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  1. Usually I only get this type of nonsense from really shady sites. I guess I can now add this site to the "shady list"
  2. roostnureye

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    You can sell me your old n3a
  3. roostnureye

    got my WS1 this weekend

    what the hell is a WS1?
  4. I just jumped on Saturday with my buddy that lost his leg just below the knee. We got to wingsuit again! His name is Joe Efinger. Great dude.
  5. roostnureye

    Cookie G4

    Not that I disagree, but you can remedy most of these yourself. 1-would be nice, but adds bulk and you gotta have someone certify it ($$$) to "prove" its "protection." 2-drill holes in the visor. 3-mine broke so I bought metal fastex clips online for like $10. 4-the foam on mine is wallered out already I could fit a deck of cards in it. If the opening is too small (which it is pretty tight) just hot knife it. 5-I don't think plastic is going anywhere, too durable, cheap, and easy to work with. whike i understand your point. i will add 1. im not talking dot or snell. just better than what we have. my ex dropped her g3 and the jaw broke, they replaced it. but thats comical for protection. 2. they redesigned the g2 because of poor ventilation. im taking about behind your head, getting air to flow across the front through the back. my eyes are very wind sensative. no holes in my visor thank you. 3.great idea! ill do that as well. 4.i use an n3a, its too long for the pocket with the headphone plugged in. 5. i want the same plastic that they are using for the fuel. a few years ago i was speaking to a cookie rep at the invasion and they were talking about a different plastic composition that was stiffer, Polyether Imide or something like that i believe.
  6. roostnureye

    Scala rider Packtalk?

    i stay on the forums about the scala/ sena. i personally use a sena 20s. its great if there are 3 or less people in a group. if you try adding more people than that you start getting strange sounds like popcorn etc that makes communication pretty tough. its decent for wingsuiting while wearing a g3, i dont know how effective it would be for regular freefall.
  7. roostnureye

    Wingsuits are for people that dont know how to fly

    You tunnel fliers are soo cool, someday I hope I can be cool like you.
  8. roostnureye

    Sony X3000 side mount?

    Which side mount did you use? I made my own :)
  9. roostnureye

    Sony X3000 side mount?

    I side mounted my as200v and love it. im sure the x3000 would fit on the same mount
  10. roostnureye

    Cookie G4

    i would like to see real impact protection. better ventilation better chin securing mechanism (not plastic) larger audible pockets. and a different material used
  11. roostnureye

    St Patty’s Fitzgerald wingsuit peeps

    There will be a whole lotta wingsuiters there. no flock n dock anymore. the Georgia guys are supposed to have some demo Squirrel suits you probably wont fit in ;) I know a guy that might have something thatll fit you. also no need for wingsuiters to put on small suits, we can probably track with you in your suit. you should up your suit game and come join us for the new state record were planning on setting on Saturday!
  12. roostnureye

    Lower Florida DZs?

    Check out zhills also. Big tent crew there. Also pretty close to ifly tampa.
  13. roostnureye

    Lower Florida DZs?

  14. QuoteQuoteQuotemay as well get the list started Muff Bro Rick Normiss Skymama Jumpdude Keithbar florida wingsuit crew