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  1. Do any of you Old guys out there still have a Jii Wings GS1 laying around? Before I started wingsuiting I was mesmerized by these suits on video. I have been wingsuiting now for over 12 years and still haven't seen a Jii Wings suit in the wild. I know it's a Longshot, but I'd love to see one or hopefully get a chance to fly one.
  2. This is one of the best boogies you can attend! Can't wait for the weekend! We will be hosting onewheel rides and some cross country paramotor flights.
  3. Zhills has a very active glider port right next to the Dz. It's never been an issue
  4. I have been flying the OP126 for 4 years now. I have 2 rides on the op126 and love that reserve. I'm also on my 5th spectre, the last 3 being 120s. I flew a crossfire2 119, sabre1 120 before I moved to the spectre. Ive been jumping almost 20 years. But hey, you know better than me what's good for me.
  5. I just was at invasion talking to the vector rep. He said the new longer containers are +2" and I questioned him about the 340 number. He definitely said the new ones are called a 340 I currently jump a 316, I prefer the longer flatter version as it is an easier pull for me.
  6. The new vectors are the 340 series. They are 2" longer, slightly more narrow at the top. But thet are only made for 143 reserves and larger. I jump a spectre 120 with op126 they do not have a container to fit my reserve and main.
  7. Just got word that coach jump ticket wont be covered by the Dz. Sorry for misinfo.
  8. Sebastian Invasion 2019 will have 1 on 1 free coaching at the boogie, max 2 coach jumps per person. coaches ticket is covered by the dz.
  9. let me know when you get this "personal hud system" to market. the AON pebble is far from that
  10. Usually I only get this type of nonsense from really shady sites. I guess I can now add this site to the "shady list"
  11. im not a fan, ill probably spend a lot less time on here now. it was never "broken" it worked just fine
  12. just try and find yourself an N3a. set it to countdown. you'll get audible alerts every 1000 feet. it actually talks to you. ten thousand feet, nine thousand feet, etc you can even record your own .wav sounds for it to play if you want. there is no better option. Flock University FWC / ZFlock B.A.S.E. 1580 Aussie BASE 121
  13. what the hell is a WS1? Flock University FWC / ZFlock B.A.S.E. 1580 Aussie BASE 121