can do so for $25 ... the FnD 1.0 price.
  6. Come fly with us at scenic Skydive City in beautiful Zephyrhills, Florida when TonySuits and Wicked Wingsuits present Flock and Dock 9.0! Organizers\Video: Scott Bland Scott Callentine Purple Mike Jeff Donahue Simon Repton Events: Flocking & Docking - Small to Big Ways Skills Camps for the next generation - Min 15 wingsuit jumps experience - Scott Bland 4 Way Speed Diamonds - Win Prizes! - Wingsuits AND Trackers welcome Rodeo Day - The Rodeo organizer extraordinaire - Purple Mike Sunset Flocks to remember to make your eyes drool! Registration is open NOW! See you there!!!
  7. If you're getting ready for your trip to FND8, get ready for some of the most gorgeous weather ever. This entire week looks beautiful ... exactly the weather we all came here to Florida (and stay here) for. Low 80's during the day. mid 60's at night. Come git yer flock on! Scott
  8. Scott Callentine should be able to sign off on qualifying jumps for future big-way flockers.
  9. After today the registration goes to $45 ... so get registered soon!
  10. Registration is now up! Go to: to register ASAP! We will be filling in the details over the next few days. although you can count on me, Scott Callentine and Simon Repton for organizing. Scott
  11. We're still ironing things out ...
  12. I've been off for a while (I've been busy) ... so I'd like to bring everyone up to speed on the event. We have operated the event in the past along with Morpheus Technologies. Beginning with Flock and Dock 8.0, Tony Suits will be sponsoring the event and handling the logistics ... so expect some exciting changes! TK placed some dates on the website that aren't exactly right. 3/29 - 4/1 is the main event. Anything before that is flock-at-will, as it often is. We will be posting additional information soon. Scott Bland
  13. I asked Scott Campos to change the thread name to reduce confusion ... thanks, Scott!
  14. Am I ahead of myself? I didn't see that being able to count was a requirement for this gig ....
  15. Is scheduled for March 29th - April 1st, 2012 in scenic Zephyrhills, Florida at Skydive City. Come wingsuit at the father of wingsuit boogies!! More details to come ...