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  1. skydiverkeith

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    What are your 4 alarm altitudes?
  2. skydiverkeith

    VOG audible altimeter

    The talking isn’t new. My Neptune 3 audible I was jumping with until 2012 speaks the altitude every 1000ft and also allows you to play music at the same time in addition to jump logging. However, the smart phone connectivity and auto on/off sounds like a great refinement!
  3. skydiverkeith

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    I didn’t find enough on the VOG to inspire confidence so I ordered a Quattro. Thanks for the input!
  4. skydiverkeith

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    Hey, all. I just got my D license current again after over 6 years since my last jump. I’m looking to put my Tonysuits X2 back on and work up to XRW since it’s “legal” now. I’m not wanting to use my old Neptune 3A because I don’t want to use ear buds anymore, so what’s the consensus on best audible now?
  5. skydiverkeith

    Wingsuit meets porter

    Yay! That looks like soooo much fun! Me next! Me next!!!
  6. skydiverkeith


  7. skydiverkeith

    Cutting Closing Loops With Hot Knife

    Why do either? Just cut it and be done. The knot will arrest any fraying...
  8. skydiverkeith

    Painting a container

    I can't wait for the smart-ass comments on this one!
  9. skydiverkeith

    First Tandem - Skydiving SUCKS :(

    My tubes suck also. I usualy have to equalize pressure every 1000ft during canopy flight, and have even had to grab my nose and blow during freefall in a 4 way because of the head pressure! Don't have that problem during wingsuit flights though...
  10. skydiverkeith

    Slowest speed

    Upper 70s
  11. skydiverkeith

    Prescription goggles

    I have a pair of wiley x air rage with rx lenses I use for skydiving and mountaineering and would HIGHLY recomend them. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  12. skydiverkeith

    Mirage ad

    Look here...
  13. skydiverkeith

    What freefly friendly container (and options) to invest in?

    Mirage G4 with UNISYS harness and freefly hackey!
  14. skydiverkeith

    Suggestions for 100th Skydive